Armani White


“Billie Eilish” Single


Streaming, Social Media, Music Video Marketing, Music Marketing, Digital Press


United States


2022․ 2023


In nine months, Armani White, a burgeoning star in the music industry, experienced a transformative career trajectory thanks to his collaboration with the MPT Agency. This case study delves into the comprehensive career development strategy executed during this period, which resulted in remarkable achievements, widespread recognition, and significant streaming success, as outlined below.

Background and Achievements:

Armani White had already garnered recognition in the music industry before joining forces with MPT Agency. Some of his noteworthy accomplishments included being acknowledged by Philly’s premier Hip Hop Station Power 99, receiving accolades from The Roots’ Black Thought, and performing at the prestigious Made in America Festival. However, it was the strategic partnership with globally renowned artist Billie Eilish that truly propelled Armani White’s career to new heights.

Partnership with Billie Eilish:

MPT Agency played a pivotal role in orchestrating Armani White’s collaboration with Billie Eilish, a milestone that reshaped his career. Throughout their collaboration, MPT Agency meticulously planned the release of a Billie Eilish song, ensuring it reached its full potential. This strategic move not only catapulted Armani White into the limelight but also solidified his position within the music industry.

Press Endorsements and Recognition:

Armani White’s partnership with MPT Agency led to a surge in press endorsements and recognition from prestigious music industry publications. Early endorsements from Billboard, Apple Music Beats One, Spotify, Complex, HighSnobiety, MTV, BET, and HipHopDX underscored Armani White’s exceptional talent and boundless potential. Furthermore, his work garnered public praise from the venerable Snoop Dogg, cementing his status as a rising star.

Streaming Success:

The tangible outcomes of Armani White’s collaboration with MPT Agency were most evident in his extraordinary streaming success. Within a mere nine months, Armani White’s music amassed a staggering 41 million streams across all major digital platforms. Spotify alone contributed 18 million streams to this impressive total. Even amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Armani White continued to captivate audiences, accumulating over 8 million streams during this period. Notably, his features on various Digital Service Providers (DSPs) contributed an additional 36+ million streams, solidifying his reputation as a streaming sensation.


  • Collaboration with MPT Agency initiated: Month 1
  • Partnership with Billie Eilish established: Month 2
  • Billie Eilish song release strategy planning: Months 3-4
  • Release of Billie Eilish song: Month 5
  • Press endorsements and recognition surge: Months 6-7
  • Streaming success and milestone achievements: Months 7-9

The strategic collaboration between Armani White and MPT Agency, spanning a concise but impactful nine-month period, was instrumental in propelling his career to newfound heights. Through expert guidance, meticulous planning, and effective execution, Armani White capitalized on his existing achievements and achieved mainstream success. The remarkable streaming numbers and industry acclaim bear testament to the potency of such collaborations and robust career development strategies. Armani White’s journey stands as an inspirational case study for emerging artists aspiring to make their mark in the dynamic music industry.