Kelly Monrow


Scars on Venus - Album Launch


Rise to Fame Campaign, Spotify Growth Campaign - Digital Advertising, YouTube Advertising Partner, Brand development & Content Creation - Video & Photo, Press, PR placements & Print, Radio & Television Booking, Festival and Venue Outreach, Sync & Licensing Outreach


United States, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, Georgia, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, New York, France, UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico


2022, 2023

Campaign Overview:

Kelly Monrow, was no stranger to the spotlight when she joined the MPT Roster. With roles in both films and hit TV productions like Lucifer, Kelly had just penetrated the music market when she signed up to our Rise to Fame Campaign. A full suite of social media, press and streaming services to get her new album Scars on Venus to hit a new milestone in the US Country-Rock industry.

Running from the Fall of 2022 to Q1 of 2023 the campaign consisted of launching the album and penetrating the Country Music Market as a visionary. The story arc was simple, Kelly Monrow’s album was based on a female empowerment narrative. It traced her life story through hardship and triumph and was made as a guide for women around the world to rebuild what was once broken. As the songs had already been released, the campaign began by re-aligning the releases and their branding so as to create a complete narrative for her re-entry in the industry. Kelly had a name in Hollywood but was new to the music media scene, MPT Agency’s role was to leverage her existing fanbase to develop a new more engaged one specifically in the United States & its country-rock communities. 

The vision of Kelly’s campaign was to scale her popularity so as to achieve specific landmark milestones that included: 

  • YouTube Monetization
  • Charting
  • Editorial Playlist placements
  • Milestone publications – Billboard, Rolling Stones
  • Podcast Interviews
  • 1 Million + streams on Spotify
  • Label or Agent Contract

Song Exposure & Metrics:

  • Scars On Venus – Album
    1. Over 5.5 million streams on Spotify
    2. 32 Editorial Playlists
    3. 18 Algorithmic Playlists
    4. 388 Curated Playlists
  • YouTube – Music Videos
    1. Mama Said – 3.5 Million Views
    2. Jagged Heart – 271k views
    3. The Women – 535k Views
    4. Ain’t Mine – 352k Views
    5. Wake Up – 43k Views

Press Features & Interviews

Radio Interviews in the US

  1. Total: 18
    1. The Culture News
    2. The Zach Feldman Show 
    3. Local Licks on KLBJ-FM Link 
    4. Ze Rock Porto 
    5. Frecuencia Millennial 
    6. El Rocanrosaurio 
    7. OVERVIEWisontheradio 
    8. Radio Flames 
    9. Maestro FM 
    10. KQNG FM 93.5 
    11. Kzhe Radio 
    12. The Sound Lab 
    13. Cashbox Radio
    14. The Edge Radio 
    15. SuperCountryHits.Net 
    16. Arc Radio 
    17. Lonely Oak Radio 
    18. TruCulture Radio


The campaign for Kelly Monrow’s album launch, “Scars on Venus,” was not without its challenges. One of the major obstacles faced by the team was creating an engaging social media campaign in the midst of a shifting algorithm. Social media platforms constantly update their algorithms, which can affect the reach and visibility of content. With the need to build a new, more engaged fanbase in the United States and its country-rock communities, the team had to adapt its social media strategy to ensure maximum exposure to Kelly’s empowering narrative.

Another challenge was booking live performances for Kelly due to the limited number of recorded videos of her previous live shows. Live performances are crucial for artists to connect with their audience, and they provide opportunities for exposure and fan engagement. Without a substantial library of live performance videos, it became difficult to showcase Kelly’s stage presence and musical prowess, potentially hindering efforts to secure live bookings and reach wider audiences through live events.

Despite these challenges, the campaign achieved significant impact, with over 5.5 million streams on Spotify, multiple editorials and algorithmic playlist placements, and impressive viewership on YouTube for certain music videos. The press coverage and radio interviews also helped increase Kelly’s visibility and contributed to her rise in popularity.

In conclusion, the campaign for Kelly Monrow’s “Scars on Venus” album faced challenges in adapting to social media algorithm changes and booking live performances with limited live video content. However, the team’s efforts and Kelly’s compelling narrative ultimately led to substantial success in the country’s rock industry, paving the way for her journey as an artist and empowering women around the world through her music.

Fan Engagement:

Fan engagement played a crucial role in the success of Kelly Monrow’s “Scars on Venus” album launch campaign. Leveraging social media and other digital platforms, the team focused on building a passionate and dedicated fanbase around Kelly’s empowering narrative. By regularly posting engaging content, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interacting with fans through comments and messages, they fostered a sense of community and connection. Additionally, the team encouraged user-generated content, such as cover videos and fan art, to further involve the audience in Kelly’s journey. The dedication to fan engagement resulted in increased organic reach and word-of-mouth promotion, contributing to over 5.5 million streams on Spotify and achieving milestone publications in prominent media outlets. The genuine connection established with fans not only amplified Kelly’s impact but also laid the foundation for a loyal following ready to embark on future musical endeavors alongside her.


  1. The song was Charted 3 times on Itunes
  2. Itunes France – no. 26 – Rock
  3. Itunes USA – no. 42 – Country Mama Said
  4. Itunes USA no. 34 – Rock Women