Posted on December 9, 2019 | By Yvonne Martin

MusicPromoToday’s 10 Tips To Properly Run a Spotify Account

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MusicPromoToday listed the 10 crucial advice to help artists who are struggling with their Spotify, and those who feel a bit confused about how to use it in the most efficient way possible. Those keypoints are easy to implement and can turn out to be extremely efficient:

  • Don’t sit and wait for Spotify to discover your music. Instead of waiting a long time for Spotify to take your music into account, knowing that they might have their own agenda, and that your music might not fit in with their plans of the moment. So take control to create your opportunities and build your own community. It’s your duty as an artist to ensure people are finding and streaming your music. You can, and you should steadily build your monthly listeners’ streams in order to catch the attention of Spotify and its powerful playlists.
  • An easy step is to create a Spotify profile that shines bright. Make your page look amazing by using all the features offered by Spotify: add the best photos you have in the gallery section, don’t forget to link your socials, a fresh biography, cover, and your most eye-catching artist profile picture.
  • Another useful tool is to use your “Artist Pick.” You can easily feature a playlist, a live show, or an album. It’s preferable not to feature singles, as the goal is to give listeners an opportunity to hear more of your music. Don’t forget, all features will disappear after 14 days, so you can experiment with what works, replace the features every 14 days while monitoring the number of followers you gained in those 14 days.
  • You can create a “Full Discography Playlist” of all your music, and add all the tracks you have been featured or participated in. This way, users will have the opportunity to have all your music in one playlist.


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    • Create a playlist that features artists creating similar music that you like, and include your tracks within the track-list. Preferably, choose bigger artists (in popularity) in order to maximize your exposure. This way Spotify’s algorithm will slowly but surely make the link between your music and the other artists’ music you have featured on your playlist.
    • Another important key point is to make your Spotify links accessible from your social profiles. Your goal is to sell your music, so the easier it is for potential listeners to access your Spotify (and other online platforms where your music is sold), the more you will have an impact on your music’s sales. Always put yourself in the shoes of your potential listeners or fans, and try to make your social media pages and profiles user-friendly with clear links to directly and instantly access your Spotify.
    • Try to promote a small amount of playlist, ideally one or two. Promoting too many playlists can lead you to have your followers too much spread out. A playlist with an important following is more powerful than a few with little following. Remember, it’s all about trying to create a snowball effect, so always aim for a playlist with the highest number of followers possible.
    • This one might be the most useful advice we have for you today. Be patient. Do not sleep at one time actions and never lose hope. Never stop promoting your main playlists over a long period of time, the viral effect can take place in weeks, months, or even a year. Lots of artists think that posting about a playlist once or twice will be enough to see a significant improvement. However, it is often over long term strategies for your project that major results start taking place. Always keep in mind that the work you are putting in today will bring its results over the long run/course of your career.
    • The last tip is to create your own hype by creating a genre specific playlist that also caters to your potential fans. You can use your artist’s page to promote a major label playlist or artist track. They will be grateful too — make sure to have an important streaming flow on your own playlist when you do this so you can highly impress them with your reach.

    Wrap up 🔑

    Running a Spotify account like a pro can be difficult, but as long as artists stay consistent and use all the amazing tools the platform provides, it can really help anyone. Just follow the hints above and step up your Spotify game!

    If you are looking for more tips on how to organically grow your Spotify account, check out the free ebook created by MusicPromoToday’s marketing pros entitled “5 Secret To Reach 25k Streams.

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