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Australian musician, songwriter, and producer Seekay joined forces with Chloe for several singles including “Fall” and “Hold” in 2020, “Trixie” in 2021, and a joint EP titled Reflections. For the duration of this campaign, MPT has made all efforts to guarantee a successful release for Seekay and Chloe. 

MPT Agency strives to give its partners the best results, and thus, Reflections EP received huge exposure and tons of positive feedback from fans. Solidifying the artist’s presence on social media, MPT helped increase Seekay’s following by thousands, ensuring hundreds of thousands of streams within the first weeks of release. Enhancing Seekay’s HongKong visuals, MPT Agency’s designers created a portfolio of images along with an avatar that represented the artist’s brand. All the visuals were then implemented within the framework of augmented reality, giving Seekay a one-of-a-kind identity. 

Seekay x Chloe received placements on radio nationwide as well as press coverage in prestigious outlets including Lyrical Lemonade, iHeart, Magnetic Magazine, Celebmix, and more. 

MPT’s efforts to advance Seekay’s already successful career were even more rewarding, with the following results:

  • Digital and Media Target Research
  • Social Media Planning and Execution
  • Top Press Placement
  • Story Creation and Content Development
  • Digital Press Kit Creation (EPK)
  • Digital Streaming Promotion and Advertising
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Branding Consultation

The visual work MPT created for Seekay’s brand:

Billboard Magazine full page:

Digital Streaming Promotion