Posted on November 4, 2022

The Ultimate Ways To Elevate Your Musical Career This Thanksgiving!

By Yvonne Martin
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Thanksgiving is almost here!

With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all falling within a month of one another, the holiday season is intense in the US, since Thanksgiving is frequently missed since is wedged between other holidays. 

Besides, this jolly holiday often involves spending time with family, enjoying wonderful food, and having a large meal. Not to mention watching football and catching up, why not try something different this year that can elevate your musical career instead of your usual Thanksgiving weekend plans? 

Continue reading to find out about the fantastic suggestions for things to do over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Post A Thanksgiving Giveaway

Join forces with a neighborhood business. As a result, provide a gift card or a discount code with each post that someone shares.

To demonstrate, this is a fantastic method to:

  • Increase social media buzz
  • Acknowledge your supporters
  • Promote contributing
  • Benefits the partner company
  • Encourage local business alliances

Send Thank You Cards During Thanksgiving

In spite of how few people currently do it, handwritten thank-you notes stand out! In brief, they convey a charming gesture that makes people feel unique enough to recognize it and tell others about it.

Create A New Thanksgiving Anthem

Cherry on top? An Autumn-inspired music video to go with it. It is unquestionably one of the best methods to advance your musical career this Thanksgiving.

Furthermore? Hype it up a couple of weeks before and release it on Thanksgiving Day!

A bit challenging? Hence apply the following method… 

Cover An Existing Thanksgiving Song

Check out some of the top Thanksgiving songs to consider:

  • “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge
  • “I Want to Thank You” by Otis Redding
  • “Give Thanks and Praises” by Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • “The Thanksgiving Song” by Adam Sandler
  • “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” by Vince Guaraldi Sextet

Read One Of Oprah’s Favorites

Without a doubt, the greatest Thanksgiving books ever!

Discover a selection of classics, comedies, and even romances as you read on.


Post a tweet conveying:

  • Your appreciation toward your fans
  • Everybody likes a turkey joke
  • Corny jokes

Volunteering At A Soup Kitchen This Thanksgiving Holiday

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great opportunity to volunteer in your neighborhood:

  • Foodbank
  • Soup kitchen
  • Pantry

Following this, there are several ways to make the holiday memorable for families in need, whether it is putting together Thanksgiving meal boxes or serving food at dinner.

Invite An Elderly Neighbor To Join You For Thanksgiving Holiday

Reaching out to neighbors who do not have any friends or family to celebrate the holiday with is one of the easiest things you can do this Thanksgiving. 

Hence, go over and extend an invitation to a party at your house. It is undeniably, a fantastic way to make new friends and, in the process, make someone’s day.

Feed Families In The ICU

The last thing that families are considering when visiting loved ones in the intensive care units of hospitals is food and holiday preparation. In this case, collaborate with your nearby hospital or children’s hospital to arrange for home-cooked meals to be delivered to families who are bound to hospitals. 

On this occasion, not only will it give them a fulfilling dinner, but it can also become a comfortable custom that adds a little extra happiness to a challenging time.

Final Thoughts On Thanksgiving Holiday

Summing up, make the most of the time spent together with the above feel-good Turkey Day activities!

You do not always have to express anything inspiring or wonderful. For instance, just talk as though you were chatting with your pals. Nonetheless, keep in mind that how you interact with your audience will have an impact on how your brand grows.

To conclude, with the help of MPT Agency, well-known artists from all over the world are able to focus on their work each day as we drive traffic to their accounts. Thus, make sure you check out our blog frequently and follow us on Instagram for more updates on music marketing to learn about further services that help advance your musical career.

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    Posted on November 2, 2022

    Social Media Is The New Search Engine

    By Barbara Drews
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    Social media is used for everything by young people. What does that mean for search engines? Does this conclude that social media is the new search engine?

    Well, there are social media networks for every interest and purpose, therefore it might occasionally be quicker and easier to just conduct a search within the social network itself.

    It is also becoming more and more common among consumers thanks to the introduction of mobile applications, some of which are quicker than a phone’s internet function.

    When conducting searches, a lot of users enter their queries into social media networks rather than Google or Yahoo. 

    Do You Recognize Some Of The Following Situations Where Social Media Is The New Search Engine?

    • You use Twitter to search for a TV show or news program.
    • Flower decor inspo? You go to Pinterest.
    • Even Facebook’s main page now features a “trending on Facebook” area where you can browse headlines and look for Facebook posts related to particular themes.
    • You use Yelp to find the best restaurants and repair companies in your area.

    The Fastest Growing Platforms Are Ruling Over Google

    Social Media Is The New Search Engine

    A search engine powerhouse made some worrying discoveries in recent research. TikTok or Instagram is used for searches by 40% of young people. Will Google change its strategy or go extinct like Yahoo?

    Senior Vice President Prabhkakar Raghwan, who oversees Google’s Knowledge and Information Organization, spoke at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference about cutting-edge technology and the company’s future. Raghwan also discussed how young people are abandoning Google. Raghwan mentioned –

    We keep learning, over and over again, that new internet users don’t have the expectations and the mindset that we have become accustomed to.

    Evidently, they no longer enter “keywords.” Gen Z is addicted to immersive media. According to Raghwan, more than 40% of young people don’t use Google Maps or Search to find new restaurants. Instead, they perform that on Insta or TikTok.

    TikTok continues to rule other social networks as the fastest-growing social media app, especially with Gen Z consumers, and this latest discovery further strengthens that position.

    Dear millennials who only use Google, feel ancient yet?

    From Social Search To Social Search Engine Optimization

    Social media has the ability to significantly increase brand engagement, and because of this, it is essential for companies to succeed on social media to optimize their search engine results.

    How Can You Improve Your Social Media Posts?

    1. Content: Be careful to complete your profiles as thoroughly as possible for websites without hashtags, including LinkedIn and Yelp. 
    2. Hashtags: Make sure to add pertinent hashtags in your postings on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram so that consumers can discover them.

    By doing the above, you can ensure that you will show up in searches for your goods or services.

    What Does The Future Hold For Google?

    Google acknowledges that the number is startling. TikTok and Insta Reels were already eroding YouTube’s market share; now Google’s pervasive search is also under threat! 

    What about Maps’ ten years’ worth of restaurant and bar curation? 

    In contrast to millennials and those who were born shortly before the advent of smartphones, Google may develop a more visually immersive method of capturing the attention of the next generation of internet users. 

    Google is already indexing Popular Instagram and TikTok videos so they may appear in its news feed. However, consumers might not want to quickly switch from a native app to a browser and do a search…

    Final Thoughts On… Social Media Is The New Search Engine.

    In order to get more Gen Z people to utilize their search engine, how will Google respond to these statistics? It is generally accepted that the solution is a feature that provides a more immersive and visual results page for Google Search and Google Maps.

    Whatever the response, it must be strong in order to succeed in attracting Generation Z.

    To keep up with the most recent trends and breakthroughs in the music industry, connect with MusicPromoToday if you are an aspiring musician who wants to advance your musical career. 

    Visit the MPT Agency Blog to learn more about the secrets and how you can advance in your musical career as an investment in your professional development.

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      Posted on May 30, 2020

      TOP 5 Music Marketing Trends in 2020 You Shouldn’t Miss

      By MusicPromoToday
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      In the past 20 years, the use of the internet has skyrocketed. And due to the accessibility of it now, the numbers will continue to grow in the years to come. Musicians have become more and more virtual as this sudden spike allows them to reach out to fans instantly, create traffic on their social media platforms by strategic marketing and branding, and the comfort to release their music by the touch of a button. Smart music marketing plays an important role in getting musicians the fame they’ve always yearned for. Visit MusicPromoToday and check out our blog about the positive effects reactive music marketing has during the pandemic and how this could help you during these crazy times. Also, if you’re interested in the most current music marketing trends of 2020, check out what we’ve prepared for you below! 

      Marketing in the music industry is the key component in turning an artist into a star. It amplifies your hard work, dedication, and talent to millions of potential fans. Long story short, social media, AKA Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc., should be your best friend during this internet age.

      #1 Video Marketing

      Face it, the digital and tech world isn’t going to disappear any time soon. So you as an artist should make the best of it.

      Video marketing has become one of the best tools the music industry has for digital marketing. This includes sites like YouTube and Vimeo which have allowed artists and bands to create visual content and post it for millions to see. Many artists have become worldwide sensations, creating their entire career solely on YouTube, and it doesn’t get any more exciting than that. 

      In addition, IGTV is also very beneficial for music marketing. Ever since it was introduced, IGTV gets 1 million downloads per week. In 2020, 80% of internet content is video content so use this to your advantage. Be consistent by uploading quality videos because through IGTV, you’re given the opportunity to share your full music videos, behind the scenes, or even your everyday life with longer video content that will bring in more traffic to your Instagram page! You can also save your IG Live Streams as an IGTV video… People can Q&A and live interviews about their new upcoming music, singles and albums which acts as promotional material! It’s more intimate which will help artists connect with their fans.

      #2 Mobile Music Marketing

      Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, has a phone. And it’s always on them! We can guarantee that yours is also less than 3 feet away from you, right?! Okay so, use this to your advantage!!! Your fans have never been closer to you than right now. You can engage with your followers any time in the day because even when they might be at work, they’re still checking their phones. You can keep them up to date with everything you’re doing. According to Oberlo, there are over 3.5 billion social media users across the world, Facebook being the most popular platform. Typically, users spend an average of 3 hours per day on their social networks. They also report that 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their careers! So, using social media as a marketing tool is effective because even people who have never heard of you before will come across your page. START POSTING! NOW….. GO! 

      #3 TikTok Music Marketing

      TikTok has become a form of music promotion on its very own! For a more detailed approach, read our highly extensive tips you can follow to increase your popularity on TikTok and become viral. However, the moral of the story for TikTok digital music promotion is mainly to use #Hashtags and create TikTok challenges with your songs! Something catchy and unique to grab users’ attention of all ages!


      5 Ways To Promote Your Music During The Pandemic


        In case it did not arrive in 5-10 minutes, please check the spam folder.

        #4 Build A Relationship with Influencers 

        Word of mouth can get a lot done! So use this technique to your advantage. If you connect with an influencer and they react to your music on camera, you will be exposed to another set of audience members! This is going to increase your chance of gaining new followers! 

        #5 Stream Your Music 

        Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, and Deezer make up the majority of streams worldwide! So make sure you have an account on all of these platforms! This will be a great tool for music monetization by sharing your music with millions of new listeners on playlists. 

        Wrap Up

        We understand it’s a very interesting time in all of your lives but that doesn’t mean you can’t promote your music right in the comfort of your own home! Follow these trends, and let us know on our Instagram post how its benefited you during this time of isolation! 

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          Posted on May 21, 2020

          How To Get Your Song On A Radio Station

          By MusicPromoToday
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          Having your latest song on a radio will potentially reach the ears of millions of people. Music marketing companies advise up-and-coming artists to utilize this technique as a way of self digital music promotion. In recent years, the popularity of commercial radios has skyrocketed and it allows artists to maximize their craft and stream it world-wide. Therefore, MusicPromoToday has gathered some important tips in how to get your music on the radio. Check them out below. 

          Send your music to radio stations.

           The distribution of your music requires sending your tracks in CDs, printing cover letters, bubble envelopes, researching radio stations, finding the right contact information and paying shipping fees. That’s why it is important to organize the process of sending you music early on so you don’t take time away from your craft. Do proper research as to where you will be sending your music, the correct point of contact you don’t waste time. 

          Today, over 95% of the music played on commercial radio is received digitally. 

          Each radio station has a Music Director and Program Director; together they decide what songs they’ll be playing on their radio station in a weekly music meeting. Therefore, when you submit your music to the radio, make sure it’s the correct sample track that showcases your skills and craft accurately.

          Submit to college radio stations.

           Mainstream radio stations get way more emails of songs than college radio stations. Therefore college radio stations are more open to accepting and playing new songs and up and coming talent during their broadcasts. In this case, you have a greater chance of being heard. Your music will also have a greater chance of being spread when it’s in the hands of college students. Obviously, more parties take place in college than anywhere else too. If you can get a song popular on a college campus the possibilities are endless. Submit music to college stations to begin with and you won’t be disappointed.

          Present Yourself In A Professional Way

          Commercial radio stations usually will not play music by artists who are not serious about their craft and artistry. If you don’t sound professional, you will most likely not be selected during the decision process. Music should be submitted properly because if it’s not, music directors will think it is not high quality to air on the radio. When you’re sending Music Directors your music, remember that they are also being contacted from major labels and promoters who are working for more established international artists. Moral of the story: send them high quality material.

          Have a solid following online

          It might sound unfair to you but sometimes music directors will say, “if an artist doesn’t have more followers than me then I won’t air them on the radio.” It’s tough but that’s how the industry is. Make sure you have a solid following online before you start submitting your music to radio stations. Music marketing companies and online digital music promotional companies can advise you to get the proper artistry look you’ve always envisioned. Contact MusicPromoToday for more details. 

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            Posted on April 29, 2020

            How to Get Your Music on Spotify’s Biggest Playlist: RapCaviar

            By MusicPromoToday
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            To get your music featured on Spotify’s Biggest Hip-Hop Playlist RapCaviar via MusicPromoToday, follow these simple steps we’ve garnered for you and your success.

            RapCaviar via MusicPromoToday

            Originally created and run by Tuma Basa, RapCaviar is Spotify’s largest Hip-Hop playlist with a following of over 10 million users. Today, the playlist is no longer in the hands of Tuma but now is organized by Spotify editorial team members who have essentially lowered the standards of their music submission. In this day and age, MusicPromoToday has exclusive plugs and contacts to get you a spot on the RapCaviar playlist. Our specialists are very particular and pay attention to uniqueness, creativity, and originality when picking music to send to our contacts at Spotify for RapCaviar. If any of these categories describe you as an artist and if you think your sound will impress our team, check out these simple steps you can follow to catch the attention of MusicPromoToday and to get your music on one of Hip-Hop’s hottest Spotify playlists. 

            Be Strategic With Your Releases 

            In many cases, getting noticed on Spotify doesn’t take too much work. Some artists think that they need a one hit wonder or just one flaming hit to make the cut on Spotify. However, in most cases it’s quite the opposite. Having more releases where you can show the editorial team that you’re a consistent producer of your craft is what is most appealing to both MusicPromoToday and Spotify editors. The more releases you accumulate, the better chance you have to generate the algorithms when a new release hits Spotify. Simply ensure that you don’t disregard quality, move as quickly as you can, and work hard to release a top of the line record.

            Reach Out to RapCaviar Artists for a Feature

            FREE GUIDE:

            Get 5 Secrets To Boost Your Spotify Streams


              In case it did not arrive in 5-10 minutes, please check the spam folder.

              To gain some easy popularity as a rapper, try contacting these, not so cheap but still effective, talented Hip-Hop rappers for a feature.  


              Rich The Kid


              Lil Tjay

              Gucci Mane


              Reach out to contacts to fund the feature and try to ask as many questions as possible to receive as much information as you can from them. Some questions you can ask are, who do they use for distribution, which label do they work with, and if they work with specific marketing agencies they can connect with. Lucky for you, you’ve already stumbled upon one that already does! Contact MusicPromoToday for more information. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive!

              Be Visible to the Spotify Team

              If you want to get noticed, you have to make sure you grab the attention of Spotify’s marketing team. Tweet to them, ask the questions, mention them on your Instagram and Facebook stories, and make sure your tweets and comments are unique and diverse. Spotify loves originality! 

              Be Creative with Your “Rap Niche”

              Spotify has gathered more than 100 different genres just for Hip-Hop so its key that you find what sector you fit in stick to it. Don’t try to replicate the sound of your predecessors because it will make it harder for Spotify to categorize you to a specific genre. In the long run, this is going to help you get you into micro-genre lists on Spotify. These include:

              Most Necessary New Artists (your best chance)

              Get Turnt High Energy Hip Hop

              SignedXOXO Pop Rap/Crossover

              Conscious Hip-Hop (Mos Def, Immortal Technique)

              UK Hip Hop (Ambush Buzzworl, T MULLA)

              Trap Rap (Future, Kodak Black)

              Pop Rap (Drake, 6LACK)

              Browse for your genre at

              As an up and coming rapper, you should note that getting on these smaller official lists first will increase your chances of getting placed on RapCaviar.  

              So remember, if you want your music to be noticed, make sure you:

              1. Be Strategic With Your Releases 
              2. Reach Out to RapCaviar Artists for a Feature
              3. Be Visible to the Spotify Team
              4. Be Creative with Your “Rap Niche”

               By following these simple steps, you will be sure to make an appearance on RapCaviar. MusicPromoToday closely works with Spotify editorials, therefore, if you have questions or want further information on playlist placement, visit us at

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                Posted on January 20, 2020

                The 5 Most Important Steps For An Outstanding Spotify Profile

                By Yvonne Martin
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                First launched on October 7, 2008, Spotify got its way to be the most popular streaming platform on the market. Undoubtedly, it has improved the way people enjoy music, and how artists promote their music. 

                The competition on Spotify is no joke, and musicians need to put a lot of effort to find their way to the top. Listeners are getting more demanding, and the industry is getting more saturated every year. 

                According to Spotify Over 20,000 songs are added everyday on the platform, so you need to find a way to shine like a diamond among them, and have yourself featured on top playlists. To do it, you need to sparkle some magic on your profile, and MusicPromoToday is here to explain how to do it. 

                Many beginning musicians struggle to find the best practice to create an outstanding profile that will make a professional first impression, and will make users listen to your music. Check out the 5 important steps to create an outstanding Spotify profile. 

                how to make outstanding spotify profile for music artists.

                1- Artworks

                52% of users are listening to songs on Spotify from their smartphones, and if you ever opened  the app on your phone you know that artworks are the most exposed visuals out there. That is why you need to put extra efforts in uploading eye catching covers and canvas for your singles! 

                Recently Spotify introduced feature of adding gifs and short videos to singles. They have the same resolution as Instagram Stories, and can be personalized by you! Learn here how to take the most from your Spotify canvas.

                Make sure you also add a relevant banner to your Artist profile, that will look good both on phones and computers.

                2- Bio

                You should know that 25% of Spotify users are millennials, who needs to know everything about everything! That is why you better include a detailed bio in your profile – tell your story, explain who you are and what inspires you. Don’t forget to add all your social media channels, and your best pictures!

                FREE GUIDE:

                Get 5 Secrets To Boost Your Spotify Streams


                  In case it did not arrive in 5-10 minutes, please check the spam folder.

                  3- Playlists

                  Being featured on official Spotify playlists is the best way to reach new listeners and build a solid fanbase. An average user devotes time to 40 artists weekly, so there is plenty of room for you to find your niche. 

                  You can get featured by submitting your songs on platforms like SubmitHub, reach out to magazines and influencers, and Spotify curators. If you don’t know where to find their contact, check out the free ebook “5 Secrets To Reach Over 25k Streams On Spotify” and get access to our contacts database

                  4- Concerts

                  Spotify operates in exactly 79 countries, and As recorded by June 2019, the number of monthly active users is around 232M which is a huge market of potential listeners. To reach out to them, you can use Concerts features!

                  To promote your concerts to fans on Spotify, you just need to add your show on one of Spotify’s ticketing partner sites: Ticketmaster, Songkick, Eventbrite, AXS, or eplus (in Japan only). It will then automatically display in Spotify, in the Concerts section of Browse and artist profiles. 

                  Users can discover your gigs based on their location and music they like. If they have listened to your songs, or similar artists, your concert will be recommended to them.  

                  5- The Blue Badge!

                  Getting verified on Spotify is essential for artists since credibility on the digital streaming platforms is important in today’s streaming economy. Spotify’s Blue Badge unlocks additional features, profile control, and access to analytics. 

                  Requesting Artist verification on Spotify has been recently simplified to a minimum! The only thing that needs to be done is to become a part of Spotify for Artists, and from there only claim your blue badge!

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                    Posted on January 8, 2020

                    Fast And Easy Steps To Promote Music On SoundCloud

                    By Shawn Spence
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                    SoundCloud is one of the biggest streaming platforms out there, and since its launch in 2007 artists have been uploading millions and millions of songs. In February 2019, the Berlin-based streaming giant reached 200 million songs which heavily beats 35 million Spotify catalog and 45 million that are uploaded on Apple Music!

                    And with millions of songs to listen to, come millions of listeners. According to Forbes, SoundCloud counts over 175 million active and unique registered users, and a dozen times more unregistered users everyday use the platform to discover new music.

                    But how to break through the crowd where millions of musicians want to catch the attention of consumers and build a solid fanbase? Well, MusicPromoToday has prepared for you a few fast and simple steps to get more recognition and promote your content within just a few clicks. Time to break through the noise!

                    1- Host a remix contest

                    Remix contests are super popular among musicians who are looking for a way to get more shoutouts and promote their singles. Choose one of your songs, then publish separate tracks of this single, and enlist your fans to create killer remixes. To look professional, you can prepare a landing page with all the required info, and place to submit the remix.

                    3- Try Playlist Grouping

                    Playlist Grouping is a way to create a playlist that can help you gain more exposure. It works by blending newly released songs of mainstream artists who are getting millions of streams and hits with your own songs in a playlist. If you want to learn more about this method to increase your reach, check out our article A Top Secret Strategy That Will Increase Your SoundCloud Exposure. 

                    4- Use Buy links feature

                    SoundCloud allows you to edit or add a Buy link to let your fans purchase the track from another site (such as iTunes, BandCamp, etc.) through your track’s edit page in the ‘Metadata’ tab. While listening to your music, users will know where you’re selling your music on and offline. Be sure to add links to CD Baby or your distributor so your audience can purchase your music!


                    5- Share your music privately

                    If you have already built a fanbase – spoil them with some new content you have been working on recently. SoundCloud provides users with a private sharing feature that helps in managing digital music marketing campaigns and enables them to offer exclusive material and to solicit feedback without having to officially drop your tunes publicly to the world. 

                    Wrap up

                    SoundCloud can boost your career right after your music is uploaded the platform.. but the most important question remains: What efforts is the artist putting in to increase awareness?

                    SoundCloud has launched dozens of features to help you grow your reach and break through the crowd. The stats show that every minute 12 hours of new music is being uploaded to SoundCloud, so stay focused and make your content matter! Learn more about music marketing on our blog. At MusicPromoToday, we provide artists with tailor-made music marketing strategies to improve your visibility on all streaming platforms and to catch the attention of potential fans, impactful bloggers and music journalists.

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                      Posted on December 9, 2019

                      MusicPromoToday’s 10 Tips To Properly Run a Spotify Account

                      By Yvonne Martin
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                      MusicPromoToday listed the 10 crucial advice to help artists who are struggling with their Spotify, and those who feel a bit confused about how to use it in the most efficient way possible. Those keypoints are easy to implement and can turn out to be extremely efficient:

                      • Don’t sit and wait for Spotify to discover your music. Instead of waiting a long time for Spotify to take your music into account, knowing that they might have their own agenda, and that your music might not fit in with their plans of the moment. So take control to create your opportunities and build your own community. It’s your duty as an artist to ensure people are finding and streaming your music. You can, and you should steadily build your monthly listeners’ streams in order to catch the attention of Spotify and its powerful playlists.
                      • An easy step is to create a Spotify profile that shines bright. Make your page look amazing by using all the features offered by Spotify: add the best photos you have in the gallery section, don’t forget to link your socials, a fresh biography, cover, and your most eye-catching artist profile picture.
                      • Another useful tool is to use your “Artist Pick.” You can easily feature a playlist, a live show, or an album. It’s preferable not to feature singles, as the goal is to give listeners an opportunity to hear more of your music. Don’t forget, all features will disappear after 14 days, so you can experiment with what works, replace the features every 14 days while monitoring the number of followers you gained in those 14 days.
                      • You can create a “Full Discography Playlist” of all your music, and add all the tracks you have been featured or participated in. This way, users will have the opportunity to have all your music in one playlist.

                      FREE GUIDE:

                      Get 5 Secrets To Boost Your Spotify Streams


                        In case it did not arrive in 5-10 minutes, please check the spam folder.

                        • Create a playlist that features artists creating similar music that you like, and include your tracks within the track-list. Preferably, choose bigger artists (in popularity) in order to maximize your exposure. This way Spotify’s algorithm will slowly but surely make the link between your music and the other artists’ music you have featured on your playlist.
                        • Another important key point is to make your Spotify links accessible from your social profiles. Your goal is to sell your music, so the easier it is for potential listeners to access your Spotify (and other online platforms where your music is sold), the more you will have an impact on your music’s sales. Always put yourself in the shoes of your potential listeners or fans, and try to make your social media pages and profiles user-friendly with clear links to directly and instantly access your Spotify.
                        • Try to promote a small amount of playlist, ideally one or two. Promoting too many playlists can lead you to have your followers too much spread out. A playlist with an important following is more powerful than a few with little following. Remember, it’s all about trying to create a snowball effect, so always aim for a playlist with the highest number of followers possible.
                        • This one might be the most useful advice we have for you today. Be patient. Do not sleep at one time actions and never lose hope. Never stop promoting your main playlists over a long period of time, the viral effect can take place in weeks, months, or even a year. Lots of artists think that posting about a playlist once or twice will be enough to see a significant improvement. However, it is often over long term strategies for your project that major results start taking place. Always keep in mind that the work you are putting in today will bring its results over the long run/course of your career.
                        • The last tip is to create your own hype by creating a genre specific playlist that also caters to your potential fans. You can use your artist’s page to promote a major label playlist or artist track. They will be grateful too — make sure to have an important streaming flow on your own playlist when you do this so you can highly impress them with your reach.

                        Wrap up 🔑

                        Running a Spotify account like a pro can be difficult, but as long as artists stay consistent and use all the amazing tools the platform provides, it can really help anyone. Just follow the hints above and step up your Spotify game!

                        If you are looking for more tips on how to organically grow your Spotify account, check out the free ebook created by MusicPromoToday’s marketing pros entitled “5 Secret To Reach 25k Streams.

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                          Posted on November 21, 2019

                          Snapchat & Spotify Integration — Music Marketing Opportunities For Artists

                          By Shawn Spence
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                          MusicPromoToday’s team is constantly on the look for new + unique ways to promote artists + music — to help YOU make more buzz with your MUSIC!

                          Spotify and Snapchat recently launched a feature that can boost one’s career and step musicians reach all around the world.

                          Spotify, with 217 million monthly active users worldwide, and Snapchat with 190 million daily (!) active users are undoubtedly the most popular apps in the Apple Store. After Instagram launched a Spotify share for stories in 2018, Snapchat’s integration to Spotify was the next logical move.

                          Spotify And Snapchat Feature

                          The new Snapchat and Spotify integration allows you to easily share what you are listening to a particular song, full albums, and playlists. Once you share them in Snapchat Stories, you can still spice it up with stickers and a text.

                          When your Story is live, your audience can simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and start playing the tracks on Spotify! Of course, as long as the app is installed on their phones.

                          Our team at MusicPromoToday believes that this feature is another great opportunity for music digital marketing. Musicians gained another simple (and free) way to promote their music and reach a new audience, and as an outcome, boost the Spotify streams.

                          How artists can use Spotify and Snapchat’s new feature to promote their music?

                          The MusicPromoToday team has a few ideas on how the new feature can be used in music marketing and in promoting new releases.

                          Firstly, share your music in Snapchat Stories.

                          As simple as it sounds, as effective it is. To reach a bigger audience, promote your Snapchat profile on other social media platforms, eg. ask your Instagram and Facebook followers to add you on Snapchat.

                          Secondly, create a Snapchat group for your fans, and share your music or podcasts with them.

                          Spice your stories up with lyrics explanations, or by describing what inspires you. Name the group in a funny and catchy way, and mention your fans in your stories as much as possible. It’s essential to create an intimate and personal connection.

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                            Thirdly, create playlists on Spotify, and snap them!

                            Reach out to other artists from your niche, let them know they are featured of your playlist and ask them to post it in their stories.

                            Last but not least, reach out to Snapchat influencers and ask them to share your single or album on their stories.

                            Influencers marketing is a huge opportunity to gain new listeners and make more buzz around your music! Create a list of effective and impactful influencers, and contact them with your inquiry.

                            If you are looking for more tips on how to boost your Spotify streams, make sure to download the ebook we are releasing this November!

                            We recently published a press released on how to use TikTok, read more on TikTok Music Marketing here.

                            Our founders, Anthony Katz and Raffi Keuhnelian recently spoke to Digital Music News about viral music marketing and recent music marketing trends.

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