Full campaign


Branding, Art creation, Marketing, PR


Canada / USA




MusicPromoToday collaborated with Shiadanni, a Montreal-based R&B singer/songwriter on her rebranding, and supported her in releasing her debut music video for ‘Kitty Mama.’ The campaign included online advertising, social media consultation, media, and influencer outreach. 


MusicPromoToday secured coverage for ‘Kitty Mama’ on top music outlets such as Billboard, Celebmix, and Essentially Pop. Shiadanni received interview opportunities from dozens of magazines, podcasts, and radio stations.

As an outcome of highly targeted digital advertising, ‘Kitty Mama’ reached almost 1mln streams on Spotify and YouTube combined during the duration of the campaign. 

Shiadani received a personalized digital press kit, branding consultation, and artworks for her releases and singles that were designed according to the latest trends. 

Shiadanni’s media presence was supported by influencers and celebrities campaigns, which doubled her reach on all social media platforms. The music promotion was backed by a rebranding of all of her social channels and visual consultations. Shiadanni was assisted in designing and building her website and received custom designs for all of her social accounts.