Bella Delle


“Feelings” Single & Feelings EP


Music Marketing & Music PR


United States



Bella Delle is an Atlanta-based young artist, actress, and dancer known for her exceptional voice. Bella Delle partnered with MPT in 2021 as she dropped her single “Feelings”, a preamble to her six-track EP of the same title. Through MPT’s continuous efforts, Bella Delle was able to grow her social media reach immensely as well as establish her very own brand in the market. MPT advised the artist to create more cover videos which allowed the young talent to grow her audience by the hundreds while at the same time bridging the gap and building huge engagement with fans. Bella Delle’s EP received tons of positive feedback and thousands upon thousands of plays across all platforms. She also received notable radio placements and press coverage in some of the top industry outlets including CelebSecrets, Broadway World, Teenswannaknow, Honk Magazine, Young Entertainment, and so on.  

MPT’s thorough strategy to help Bella Delle reach her goals include:

  • Creative social media (Instagram, in particular) campaigns
  • Media/ press/ cover stories/ interviews in top outlets
  • Social engagement, optimization, monitoring 
  • Verification of the artist on Instagram
  • Promotion of the single and EP on Spotify and YouTube
  • Branding consultation