Steve Edwards


Album Born + Music Videos “Colour Of Blood” + “Happysad” + “Born”


Music Marketing, Music PR, Music Video Marketing





MPT was hired by Steve Edwards to push his new album Born, as well as several singles and music videos, including “Born,” “Colour Of Blood,” and “Happysad.” 

Thanks to a tailored PR, social, media, and YouTube advertising campaign, Born gained massive traction in just two weeks. “Born” and “Happysad” peaked at number 1 in iTunes Charts Europe & Asia, a milestone celebrated by the artist as he thanked his growing fan base on social media.

Born also peaked at #1 on iTunes in France, Poland, Romania, Jordan, Armenia, and Israel within the first week of release.

The two flagship songs, “Born” and “Happysad” have seen a surge of the number of Shazams all around the world, charting amongst the top 5 songs to be Shazamed the month they were released.Steve Edards also got top-tier placement on the most prestigious outlets including Billboard, American Top 40 and iHeart, among others.

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