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Amsterdam native Cimo Fränkel is a singer-songwriter who received a customized strategic plan, specifically geared towards Instagram growth, traction on YouTube to go viral online. MusicPromoToday was hired to promote and advertise Cimo Fränkel’s iconic album release, ‘World Is Waking Up,’ where the universal message behind the song was perfectly timed during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. In addition, his tracks and videos ‘Dance Till Dawn,’ ‘Happier Before,’ and ‘Stay The Night’ were advertised and marketed for maximum audience outreach. 

The primary focus of Cimo Fränkel’s campaign was to build a YouTube fanbase and engagement on music videos.

The second focus of the campaign was to build his Instagram engagement and fanbase. 

It was advised by MusicPromoToday for the client to do acapellas and acoustic covers of Michael Jackson, N’ Sync and other well-know artists to generate a digital buzz and showcase his talent – all traffic leading to his YouTube.  


Cimo Fränkel, a highly successful artist with over 10 million streams on Spotify, has produced for Armin Van Buuren, worked with Steve Aoki, has worked with a series of label companies including Universal Studios, and is part of the well known label, Music at Work. 

MusicPromoToday successfully met the objective of a 200% increase on Instagram.

MusicPromoToday’s viral press and marketing campaign got Cimo Fränkel featured on top trending YouTube and Spotify playlists which led to exponentially increase his fan engagement on digital platforms.

The music video campaigns were optimized to retain his audience and the average retention ratio was 2:30. In other words, viewers were watching at least 150 seconds of content before exiting his YouTube page.

MusicPromoToday’s customized PR campaign also helped Cimo go LIVE on Instagram with top of the line influencers, specifically tailored to boost his engagement and social media interactions. Cimo Fränkel continue to spread his vital message through digital blogs, reviews on his music, interview and media exposure secured by the music pr team at MusicPromoToday.