Raquel Kiaraa



Music Marketing & Music PR





Raquel Kiaraa is a Canadian singer-songwriter, business executive, and athletic coach, whose music has captivated hundreds of thousands of listeners globally. 

Partnering with MPT, Raquel Kiaraa dropped several singles as well as her highly acclaimed debut album Defying Odds. She has sold thousands of copies and received huge media exposure throughout the partnership with MPT, gaining millions of streams and plays as well as being featured in top press including outlets like Wonderland, The Hollywood Digest, iHeart, Rolling Stone, Billboard, and others. Raquel Kiaraa received extensive brand consulting as well as radio placements and in-depth story coverages across various music outlets which helped position her as a leader and a genre-defying talent. 

MPT’s efforts to help Raquel reach her goals include:

  • Digital and Media Target Research
  • Social Media Planning and Strategy
  • Top Press Placement and Coverage
  • Digital Streaming Promotion and Advertising 
  • YouTube Marketing and Advertising
  • Branding Consultation and Optimization