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        Founded by serial entrepreneurs Anthony Katz and Raffi Keuhnelian, MusicPromoToday has mandated itself with a simple mission: let artists focus on the music, while we focus on branding, promotion and exposure with your target audience.

        Our successes reach to the very tops of the industry, from #1 hits on the charts and GRAMMY award wins to millions of YouTube views and digital downloads. By employing disruptive, cutting edge techniques, brand-building know-how, social media savvy, and connecting you with our unparalleled network of influential media contacts, we are able to create a multi-faceted platform from which to successfully launch artists into the music industry.

        Our team of digital marketing experts will thoughtfully tailor a narrative and image for your brand that authentically represents who you are as an artist. Leave it up to us to get you noticed by influential media outlets, producers, record labels, established artists, and most of all, your desired audience. MusicPromoToday lets you stay in tune with the creative process while we build the stage for you to stand on — and stand out.

    Want to see the results? Our work speaks for itself.

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    We employ cutting edge, disruptive techniques, brand-building know-how, social media savvy, and our unparalleled network of influential media contacts to create a multi-faceted platform from which to successfully launch artists into the music industry. Click on any of our services below for more information

    design & visualization

    First impressions are everything. In today’s interconnected, digital age, we can help your website stand out. Take control of your public perception, create a place for your content to live and allow your community to congregate around a website that is well-designed and developed.

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    tour marketing

    Get your tour off on the right foot. Let us take the reins and provide you with an extensive and novel marketing campaign catered to you and your fanbase to let you get the most out of your tour.

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    digital branding

    Build an image that fully captures your unique style and brand. We carefully and strategically conceptualize an online presence that reflects who you are as an artist.

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    digital social marketing

    Using industry-leading promotional strategies, we’ll engage with, and get you closer to your fans across outlets like Facebook, Twitter, instagram, and YouTube.

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    digital marketing pr & media

    We will reach out to our unparalleled network of journalists, bloggers and influencers to increase your visibility and target audience reach. Get your story told across the most prominent music media outlets with our cutting-edge services.

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    career management & consulting

    We have become more than just marketers — we’re trusted experts. Are you just starting your journey? Is your career in crisis? We’ll work with you as coaches or music industry consultants and use our experience to guide you. You develop your talent; we’ll develop your career!

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    digital marketing video

    Establish a presence on high-profile networks and build star power in the process. Our online music marketing promotion brings you new fans and spikes the number of followers, making your music videos go viral!

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    dmca takedown

    Rest assured knowing your music safe and protected. You should never have to worry about someone infringing on your talent!

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        As one of the music industry’s leading digital marketing agencies, Music Promo Today has the cutting - edge, disruptive, results-driven promotional strategies that will get you noticed. While you focus on the art, we’ll take care of the rest. If you are thinking about taking your music career to the next level, contact us today!

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