Dirty Laundry


Music Marketing, Digital Music PR


United States



MPT promoted Jojo and Parson James’ joint single “Dirty Laundry” written and produced by Colin Brittain. The music video reached 50K plays in its soft launch and landed the producer an interview on Wonderland, one of the top digital magazines in the industry. Through MPT’s collective efforts the song was pushed on over 300 playlists while its ad campaign went viral with 1.5 millions of streams. The world-class stars even performed “Dirty Laundry” live on The Ellen Show. V Magazine, PaperMag, ThatGrapJuice, Instinct, SoulBounce, and SkopeMag are only some of the notable digital magazines that covered “Dirty Laundry”. 

Some of MPT’s strategies to promote this piece include:

  • Digital and Media Target Research
  • Social Media Planning
  • Viral Ad Campaign Execution
  • Top Press Placements
  • Digital Streaming Promotion and Advertising 
  • YouTube & Spotify Marketing