Aaron Carter





Client Background:

  • Aaron Carter is a singer-songwriter known for his pop and hip-hop music, worked with MPT Agency since 2017.
  • He released his LØVË album in 2018 and was looking to increase its Spotify exposure and reach a wider audience with his new album.
  • He also released a new single called “Blame It On Me” and was looking to promote it to his fans.

Campaign Objective:

  • Increase the streams on Aaron Carter’s LØVË album.
  • Promote the new single “Blame It On Me” to his fans.
  • Build and grow Aaron Carter’s fanbase on Instagram.

Campaign Strategy:

  • Our team collaborated with Sony Music and dealt directly with Aaron Carter to create a marketing campaign that included advertising, target audience identification, playlisting, and fanbase building.
  • We created targeted social media ads to promote the LØVË album and in 2022 his “Blame It On Me” single to Aaron Carter’s fans and potential new listeners.
  • We identified and created playlists on various music streaming platforms to increase the visibility of the LØVË album in 2018 and later, in 2022, his “Blame It On Me” single.
  • We provided consultation services to Aaron Carter to help him grow his following on Instagram and engaged with his fans through social media.

Campaign Results:

  • Since the LØVË album was released in 2018, it has received over 112 million streams.
  • The “Blame It On Me” single received over 100K streams.
  • Aaron Carter’s Instagram following grew to 100K fans over the course of 2 years.
  • The social media ads and playlisting helped increase the visibility of the LØVË album and “Blame It On Me” single, and engaged with Aaron Carter’s existing and new fans.


  • The marketing campaign was successful in increasing the streams on Aaron Carter’s LØVË album and promoting the new single “Blame It On Me” to his fans.
  • The consultation services helped Aaron Carter grow his following on Instagram, engaging with his fans, and building a strong fanbase.