Posted on February 6, 2023

Music NFTs: 8 Steps On How To Maintain An Online Community

By Barbara Drews
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NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that represent ownership of a specific item or piece of content. They're created using blockchain technology, which is a secure and transparent way of keeping track of digital transactions.

One of the main things that make NFTs special is that they're unique and cannot be replaced by something else. This is different from regular digital items, like a song or an image, which can be easily copied and shared. Because NFTs are unique and stored on the blockchain, they can be bought, sold, and traded like any other valuable asset.

Have you ever considered creating your own NFT community? These online groups bring together NFT enthusiasts to create, sell, buy, collect, and discuss NFT projects. Whether you're a creator, investor, fan, or just interested in the digital asset space, an NFT community can be a great place to connect with others who share your passion.

If you're thinking about starting your own NFT community, here are some steps to consider:

Define Your Target Audience

  • Know who you want to reach with your community
  • Consider the niche of NFTs you want to create and where you can find your target audience
  • Understand what your audience wants and expects from your project

Develop A Vision And A Strategy

  • Craft a long-term vision for your community
  • Create a plan to make your vision a reality
  • Convince your audience to join and trust you to lead them toward your vision

Select Your Media Channel

  • Social media platforms like Twitter, Discord and Telegram are popular for building communities
  • Discord is good for instant messaging and discussions about NFTs
  • Twitter is suitable for short announcements and interactions
  • Telegram allows for more in-depth discussions in real-time

Interact And Engage With Your Community

Hold AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions on your projects and your community to personally connect with your members

Partner With Viable Industry Projects:

Collaborating with notable companies and platforms with successful projects can boost your community's reputation and reach

Organize Giveaways

Hosting quizzes or offering freebies can keep your community lively and engaged

Be a man/woman of integrity and repute:

  • As you build your community, be honest and transparent
  • This will help you earn the trust and loyalty of your members

Keep Growing And Evolving

Your community won't stay the same forever, so be open to change and continue to grow and adapt as needed

People use NFTs to represent all kinds of things, like artwork, music, videos, and even virtual real estate. Some people collect NFTs as a hobby, while others use them as a way to support artists or creators they admire.

Overall, NFTs are a new and innovative way of owning and trading digital assets. They offer a level of security and authenticity that wasn't possible before, and they're starting to gain a lot of attention and interest from people all over the world. Is there anything else I can clarify for you?

Building a community from scratch takes time and commitment. But with the right vision, strategy, and engagement, you can create a thriving NFT community that adds value to your project and its members. Whether you're a seasoned NFT pro or just starting out, there's a place for you in the community. So why not give it a try and see where it takes you?

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    Posted on February 3, 2023

    Exclusive: $50M Withdrawn Using Sony Music’s Artists Forward Initiative 

    By John Reynolds
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    Sony Music recently released a recap of its Artists Forward program, which was launched in June 2021. The global initiative prioritizes “transparency with creators in all aspects of their development” and delivers “more benefits and services to on-roster and legacy talent around the world.” 

    According to the recap, there has been significant growth in support for SME artists. Sony Music announced that through their Legacy Unrecouped Balance Program, they will be expanding the pool of talent that “can qualify to receive go-forward earnings, regardless of recoupment status.” The label stated that “Creating more financial opportunity for our heritage artists globally is core to our mission with Artists Forward.”

    In addition to the Legacy Unrecouped Balance Program, the initiative includes the marquee policy and healthcare services for artists. “Putting our artists and their wellbeing first in all steps of the creative journey is the driving priority of everything we do with Artists Forward,” explains Sony Music.

    “As part of our Artist Assistance Program focused on wellness and information for SME talent, we’ve introduced free, confidential Artist Healthcare Advocacy support for on-roster and legacy artists in the U.S. through our partnership with the non-profit organization, Music Health Alliance (MHA). Qualifying artists can connect with an MHA healthcare advocate for help with navigating the process of obtaining and utilizing healthcare coverage, locating a doctor, managing healthcare bills, and more.”

    Moreover, approximately more than 100 Artists around the world have benefited from Sony’s confidential counseling services, which are available for free in over 70 languages. In the recap, the label revealed that “To date, dozens of artists from across more than 12 different countries have now used these services to either establish recurring sessions with a licensed therapist or receive in-the-moment support in dealing with acute issues—and use of the program is completely confidential.” 

    Through the Real Time Artists Tools suite that includes Sony Music Artist Portal and the Real-Time Insights application, the label “offers music creators and their team's best-in-class payment capabilities, as well as up-to-the-moment updates on the consumption of their content and audience engagement data.”

    From tracking and analyzing earnings to initiating withdrawals and advances of available funds, Sony Music “helps artists and their teams make decisions informed by advanced analytics” that can be provided instantly from the billions of global transactions processed every day.

    With these advanced tools, Sony allows artists and participants to track earnings, cash out payable monthly account balances, and receive advances on qualifying projected earnings. Plus, creators and their teams can access marketing and creative data, “for detailed analysis of the platforms, playlists, and audiences driving track breakthroughs around the globe”.

    Using new features like Real Time Advances and Cash Out, artists can request “a withdrawal of all or part of their payable balance each month as soon as it becomes available.” Based on the numbers shared by Sony in its recap report for 2022, “artists and participants have now withdrawn nearly $50 million combined.” 

    Sony’s Artist Forward program is truly a groundbreaking initiative that focuses on “delivering fast, convenient, easy-to-use solutions” and supports the careers of many up-and-coming and established musicians in a dynamic marketplace.

    MusicPromoToday works closely with industry professionals to provide you with the most up-to-date information. If you care to find out more about recent music and entertainment news, visit MPT Blog and read about the latest developments and trends.

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      Posted on February 1, 2023

      Exclusive: Warner Music’s “Rhythm City” Will Make Its Roblox Debut On February 4

      By Yvonne Martin
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      Warner Music Group, which invested in Roblox in 2021, officially confirmed that its “persistent music-themed social roleplay experience” will premiere on the gaming platform on February 4, 2023.  The first-of-its-kind digital world, called Rhythm City, is brought to life by the leading metaverse game developer and publisher Gamefam.

      Chief Digital Officer and EVP of Business Development at Warner Music Group, Oana Ruxandra explains:

      "As our lives become increasingly digital, exciting opportunities are opening up for artists and fans to engage and interact. WMG is focused on facilitating the foundations of these new experiences by building and experimenting across evolving ecosystems. This partnership with Gamefam sees WMG creating a place for artists and audiences to come together to define and contextualize their communities within living spaces."

      Founder and CEO of Gamefam, Joe Ferencz, also expressed enthusiasm and described the company’s relationship with WMG:

      "We are thrilled to have a chance to combine our passion for developing authentic, highly-engaging metaverse content with our love of music. WMG has been a brilliant partner in pushing innovative strategies, and together with our expertise, we've channeled that into production excellence creating a new community for music lovers in the metaverse."

      Gamefan and WMG have built a next-generation Pop Culture world, inviting everyone to experience the virtual world, “Welcome to Rhythm City, a town where music, entertainment, and being a star are a way of life.” The main goal of the project is to make music and artists known to users through “social role-play, virtual concerts, and mini-music challenges.” 

      Players can “drive a suite of hot cars, explore, role-play, and live like a star.” They can be whoever they wish to be! They can get a cool job and act as an influencer, or become a musician, agents, producers, dancers, DJs, and more. Users can even have their own house, bring friends over to chill, and listen to music. There is a wide variety of options to choose from!

      In the About section of the game, WMG and Roblox have announced that many more updates are coming soon, including a very special Roblox concert. Besides all the available perks and benefits, Rhythm City provides users access to a collection of digital items sold exclusively on the gaming platform.

      WMG together with Gamefam has designed a magical world that delivers the ultimate user experience. Rhythm City combines music’s alluring charm with key gaming elements and provides a platform for players to enjoy and compete in mini-music challenges, in addition to hosting virtual concerts and events performed by WMG’s most exclusive artists.

      The multinational record label and entertainment company constantly collaborates with partners that aim to serve and deliver industry-leading experiences in gaming and the metaverse. Throughout the past couple of years, many of WMG’s artists have partnered with the Roblox platform, among which are Twenty One Pilots, Why Don't We, Ava Max, David Guetta, and Royal Blood

      This is a genius move from Warner Music Group, which keeps pushing its creative boundaries, at the same time opening new doors for artists and helping them extend their fan communities. Rhythm City will be available on the Roblox platform on February 4, 2023, across Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC, and Xbox One. 

      Click here to visit Rhythm City!

      Alongside the new project’s announcement, Warner Music Group released its 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance report, reaffirming its commitment to ESG. The 40-page transcript discloses information that covers employee experience, social impact, diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and climate change.

      Setting new targets for 2023, the ESG report was presented by WMG's new CEO Robert Kyncl and outgoing CEO Steve Cooper. The newly assigned Kync said:

      "Music is a powerful and positive force, and WMG is filled with passionate change-makers and champions of culture. This report highlights the strong foundation for the company's continued evolution that's been built under Steve's leadership. As we chart the next phase of our long-term growth, we're committed to our ESG efforts as a critical part of our plan for WMG as a more dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable company."

      Read the full ESG report here.

      MusicPromoToday collaborates with industry professionals to deliver the latest news and information. Visit our MPT Blog to find out more and read about the most recent developments and trends.

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        Posted on January 27, 2023

        Will The Metaverse Create New Opportunities For The Music Industry In 2023?

        By Shawn Spence
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        The metaverse is the next step in the evolution of the internet and has the potential to transform the way we live, work, and play. By offering virtual environments in which people can interact with avatars, businesses can engage with customers, students can attend virtual schools, people can socialize and entertain themselves, and the music industry can reach new heights amongst the digital fanfare of the community. 

        When we look at the journey of rock and roll until it faced this new digital age, we quickly accept that it has been about embracing the counterculture and going against the grain, and this spirit extends into the metaverse. As cryptocurrencies and the projects they power, such as metaverses and NFT art galleries, have gained popularity, self-identified outsiders have gathered around them and are shaping the Web3 era. In this blog, we will explore three ways in which the rock and roll energy of the music industry is transforming the Web3 era and what to expect from the metaverse projects that are here today.

        Interacting With Others In The Metaverse

        One of the main benefits of the metaverse is the ability to interact with others in new and exciting ways. Through avatars, two people in different parts of the world can meet and have a conversation as if they were standing next to each other. This level of immersion is not possible through other virtual approaches, such as Zoom or Skype, and offers a more lifelike experience.

        The metaverse is a new space in which musicians and their communities can interact. Metaverses like Decentraland and The Sandbox are developing the sophistication to serve as concert arenas, and major artists have test-driven virtual performances. NFTs and other collectibles also offer a new level of personalization for fans who want a closer connection to their favorite artists. The metaverse also has the potential to democratize music production, allowing fans to have a say in the creation of songs, records, and album sleeves.

        The Impact Of The Metaverse On Business

        The metaverse also has the potential to change how businesses operate. Companies can now hold virtual events and conferences, allowing people from all over the world to attend without the need for travel. In addition, virtual storefronts allow customers to learn about products and services in a more interactive way. The metaverse has the potential to become a trillion-dollar industry, offering a new space for fun, shopping, and even work.

        Current metaverses are working towards creating a one-to-one representation of self in this alternate dimension. Digital assets such as NFTs are also being applied to live concerts, with events and ticketing evolving with the medium. Major artists have begun conducting metaverse performances, and the trend is likely to continue as the metaverse becomes more realistic and sophisticated.

        Educational Opportunities In The Metaverse

        The metaverse also offers new educational opportunities for students. Virtual schools and universities allow students to attend courses taught by avatars in more immersive and interactive environments. This can lead to a better understanding of the material being taught, as the metaverse provides more realistic experiences than other virtual approaches.

        Entertainment In The Metaverse

        The metaverse also has the potential to take entertainment to new levels. While the internet has allowed people to watch movies and television shows, and play video games, the metaverse offers a more immersive and interactive experience. People can enter virtual worlds where they can explore, interact, and even compete with others, enjoying new forms of entertainment that were previously unimaginable.

        Established artists are turning to digital assets, such as NFTs, to engage with their fanbases. Mariah Carey, The Beatles, and David Bowie's estate are just a few examples of artists who have launched NFT projects based on their music and archives. Younger artists are also likely to rely on virtual means of connection, distribution, and visibility, and NFT projects can help them achieve these goals.


        The metaverse is a revolutionary concept that has the potential to change the way we live, work, and play. Through virtual interactions, businesses can engage with customers, students can attend virtual schools, people can socialize and entertain themselves, and the music industry can reach new heights. The metaverse is not just an extension of the internet, but rather a new way of thinking about reality and how we interact with each other and the world around us.

        The rock and roll energy of the music industry is transforming the Web3 era in various ways. The metaverse is breaking down barriers for music makers and fans, providing a space for virtual performances, and championing artists through digital assets. As the metaverse evolves, we can expect to see even more innovative ways in which the music industry takes advantage of this virtual world.

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          Posted on January 9, 2023

          Big Takeaways Around TikTok And Music In 2023

          By Shawn Spence
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          We're chiming in with an article on the Tik and the Tok of today. Yes, TikTok was always in the news in the music industry in 2022, for better or worse. Swipe up, read, and enjoy as we examine the major talking topics here!

          Prominent Artists Are Still Joining But Others Feel Pressured

          Any platform that can get Beyoncé and Dolly Parton to sign up is obviously special, following a trend that has seen a number of well-known musicians join TikTok in an effort to capture its culture. Both of these acts and more recent, up-and-coming musicians who are already familiar with the site can succeed on TikTok.

          Unfortunately for the app, it wasn't actually THE story this year regarding musicians and TikTok. Stories of musicians feeling pressured by their labels to use TikTok and, to use a phrase, "make their music go viral" abounded in late April.

          TikTok isn't to blame per such; it's just the popular platform right now. The primary issue is how the music biz responds to it; pressuring musicians to use it and make it popular is the wrong course of action.

          Music Rightsholders Are Rumbling Over Royalties

          2022 also came under some of its own criticism around music consumption, in particular, how it compensates record labels and publishers for the music played in its app. TikTok does have a number of license agreements, although they are often rather short-term and must be renewed every few years. This subsequent round of renewals is... challenging.

          In November, news of the secret talks broke into the open, making it obvious that major labels wanted TikTok to get much higher royalties. Labels want a portion of TikTok's advertising profits, not simply upfront flat-fee payments, according to a different reliable report.

          Due to the importance of both TikTok and music, new agreements will be reached. It would be fascinating to watch how the specifics of its new accords are communicated to the larger industry and artists in light of the current discussions about the lack of transparency around such agreements.

          TikTok Is In The Music Livestreaming Game

          The ability to broadcast live content on TikTok is nothing new, but in 2022 it solidified its position as a venue for pre-recorded concerts and music live streams, frequently with a sprinkle of innovative technology.

          A rising number of musicians are going live on TikTok in more casual ways between these staged events to promote albums and tours or to just respond to fan inquiries.

          TikTok Could Power The Next Big Music-Streaming Service

          Let's get to the bottom of why TikTok is causing concern among reputable streaming providers, why its agreements with rightsholders are risky, and why there is a larger pattern to its expanding aspirations in the music industry. TikTok could be the foundation of the next major disruptive music streaming by this time next year.

          It's a well-kept secret. In the US, TikTok's parent company ByteDance has applied for a trademark for "TikTok Music." Two Wall Street Journal articles, published in October and December, made clear that the plans may involve a global expansion of ByteDance's current Resso streaming service, but with a close integration with TikTok.

          TikTok’s In-App Spending Is Bigger Than You Thought

          The persistent work of app analytics has revealed the development of TikTok's in-app spending, despite the misconception that the app is free and earns its money through advertising.

          We're referring to TikTok customers shelling out cash for the app's digital "coins," which they can then use to tip producers and ad videos. It's crucial to realize that TikTok users do more than just view videos for free. Why? Because of the potential for some of the features to be used by artists in the future: from tips in live streams to subscriptions at the creator level.

          TikTok Is Just Getting Started With Advertising

          But let's not forget about advertising, which is also expanding quickly for TikTok. These are only estimates, of course; no one predicted the Covid-19 pandemic, and we fear to imagine what other unknowns could surface between now and 2027. 

          But predictions can have a big impact. They have an influence on big labels' demands during negotiations for a portion of these advertising earnings as part of new licensing agreements, for instance. Additionally, they impact the strategy of long-standing competitors that perceive a danger.

          Coming next: AR, Shopping, Avatars, Games…

          TikTok must continue to innovate if it is to maintain its position as a cultural icon for as long as feasible. There is a lot happening at the firm outside of the core music functions, and many of these additional technologies could be helpful to musicians as well.

          Stay connected with MusicPromoToday to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. Visit the MPT Blog to find out more about what’s going on in the music industry and what’s to come.

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            Posted on January 5, 2023

            The 10 Ultimate Music Marketing Commandments For 2023

            By Barbara Drews
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            Every day, the music industry changes. Even if we might have predicted what unfolded, several areas of the music industry surprised us. In this blog, we will discuss the best music marketing techniques to apply in 2023! If you want to increase your chances of success as a future superstar, abide by the below rules to market your music in 2023.

            The year 2022 was incredible for the music biz since many new singers made their debut and many top bands and singers released albums. However, 2023 represents a new beginning for the industry with specific challenges in spotting certain major breakthroughs. How an audience reacts to new music might vary depending on the industry. 

            Let's bounce right into it!

            The 10 Ultimate Music Marketing Commandments For 2023

            1. Raw Talent

            With the introduction of digital production, the lines between artists have blurred since the majority of auto-tuned tracks sound the same. Although many musicians utilize techniques like auto-tuning to improve their music, your natural abilities will make you stand out more than an overly-reverbed chorus or a slowed-down cover song given how many new songs are added to Spotify each month.

            Be unique. Be bold. Nowadays, originality is in. 

            If you do some research on proximity marketing and are able to interpret your performance statistics, you can become the next big thing!

            1. Online Events

            The year 2023 will be ignited by digital events and virtual listening parties. There is no denying that we are moving closer to a virtual world. People adore visiting them.  Online events offer a simpler method to sell more material and meet audience requirements, however, they will never replace live performances as key moments.

            1. Concept Albums

            The unnamed albums have evaporated. The ideas need to be developed with a fresh perspective. It will be a wonderful idea to create a concept and mark it as a specialty for the audience. The music industry will witness more innovative concepts and innovations in the coming years since musicians have been exploring various emotions, which are reflected in their work.

            1. Physical Hard-Cover Albums

            The availability of several digital listening platforms for music enthusiasts in recent years has diminished the necessity or desire for physical hard-cover albums. Many performers released their digital albums in 2022, but no physical copies were made. It is a result of how buyers approach product consumption.

            But 2023 could be the year when luxury comes back. It is conceivable to bring back the shelf-based LPs with limited edition album copies. For those who collect albums and have high standards for music, it will be spectacular.

            1. Sync Deals & Publishing

            Social media usage is increasing. Going into 2023, if there is one thing we can be certain of about the music industry, it is that music needs to be connected to something in order to be successful and popular.

            Among the finest platforms include television, Netflix, video games, ads, and many more. Creating music that is licensable is the greatest method to link your music to these channels, nevertheless.

            1. Be Social On Social Media

            Having several accounts is time-consuming if you don't interact with your followers. Social media was created with the express purpose of engaging users. 

            It's crucial to be social; the rules haven't changed. 

            Focus on beginning conversations on social media platforms, leaving comments, liking, and reposting content. But, keep in mind that being impolite is bad for public relations, but asking the proper questions always gets you excellent press.

            1. Relatable Music

            Maintaining the music's relatability is one of the industry developments that the music industry should follow in 2023. Giving the audience what they want to hear boosts the likelihood of success and public acclaim. Considering that digital media outlets constantly yell about it, understanding audience preferences is not difficult. 

            All that the music industry needs to do is concentrate on turning these desires into records and delivering them to audiences in quality.

            1. Multilingual Music

            For many years now, in order to reach the top of the worldwide charts, many international musicians had to release music in English. But those times have passed and it no longer matters what language the musicians sing in. 

            Success in music can be achieved without singing in English, particularly in this day when streaming services have dominated the music industry. Songs in Spanish, Korean, bilingual, and other languages will gain popularity and bring record labels their highest sales figures!

            1. Genre Blending

            Does genre actually matter? Genre influences on artists regularly transcend. It enables musicians and producers to create music without being limited by a certain genre. To gain high numbers of streams, it is preferable to develop music that may be included in a variety of genres.

            1. TikTok

            The platform had a startling 1 billion active users in September 2021, and it is still expanding. TikTok provides musicians with a significant opportunity for social media explosion and virality. As a consequence, it was one of the most effective digital music advertising platforms in 2022, and it will still be very successful in 2023.

            Summing Up The Music Marketing Commandments For 2023

            These commandments will change over time, but your success will still depend on the strategic consistency of your marketing strategy!

            All of it looks to be a kit for music lovers who are always looking for new sounds for their ears. Over time, it will become more interesting and intriguing to them. Additionally, an even better plan of action would be to recreate the value of real albums for a vintage reversal of traditional LPs.

            Well-known musicians from all over the world can focus on their work each day as we drive traffic to their accounts thanks to the support of MPT Agency. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more information on music marketing, and regularly check our blog to learn about more services that can help you promote your musical career.

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              Posted on January 3, 2023

              Effective Tips To Make Your Music Known On Youtube

              By Shawn Spence
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              There are millions of videos on Youtube and more than two billion people globally. It's an extremely popular platform for promoting your music and for anything related to music marketing. Additionally, it's the best platform to share and advertise your music videos! 

              In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to successfully advertise your music on Youtube.

              Let’s dive in!

              Utilize Youtube Ads To Improve Your Presence

              Since commercials are so common on YouTube, this is the most apparent approach to promoting music there.

              • YouTube ads are very customizable and can be displayed in a variety of locations.
              • Direct links to your YouTube channel from ads that show up on the YouTube home page.
              • Utilize a keyword tool to assist you since ads linked to particular keywords will show up when someone searches on YouTube. 
              • Ads can be broadcasted before, during, and/or after a video.
              • Ads are only displayed on mobile devices.

              Feel free to test out several YouTube ad styles and monitor their results to see which one is most effective for marketing your music. You should always target your YouTube ads. Utilizing the tools provided by Google to assist users to acquire adverts will allow you to simply tame this instrument.

              Get Your Youtube Channel Verified

              Verification is a goal for several platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and/or Instagram, but Youtube is the one where it has the biggest influence. 

              Verifying your Youtube channel frequently increases visibility and offers you special advantages:

              • Enables you to get thorough statistics
              • Increase your channel's SEO
              • Enables you to immediately market your merch and tours below your YouTube videos.

              You must have at least three YouTube videos under your belt before you can ask to get your channel verified. After that, you can submit your request to the YouTube support personnel.

              Create Content That Illustrates Your Music

              You can anticipate discovering videos that accompany an artist's songs on their Youtube account. These videos provide you the chance to visualize your world and demonstrate your commitment to your artistic endeavor.

              You should upload at least one video to your channel because videos are supreme on YouTube. Particularly on YouTube, which continues to be a platform for music and entertainment, images and music are linked. Additionally, submitting a clip makes it the perfect video for Youtube Ads promotion.

              Offer A Variety Of Content

              Although there are many other ways to market your music on Youtube, as an artist, your Youtube channel is primarily used to upload and promote your new songs and music videos. The success of vlogs on the platform reflects the fact that users like to learn more about the lives of producers and artists. 

              If you have the time and want, you may absolutely provide various video types on YouTube, such as vlogs, behind-the-scenes films, and videos about your musical influences. By doing so, you'll be able to create a true online community for your musical endeavor. All of the extra content you provide helps to convey the story, which is crucial for boosting the popularity of your music and retaining listeners.

              You can also develop curated playlists that your followers can access. You can create a playlist with songs you like by yourself or other artists. This is an excellent approach for your fan base to learn more about you and enjoy your music. Any independent musician using this as a promotional tool will increase their listenership and subscriber base.

              Create A Connection With Your Audience

              Increase your YouTube subscriber count and promote your music online by listening to subscribers and developing relationships with them. To start a conversation, we suggest that you "like" or "comment" on particular posts. 

              You can simply manage your profile, create playlists, and respond to comments on the go with the Youtube Studio app!

              Final Thoughts

              If you want to learn more about music marketing and other services that can help you progress your musical career, be sure to visit our blog and follow us on Instagram.

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                Posted on December 27, 2022

                5 Ways Musicians Can Prepare For The New Year

                By Shawn Spence
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                The Festive period is rapidly approaching, and musicians all around the world are laying the groundwork in accordance with it now. Want to enjoy this Holiday season to the fullest? Here are a few ideas for prepping:

                Promote Fiercely

                One of the busiest times of year for music purchases is the holiday season. People worldwide are searching for the ideal presents for their music-loving friends and family, from CDs and vinyl to posters and souvenirs.

                You should use this opportunity to spread as much of what you have as you can. But it doesn't mean you should blare the same content across all platforms. There are many original methods to advertise around the holidays. Try, for instance, the following:

                • Remind your followers that a vinyl copy of your most recent record would make the ideal gift topper.
                • Post images of you lounging by the fire wearing your coziest apparel and include a link to your merch store.
                • Offer limited-time discounts on your merch as your own unique present.

                These are just a few suggestions to help you get inspired. Make it your own by considering what you want to see from your favorite artist.

                Holiday-Themed Content

                Will you be releasing a whole holiday album? Perhaps a single?  Whatever you want to do, think about doing something special for it. This might signify anything, but take into account some of the following examples:

                • Every week leading up to the holiday of your choice, Livestream a new holiday cover.
                • Make unique holiday merch.
                • Try running a social media contest with a theme where the winners receive first access to your upcoming holiday single.
                • Make a merch giveaway.
                • Collab with other artists on holiday themes.

                Release A Holiday Cover Song

                It could seem nearly impossible to write an original hit that will knock people's socks off given how much festive music is already available. For your benefit, there are several songs in the public domain that you can freely cover without worrying about legal consequences. 

                Additionally, the holidays are all about blaring your holiday-themed illicit musical pleasures. Putting out holiday music of your own is a fantastic way to participate at this time of year.

                Create A Holiday Playlist

                Create your own holiday playlists to help ignite the holiday spirit! Remember that the greatest holiday music is suitable for dinner parties, cooking, relaxing holiday feelings, and joyful jams. Once you've put up the ideal playlist, post the link on Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram Stories, or really wherever else you feel your audience will be most engaged.

                You could even create a joint playlist with another artist to take it up a level and distribute it to further increase your audience...

                • Spotify and Apple Music are two outstanding streaming platforms that include the functionality of collaborative playlists.
                • Feel free to pick whatever one your soul catches because they both have the same principle and are quite simple to use.

                Go Local

                This holiday season, your community could have socially segregated activities depending on your state. There are various ways you may be involved in your community events, whether a location needs a live performance or just a piece of nice holiday music.

                Reach out to neighborhood bars and check out Facebook groups for your community to learn more about what's going on and how you can become involved.

                In Conclusion,

                Even if there is a huge amount of music on the market, there are other things you can do to maintain the momentum. Conduct research. Be original in your approaches, and the holiday season will undoubtedly be successful.

                MPT Agency generates traffic to well-known artists, allowing them to focus on their work every day. Be sure to visit our blog and follow us on Instagram for more details on music marketing and to learn about additional services that can help you advance your musical career.

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                  Posted on December 16, 2022

                  Five Electronic Musicians That Started Their Own Record Labels In 2022

                  By Yvonne Martin
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                  Artists have been taking the matter into their own hands lately. With the oligopoly dominating the industry, it’s only natural for musicians to launch their own record labels. There are many different reasons for this forward-looking movement among which are feeding creativity, freedom in production, providing a platform for promising new talents and supporting a niche genre.

                  In 2022, many of the top electronic musicians jumped on the wagon and set up their own record companies, broadening their horizons and creating new opportunities for artists in the music industry. We chose five of the biggest names in electronic music that took that leap of faith.

                  REZZ – HypnoVizion

                  Canadian DJ and record producer Isabelle Rezazadeh, professionally known as Rezz, announced during the summer that she will be launching Hypnovizion. The Ontario native teased that the label will support musicians with “slow, trippy HOT ass, mid-tempo bob your head ( and maybe even shake ur ass while you’re at it ) type beat + more (i like slow dub stuff too) (stuff that makes you question existence).” 

                  Rezz said that her top priority in 2023 will be Hypnovizion which has her “feeling so fkn stoked. Don’t even get me started on the themed events & merch. I feel so passionate about this, much more than I ever thought I’d be.” 

                  Hypnovizion kicked off with Nightmare On Rezz Street 2 Mix and then followed it with Iqsa’s newly released EP i 4ove you.

                  Nala – Mi Domina

                  Underground DJ, producer, and vocalist Nala launched a “femme-dominated” record label called Mi Domina. The LA-based artist kicked off her project with the collaborative three-track EP, Get Familiar, working closely with Venezuelan musician Ernesto Hidalgo, aka E.R.N.E.S.T.O. 

                  With Mi Domina, Nala wants to create a safe space for women. In a statement, she revealed, “I’ve made it a philosophy to only work with artists who have a track record of being respectful to others, especially women.” 

                  Nala praised E.R.N.E.S.T.O’s professionalism and talent, “I’m really honored to be able to work with E.R.N.E.S.T.O, share his talent, and vouch for his character. The man is a class act and an incredibly tasteful and talented producer.” 

                  E.R.N.E.S.T.O also expressed his admiration for Nala, “I’ve been a fan of Nala ever since I heard “Psychic Attack.” We met playing the same festival, realized we both came up in Miami and got along immediately. This EP flowed in the best way possible. She is super talented and came to my studio with a ton of ideas for very personal and unique vocals that she laid down that same day.”

                  Listen to Get Familiar here:

                  Nicky Romero – Protocol Lab

                  Dutch DJ Nicky Romero celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his imprint Protocol Recordings by announcing the launch of the sub-label Protocol Lab. The new project’s inaugural release was “Stuck On You” by talented newcomers Repiet and Andrew A.

                  Romero’s Protocol Recordings, founded in 2012 is one of the most substantial labels in the industry. Nervo, Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, and many more renowned musicians have collaborated with the recording company. Its sub-label, Protocol Lab also plans to provide a creative platform for artists to be themselves, intending  to experiment with new sounds and aiming to “nurture new talent.” 

                  Speaking of Nicky Romero’s perseverance and determination, Protocol Recordings stated, “While showcasing his label’s roster via his weekly Protocol Radio show, Nicky Romero continues to innovate and evolve, and with his annual “Nicky Romero & Friends” ADE showcase and the launch of Monocule alter-ego, he keeps proving his ability to turn into gold everything he touches,” states on their website.

                  Delta Heavy – Delta Heavy

                  Delta Heavy, consisting of Ben Hall and Simon James, started a self-titled record label earlier this year. The English drum and bass production duo marked the launch of their company with “Ascend,” which gives a general idea of what is expected from them in the future.

                  With successful releases like “Heartbeat,” “Work It,” and “Feel,” Delta Heavy has garnered around four million streams. The duo, who already have a solid following of approximately a million listeners across different platforms, also released “Hydra” via their new record label.

                  Charlotte de Witte – RPM

                  Belgian DJ and record producer, Charlotte de Witte, popular for her minimal and acid techno sounds, announced the launch of RPM; a new sub-label under her original imprint, KNTXT that "builds velocity around emerging talent."

                  RPM “ is a turbo-charged, digital-only sub-label of KNTXT that meets the demand of the ever-evolving electronic music scene and increases the creative output of KNTXT label.”  The new project hopes to “provide artists a more agile platform to release music. It aims to offer a flexible test circuit for producers both emerging or established, to experiment with contemporary sounds, free from the latency in vinyl production.” 

                  Acid Asian’s “Break Into Acid” is the first release from RPM.

                  MusicPromoToday delivers the latest music news, trends, and industry information. Go to MPT Agency's Blog to read about the most recent updates.

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                    Posted on December 9, 2022

                    Check Out These Fascinating Holiday Music Merchandise Marketing Tips

                    By Yvonne Martin
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                    There is no one size fits all strategy for merchandise marketing. Maximizing conversions requires patience, experimentation, and flexibility. The truth about merchandise marketing is that you are selling hype rather than necessities, and a variety of micro and macro elements influence a person's decision to buy a certain thing. 

                    Because of this, what works for one artist could not work for another. Therefore, we advise starting with the basics. This entails establishing your campaign in the most efficient way possible and then offering your marketing some time to adjust. 

                    There are four straightforward, fundamental factors to take into account:

                    Choose The Right Platform

                    Ever since the iOS14 update's effects on tracking capabilities two years ago, the amount of data provided has definably decreased. In comparison to all other e-commerce marketing channels, the Google Search placement has consistently demonstrated higher conversion rates.

                    Although there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, we advise always including Google Search to see whether your viewers are generating there. The efficacy of this arrangement is greatest when an artist has a buzz and significant activity influenced by major events. An artist can, for instance:

                    • Announcing a new album
                    • Announce a new tour
                    • Make an appearance on television
                    • Have a viral moment

                    Next, after Google Search, pick the social media platform with the most active viewership. Typically, this is still on Meta since, despite the iOS change, campaigns can be followed there rather effectively. There are benefits to avoiding stretching your budget too thin, even though we advise marketing music merchandise on at least one social media network.

                    Optimization Of Creative Assets 

                    Particularly on Meta, there is a sweet spot between having too few and too many creatives. Our advice is to start testing no less than two and no more than three different types of content on your social platform. In this method, each creative receives enough funding from each crowd to provide statistically relevant results, but there are still a few choices for optimization.

                    All artistic forms should have one essential component—the "pop" factor. Have your idea and brand stand out. 

                    Optimization Of  Audience

                    Expanding your audience will be the campaign's primary force. Because purchasing music merchandise is a high-intent action, you need to be extremely deliberate about the audiences you place these ads in front of and maintain your efficiency in this way.

                    One rule to keep in mind is to focus on redirecting audiences when marketing for high-intent actions like music merchandise sales. This entails giving people who have already shown an interest in the artist priority. This is because they are the readiest to pull out their credit cards and make a purchase.

                    Adaptability & Patience

                    Extending the campaign length is the greatest method to make merchandise marketing effective and predictable since campaign runtime extension enables data-driven optimizations. 

                    Based on the results, the budget can be divided across platforms, audiences, and creatives. Modern marketing allows you to monitor what audiences are responding to and capitalize on it, but only if you have the chance and time to make adjustments.

                    Key Takeaway

                    This Christmas season, if you're trying to promote music merchandise, put yourself in the best possible position by picking the most efficient channels, choosing a limited number of creatives, appealing to the right audiences, extending campaign lengths, and making improvements.

                    Learn more about our marketing agency and our approach to supporting you through this process at MPT Agency.

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                      Posted on December 7, 2022

                      CMA Rules In Favor Of Record Labels & Streaming Services

                      By Barbara Drews
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                      UK Watchdog Shuts Down Allegations Once & For All!

                      Amid claims that big record labels and music streaming services such as Spotify hold excessive power in the industry, UK Watchdog, the British consumer investigative journalism program, launched an in-depth investigation into the music streaming market to determine whether the claims were true. But it turns out that the system, in large part, is surprisingly fair both to listeners and musicians. 

                      Before initiating their research, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) had announced that their main focus will be:

                      “To assess whether any lack of competition between music companies could affect the musicians, singers, and songwriters whose interests are intertwined with those of music lovers.”

                      Chief Executive of CMA, Andrea Coscelli said that

                      As we examine this complex market, our thinking and conclusions will be guided by the evidence we receive. If the CMA finds problems, it will consider what action may be necessary.”

                      Looking into the streaming industry from a creator-to-consumer perspective, CMA promised to see:

                      "Whether innovation is being stifled and if firms hold excessive power.”  

                      Well, now that the results are in, many artists will be disappointed to find out that there is no power exploitation and the influence of record labels and music streaming services on the market cannot be regulated. The UK's competition watchdog claims that no real harm can be directly correlated, despite the appeal of some industry professionals.

                      In the final issued report, CMA explained,

                      "We have found that it is unlikely that the outcomes that concern many stakeholders are primarily driven by competition. Consequently, it is unlikely that a competition intervention would improve outcomes overall, and release more money in the system to pay creators more."

                      Despite The Apparent Challenges, The Final Verdict Is As Follows:

                      • Streaming services have benefited music fans who have free access to songs and are paying less for Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.
                      • Industry giants (Universal, Warner, and Song) that control most of the market share aren’t “likely to be making significant excess profits that could be shared with creators.”
                      • Despite the increase of Royalty rates in deals, many musicians still struggle to make an income from streaming services.

                      According to CMA interim chief executive, Sarah Cardell,

                      “Streaming has transformed how music fans access vast catalogs of music, providing a valuable platform for artists to reach new listeners quickly, and at a price for consumers that has declined in real terms over the years.”

                      “We heard from many artists and songwriters across the UK about how they struggle to make a decent living from these services. These are understandable concerns, but our findings show that these are not the result of ineffective competition. Intervention by the CMA would not release more money into the system that would help artists or songwriters.”

                      To read more stories like this go to  MPT Blog. You can also follow MusicPromoToday for more news about the music industry.

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                        Posted on December 5, 2022

                        Atlantic Records Denies Using Bots For Any Of Its Artists

                        By Yvonne Martin
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                        Atlantic Records’ recent bot scandal has opened a new window of speculation about record labels and their artists.

                        Are The Engagement And Streaming Numbers Real? 

                        Many in the music industry are being accused of adopting cunning techniques like album stuffing, playlist stuffing, streaming farms, and streaming data inflation, to name a few. Large recording companies and even major artists are being blamed for manipulating stream counts, number of views, chart positioning, and so on. They do this to increase market share, earn royalty payments, and for many other illicit reasons.

                        Since the good old days, labels have been known for paying radio stations and DJs to constantly play their artists’ songs on the radio, making them popular. This type of undercover agreement and secret payment is called payola. Today, the same concept is being applied to streaming services, except this time they are buying fake streams.

                        Apparently, labels use streaming farms to help artificially increase streams, creating “Hits” and therefore earning more money. How do they work? The tech “mimics fans listening to the same song hundreds of times at a specific period of time.”

                        In addition to getting a song to reach the top of the charts, streaming farms can also make labels more money from royalties. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer all over again. As big recording companies and popular stars get even more popular, independent labels and artists receive a bigger blow.

                        The latest of the labels being accused of such behavior is Atlantic Records. The American recording company has had a difficult past couple of days after the news of bot usage broke on the internet. It is being blamed for increasing the number of views on many of its artists’ videos, particularly rapper and singer-songwriter Don Toliver’s “Do It Right.” 

                        What Did Atlantic Records Reply?

                        The company replied to the accusations by saying, "Atlantic Records has never used bots for any of our artists." A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, 100 gecs, Charlie Puth, Coldplay, Kodak Black, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Weezer, and among others are signed with Atlantic Records. The social media community is pointing fingers at a long list of artists, although it’s unclear whether they are involved in the alleged claims. 

                        Along with Toliver, Lil Uzi Vert, and Roddy Ricch, are also being speculated. Toliver’s rep released a statement saying, “While we conduct our own investigation into the allegations, we urge Atlantic Records to do the same—to protect the integrity of not only their roster of artists but their reporting metrics.”

                        The fact is, it’s really difficult to run a fair system. Bots have become part of the normal way of conduct and to make them disappear altogether is close to impossible. The only way to go is to trust that record labels, managers, and artists will rely on authentic and real engagement rather than bots.

                        Connect with MusicPromoToday and find out all the insider information about the music industry. Check the MPT Agency Blog for more interesting news.

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