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“I Luh Ya Papi” was a 2014 single by Jennifer Lopez, featuring French Montana.Overview:

Released on March 13, 2014, the video for Jennifer Lopez’s “I Luh Ya Papi” single married light-hearted humor with a cultural criticism of the way men objectify women in music media. Speaking of the music video, Lopez stated: “The director came up with the concept to kind of flip the rap video — to make me the rapper and, you know, just turn the tables in that way… Instead of having girls in bathing suits, have guys in bathing suits. Instead of having me be the soft girl in the video, I’ll be the rapper who’s in the mansion and the yacht. It was all meant to be in good fun, but you know, I knew people would get the joke.”

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For “I Luh Ya Papi”, MusicPromoToday developed a marketing strategy that involved campaigns for YouTube views and social media engagement, as well as plans to garner press coverage. Distributing the video to over 15,000 high-profile media outlets around the world, MusicPromoToday played an integral role securing the video’s audience of over 400K. SEO and social media experts at MusicPromoToday catapulted the video into the “viral” sphere by optimizing its visibility on search engines, as well as directing traffic from these channels to the music video’s YouTube page.

MusicPromoToday also launched a dynamic Twitter campaign that engaged fans of both Jennifer Lopez and French Montana, as well as famed producer Detail. The results speak for themselves: the single accumulated 16,500 tweets and 7,500 retweets.Results:

MusicPromoToday’s promotional savviness helped secure enormous media coverage for “I Luh Ya Papi”. Rosie Swash of The Guardian stated: “Gender politics are confused, but the outfits are fabulous.” Nadeska Alexis of MTV News lauded the video’s role reversal, praising Lopez for “actually waving a flag for women in the accompanying music video, as she should, since March is Women’s History Month and all.” Alexis called the clip, “Basically ‘Blurred Lines’ for women.”

Despite mixed judgments of its social messaging, the video won big in the court of public opinion: racking up 9.5M views on Vevo during its first week of release. Needless to say, a video that inspires a variety of reactions and opinions can actually create even more dialogue and engagement. Thanks to its video content and a successful promotional campaign, “I Luh Ya Papi” saw the following results:

  • 80,000,000+ views on YouTube
  • Ranked number 77 on US Billboard Hot 100
  • Ranked number 5 on US Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs
  • Ranked number 25 on Australia Urban
  • Ranked number 32 on Belgium Urban
  • Ranked number 78 on Canadian Hot 100
  • Ranked number 3 on Indonesia Creative Disc Top 50
  • Ranked number 59 on South Korea Gaon Digital Chart
  • Ranked number 170 on UK Singles
  • Ranked number 33 on UK R&B Singles
  • Ranked number 32 on US Rhythmic Billboard