Posted on July 13, 2023

9 Ways To Maximize Your Reach With Spotify Playlists

By Yvonne Martin
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Spotify playlists hold the key to unlocking your music exposure to a world audience. With over 356 million monthly active users, this music streaming platform has become a virtual soundscape where artists and listeners converge.

Governing the algorithm is a series of good behavior creator rules that allow for your music to find itself in increasingly high-traffic playlists. These playlists are both algorithmically generated and user-generated and will accept a submission or integrate your track based on the below essentials.

In this article, we’ll explore nine powerful techniques that will help your track be featured on top Spotify playlists and grow its streams organically. From optimizing your profile to leveraging data-driven insights, we’ll guide you through a sonic journey that will empower you to captivate audiences and propel your music career to new heights.

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Understanding the Spotify Algorithm

Before we dive into the strategies, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of how the Spotify algorithm works. Spotify utilizes a complex algorithm that takes various factors into account to determine song recommendations and placements in its playlists.

While the exact inner workings of the algorithm are proprietary, there are some key elements that we can focus on to optimize our songs’ performance.

1. High-Quality Audio Production

The foundation of any successful song lies in its production quality. Ensure that your tracks are professionally mixed and mastered to deliver a polished listening experience. High-quality audio not only enhances the overall enjoyment for listeners but also signals to Spotify that your content is worth recommending.

2. Captivating Song Intro

In the attention economy, capturing the listener’s interest from the very beginning is crucial. Craft an engaging and captivating song introduction that immediately hooks the listener. Consider employing catchy melodies, unique sounds, or compelling lyrics to make a memorable impression within the first few seconds.

3. Compelling Song Title and Metadata

The song title and metadata provide vital information to both listeners and the Spotify algorithm. Optimize your song’s discoverability by using descriptive and keyword-rich titles. Ensure that the metadata, including the artist name, genre, and tags, accurately represent the song’s essence. This allows Spotify’s algorithm to categorize and recommend your song to users interested in similar styles.

4. Utilize Spotify for Artists

Take advantage of the valuable insights and tools offered by Spotify for Artists. Claim your profile and verify your account to gain access to features such as performance statistics, audience demographics, and playlist submission opportunities.

This information can help you understand your audience better and make informed decisions regarding your music promotion strategies. Using Spotify for artists you will be able to see where your song is featured, and where your audiences are coming from. Leveraging the data for your ads to these audiences will help you maximize your ad spend.

5. Grow Your Spotify Followers

Increasing your Spotify followers can have a significant impact on your song’s performance. Encourage your existing fans across various platforms to follow you on Spotify. The more traffic you send from outside platforms to Spotify, the better the algorithm treats your profile and begins to connect it with the music your audiences also listen to.

Promote your Spotify profile and songs on social media, your website, and during live performances. Engage with your listeners by sharing exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage, and personalized playlists to foster a loyal and dedicated fan base.

The more content you share in parallel to your release, that ultimately redirects the audience to Spotify, the higher your probability of generating traffic and growing an organic fanbase. Keep in mind that a person who follows your page on Spotify will be notified whenever a new song is released which will greatly improve your overall “rank” in the Spotify ecosystem.

Check out our blog on the best engagement content for your social media

6. Collaborate and Seek Spotify Playlist Placements

Collaborating with other artists and seeking playlist placements can amplify your song’s reach and exposure. Look for opportunities to collaborate with musicians in complementary genres or with a larger following. Cross-promote each other’s songs and leverage your collective fan bases.

Additionally, research relevant playlists within your genre and submit your songs for consideration. Getting placed in playlists on Spotify is crucial for independent artists as it provides them with invaluable exposure and a chance to reach a wider audience. Playlists serve as gateways for music discovery, allowing listeners to explore new sounds and genres.

There are various types of Spotify playlists that can make a significant impact on an artist’s career. Editorial playlists curated by Spotify’s in-house team can introduce an artist to millions of potential listeners. Additionally, algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar personalize recommendations based on a user’s listening habits. User-generated playlists, created by individuals or influencers, can also generate substantial traction.

Each type of playlist offers unique opportunities for independent artists to gain visibility, connect with fans, and potentially propel their music careers to new heights.

Editorial Spotify Playlists:

These playlists are curated by Spotify’s in-house team of music experts. They have a wide reach and can expose an artist to millions of listeners. Getting featured on an editorial playlist can provide significant visibility and credibility.

Algorithmic Spotify Playlists:

Spotify’s algorithm generates these playlists based on individual user preferences and listening habits. Discover Weekly creates a personalized playlist of recommended tracks, while Release Radar suggests new releases from artists a user follows. These playlists help artists reach listeners who may be interested in their specific genre or style.

User-Generated Spotify Playlists:

Created by Spotify users, influencers, or tastemakers, these playlists allow individuals to curate and share their favorite songs. Artists can connect with playlist curators and potentially get their tracks included, which can lead to exposure to a dedicated fan base or niche audience.

To submit to an editorial playlist your song needs to be distributed but not released. You can access the submission terminal using your Spotify for Artists page.

Genre-Specific Spotify Playlists:

These playlists focus on specific genres or sub-genres, allowing artists to target listeners who are fans of their particular style. They can be curated by Spotify or created by users who have deep knowledge and passion for a specific genre.

Mood and Activity Spotify Playlists:

These playlists are curated based on moods, activities, or themes. Examples include “Relaxing Sunday Morning” or “Workout Motivation.” Artists can find opportunities to showcase their music in playlists that align with the mood or atmosphere they evoke.

Collaborative Spotify Playlists:

These playlists allow multiple users to contribute and curate songs together. Artists can engage with their fans by creating collaborative playlists, encouraging fans to add their favorite tracks or discover new music.

Official Artist Playlists: Spotify allows artists to create and curate their own playlists, giving them a platform to share their influences, inspirations, and personal favorites. It provides an opportunity to engage with fans and showcase a broader range of musical tastes.

Take a look at our guidebook on the Spotify ecosystem

7. Engage with Your Audience

Building a strong connection with your audience is essential for long-term success. As simple as it might seem, respond to comments, messages, and social media interactions promptly and authentically. Instagram has drastically changed in the last 6 months, and now requires far greater daily interactions on your page in order to attain the same kind of reach.

Encourage your fans to share and add your songs to their own playlists, having that community angle is a very important multiplier to your exposure strategy. By fostering an engaged community, you increase the likelihood of your songs being shared and recommended by listeners.

8. Leverage Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms offer powerful advertising capabilities that can help you reach a broader audience and boost your song’s performance on the Spotify algorithm. Consider running targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your music to specific demographics or fans of similar artists.

Interests Categories on Social Media

Selecting the right interests on social media advertising portals is crucial for matching your Spotify audiences and maximizing your playlist reach. To begin, analyze the demographics and psychographics of your current listeners, considering factors like age, gender, location, musical preferences, and lifestyle characteristics. Use Spotify data to gain insights into their genre preferences, artists they follow, and locations where your music is popular.

When using social media advertising portals, such as Facebook Ads Manager or Twitter Ads, focus on interests closely aligned with your audience’s musical preferences and broader interests. For example, if your music falls into the alternative rock genre, target interests related to alternative music, indie culture, music festivals, and specific bands or musicians in that realm.

Experimenting with Keywords

Experiment with different combinations and variations of keywords and phrases that reflect your music’s essence and appeal to your desired audience. Take advantage of advanced targeting options like lookalike audiences and custom segments. Continuously monitor campaign performance, analyze data and insights, and make adjustments as needed.

Refine your targeting strategy based on feedback and engagement. Test different interest combinations, expand or narrow your reach, and adapt your approach accordingly. Aligning your interests with your target audience will increase the visibility of your Spotify playlists and foster a genuine connection with listeners.

Social media advertising is key, take a look at our guide to optimize your campaign.

9. Create Engaging Visual Content

Incorporating visually appealing content can further enhance your song’s appeal and increase its chances of ranking higher on the Spotify algorithm. Invest in creating eye-catching album artwork, Banners, bio pics, and lyrics.

These visual elements not only make your songs more shareable but also provide additional opportunities for exposure on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, ultimately driving more listeners to discover your music on Spotify.

Keep in mind that if there are any articles that you are pitching for, having an embed with an attractive image will definitely increase the click-ability of the banner.

Make sure to check out MusicPromoToday and the MPT Agency Blog for more valuable insights and tips.

By implementing these comprehensive strategies to boost your song’s performance on the Spotify algorithm, you can significantly increase your chances of outranking other tracks that have appeared around the same time.

With dedication, persistence, and a commitment to excellence, you can position your songs for success and achieve your goals as a music artist.

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    Posted on November 18, 2022

    The Best Way To Grow Your Spotify Via Facebook Ads

    By Yvonne Martin
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    Many people who have never used Facebook ads shudder at the thought because they believe it to be an outdated platform for boomers. However, you can grow your Spotify via Facebook Ads! How? Well, Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly users, and utilizing Facebook ads means running ads on:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Even Messenger!

    Thus, Ads will appear on Facebook:

    • News articles
    • Marketplace items
    • Feeds
    • Stories
    • Websites
    • Applications

    Do’s & Don’ts

    This sort of campaign’s fundamental premise is that you can use a conversion target that utilizes the advantage of the Facebook Pixel


    Use conversions to:

    • Exclude bots
      • Create retargeting audiences
    • Utilize a Facebook Business Manager account and a verified domain to track the conversions.


    • Do not launch a traffic campaign and direct people to Spotify. 

    Evidently, due to the lack of tracking, you can wind up with a lot of pointless bot clicks that result in no Spotify streams. 

    As a result, this will allow you to run ads for other objectives to those who converted in the past. Consequently, we require a website on which we can set up our pixel code and launch “events” whenever a user clicks the Spotify button on the landing page.

    Deep Dive Into Campaign Structures And Ads

    What Is A Facebook Campaign? How Can You Use A Facebook Campaign To Grow Your Spotify Via Facebook Ads?

    A Facebook campaign has three levels:

    • The campaign → Establish your campaign’s goal, start, and finish dates.
    • The ad set →  Specify your target audience, market interest, and origin of your audience.
    • The ad →  Select which Facebook and Instagram page the ad appears on.

    Myth: Facebook Ads do Not Provide A Return On Investment For Spotify

    The truth is that a typical return on investment will not ever be as high as $3 in Spotify royalties for every $1 spent on Facebook ads.

    Undeniably, you can observe a rise in your:

    • Following, a new fanbase
    • Trustworthiness due to successful releases
    • The number of data sources for future marketing campaigns

    Certainly, the majority of independent musicians will make a modest living by:

    • Gradually expanding their back catalog of songs
    • Increasing the number of streams they receive through algorithmic or editorial playlists

    Why Are Facebook Ads So Great? The Reason To Grow Your Spotify Via Facebook Ads.

    Facebook offers:

    • Comprehensive targeting choices
    • Flexible budgeting
    • An algorithm that can be self-optimized to get the best results at the lowest cost

    Let us examine the advantages of Facebook advertisements in further detail:

    1. In-depth targeting choices are available
    2. Basic demographic choices are available for a very broad range of interests, including brands, genres, performers, goods, and more
    3. The ads can be “scaled,” and you can manage your spending; the more you spend, the better the results you receive, but you can still spend as little as $1 per day.
    4. With Facebook’s learning algorithm, you can receive the most results for the least amount of money.
    5. People that interact with you can be added to “Custom Audiences” so that you can display your ads later on for less money than it cost to first reach them.
    6. There are also “Lookalike Audiences” which are “Custom Audiences” that contain 1+ million or more people that are similar to your fans.

    Thus, you are able to…

    Apply The Following Strategies To Grow Your Spotify Via Facebook Ads

    • Direct listeners who are specifically interested in your Spotify profile
    • Utilize Facebook’s tools and algorithm to get more of those fans at a lower cost
    • Boost your chances of fooling the Spotify algorithm into giving you free access to even more of your followers

    Strategies To Grow Your Spotify Via Facebook Ads

    Every time you put out a new song, you have the opportunity to:

    • Pitch it to the Spotify editors
    • Have it added to the Release Radar playlist of your listeners
    • Have it included in the Release Radar playlist of Spotify users who have similar listening habits to yours

    Release one song each month, this way you will increase the:

    • Amount of pitches you obtain
    • Length of time your song is on Release Radar
    • Monthly growth of your stream and followers

    Final Thoughts

    Do not anticipate a return on your initial investment from your first campaign. However, fans who follow your profile will be informed of any upcoming releases, which might expand your fan base and increase the number of plays you receive. 

    Keep in mind that it is not a race, it is a marathon!

    For further information, keep an eye on our blog and Instagram to make the procedure as simple as possible.

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      Posted on October 6, 2022

      How Playlist Promotions work and Calculating The Results

      By John Reynolds
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      You get a lot of insights from social platforms but how to calculate playlist promo and results is still tricky.

      A performing, recording, or independent musician has a 5% chance to live solely off their music. This includes musicians who live with their family unit. Those who are a part of a large music label, and finally the ones who spend at least 30% of their working hours performing in venues, bars, and everything in between.

      The stereotype of the starving artist has seldom changed over the last century. However, the hope digital outlets generate has given musicians of this generation a leg up on their senior counterparts.

      CD sales and demo tapes dominated the revenue stream only 30 years ago. Today the individual track, the stream, the view, and finally the live show, are inescapable reaching one’s fans and monetizing a career.

      In light of this new form of digital dominion, the industry of playlist curators exploded and is the main gateway for artists to get their music out.

      Riddled with bot accounts the market is difficult to navigate. Yet, there is hope if you find the right agency to rummage through the fraudulent accounts.

      Playlist marketplaces are important to engage in Playlist Promotion

      Playlist marketplaces are a jungle of questions for most artists. Will the streams count, will they lead to more, and is it really worth it? Usually composed of a shadowy SEO-jammed website with user-friendly buy buttons, playlist marketplaces are in the grey zone of the music promotions tool kit.

      As buying views is pretty controversial on account of bot accounts and automation, the proper way of addressing playlist curators is the classic pitch, which an artist can do via submission portals or directly by finding the owner of the playlist in question. 

      Not always the simplest method, nor does it usually garner a lot of response, but if your music is fly, your pitch is clean and your timing on when you sent the message was properly throughout, you should expect at least a 15% positive response rate. Which is not bad, considering it’s a question of numbers. The more playlists you are on, the more views or streams you get. 

      The Reality of Streaming Royalties

      Despite streaming making up over 60% of all redistributed revenue in the music industry, the average artist will be making under 1000$ a year from streaming. In the case of Spotify, arguably the largest streaming platform in the world, a recent study by Forbes demonstrated that from their 7 billion dollars of royalty payouts, 28% of the artists received over 10 000$.

      Now, that might seem like a lot, but consider that the 28% includes label artists, superstars, film scores, and legacy artists that have spent decades making a career. This essentially means that they are most likely equipped with a promotional or marketing team, that monitors, tracks, and adjusts their reach metrics to maintain a steady flow of listeners and onboard new fans. 

      How Playlist Promotions work and Calculating The Results
      How to Calculate Playlist Promo and Results

      Calculating Playlist Promotion Campaigns

      So, let’s do some calculations. At an average market payout of 0.006325 $ / stream, 159 000 streams would gross roughly 1000 USD, which means to reach that 10k revenue milestone an artist would need to generate close to 1,59 million views in the first year of their Spotify career.

      With Spotify advertising starting at 250 USD per ad campaign, and pseudo-view marketplaces selling 10k views for an average of 50 USD, an artist would be able to hit 100k views with roughly 750 USD. Assuming that they would make an extra 30% viewership count due to the ad push, 130k views would have an average cost of 0.005769 $, at a margin of roughly 8% grossing  822.25 USD a profit of 72.25 USD. Following the numbers, the average value of your first batch of streams is 0.000556 $. That’s right, dollars, not satoshi’s. 

      Streamlining your work and pushing with paid advertising is an option. But at an 8% margin, not counting the risk, the time, the constant monitoring, and the artists’ scalable popularity, which needs to break through the industry’s saturated market, it is not a good business case and does not offer a livable wage for anyone. 

      Creative Time

      Firstly it is important to realize that your chances of reaching monetization amounts with a laissez-faire attitude on streaming platforms like Spotify are slim to none. All streaming platforms are marketing or promo dependent if you want to use them as a source of revenue, rather than just another profile. According to Spotify, 57 000 of its nearly 10 million creators represent over 90% of the streams, and therefore its royalty redistribution

      Marketing Time

      The rule of thumb for most professional artists is 50 / 50, 50% of the time you market and build your brand, and 50% of the time you make your art; fair enough. But this means your learning curve, the trial, and error of target markets, the engagement analysis, and of course the adaptation of your strategy can only be done during 50% of your waking & working hours.

      If algorithms were that simple to adapt to, there wouldn’t be a 50 billion $ market cap in music marketing technology. The reality of the situation is that without professional help or some type of technological literacy, you are basically shooting in the dark hoping to hit a fly on the nose. Reliant on fan 2 fan engagement, the artist without a team nor the digital know-how is setting themselves up for failure and is unfortunately caught in the blaze of hopium offered by most platforms. 

      Taking into account that a salary of 10 – 30k USD may be an upper or middle-class income for the developing world, but in all major North American and European cities, where the average rent is between 1000 – 1800 USD, an annual income under 30k means you are spending over 50% of your net on basic housing before taxes and food are even brought into the mix.

      Needless to say, if this is your only income, you are stuck in a literal poverty cycle and will most likely be going through serious financial stress as life is far from being a predictable path.

      To stream or not to stream why it matters when you calculate playlist promo?

      For MPT Agency, all industries throughout history have demonstrated, you cannot challenge technological innovation. All artists should be present on all streaming platforms, be it only for the visibility or convenience factor for fans. The one they ultimately choose to use in their conversion funnel is dependent on the artists’ budget, their time metrics, and of course, their understanding of the algorithmic ecosystem that governs the how’s and why’s of visibility. 

      Paying for streams can be a part of larger campaigns the artist adopts in their path to success, but in no way, shape or form should it be the be-all and end-all of their exposure strategy.

      Make sure you check our blog about influencers who can be a huge help to your playlist campaign. We regularly post key artist content so make sure to follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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        Posted on June 1, 2022

        Why Getting On RapCaviar Matters in 2022

        By Shawn Spence
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        Streaming music services have revolutionized the way people listen to music. Listeners now spend over half of their time on Spotify listening to playlists created by themselves or curated by Spotify’s editors. As a result, every artist aspires to be featured on popular playlists such as Rap Caviar. 

        Spotify’s RapCaviar is the current gold standard in playlists. It has over 10.5 million followers and combines Spotify’s basic audio playing with a selection of hand-picked visuals. With RapCaviar, Spotify has created an economic moat. The size of the playlist is a benefit that indicates power since it leads to more features, larger artists highlighted, and more data. 

        Why Is It Essential For An Artist To Get On RapCaviar? 

        #1 Peak Playlists

        RapCaviar is the pinnacle of what a playlist can be, having grown from a small curated list to a huge internet presence.

        #2 Massive Exposure

        By hopping on the RapCaviar playlist, you’ll gain hundreds of thousands of new listeners, and hopefully, potential fans.

        #3 Streaming Payments

        Streaming payments can be small for each stream, but when you begin to add those zeros, things can change real fast.

        How To Get Recognized? 

        If you want to get recognized, make sure you capture Spotify’s marketing team’s attention. Shoutouts to Spotify on the regular. Make it interesting by tweeting them. Tag them in your stories, and make sure your tweets and comments are original and varied. Spotify is a big fan of creativity and originality.

        Want To Know A Secret Weapon?

        While getting on RapCaviar is difficult nowadays unless you’re a mainstream hip hop or rap artist, there’s something you can do to enhance your chances. 

        Get on user-created playlists!

        It may be simple, but it can lead to genuine fans listening to your music. You should start small and work your way up. 

        Putting It All Together

        There is no such thing as an instant hit on the Billboard charts.  Strive for greatness, dream big, and intelligently invest your time and effort. If you keep this approach for the long haul, you’ll have a bright future.

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