One of the most efficient music marketing and promotion agencies in North America with over a decade of experience. MusicPromoToday goes beyond digital marketing and fuels every fully-customized marketing strategy with insights and data that bring precise and measurable results. The agency serves artists, labels, and brands that support them in going viral, building a loyal fanbase, and having their message heard all around the world.


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SEP 19, 2018
The Manhattan Awards is known as the most prestigious awards in the New York community. "We are honored to have been named as winners for the second year in a row," says Raffi Keuhnelian – CEO of MusicPromoToday.

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How Music Marketing Is Evolving from Viral to Virtual
Understanding digital is not only necessary for surviving and succeeding in the music industry...
Digital Music News
FEB 5, 2019
No Streams To Mainstream: MusicPromoToday Hypes SoundCloud...
No Streams To Mainstream: MusicPromoToday Hypes SoundCloud Rappers With Digital Marketing
OCT 2, 2018
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Spotlight: Chatting With Musicpromotoday: The Music Industry’s Go-to PR Agency
Every hitmaker needs the experience and expertise of a digital marketing guru behind him
FEB 5, 2019
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When It Comes To Music Marketing, Data Is Power
Companies aren’t just flocking to data because they see dollar signs — they see demographics, differentiating audiences and disruption. Take the aforementioned millennials...
JAN 20, 2017
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Musicpromotoday Ceo Tells Us How They're Helping Artists Reach That Next Level
Engagement is key for artists, they need to communicate with their fans and stay loyal to their audience. This is where Music Promo Today offers expert advice
NOV 24, 2015
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MusicPromoToday announces a partnership with Universal Music Group
MusicPromoToday announces a partnership with Universal Music Group and becomes an official vendor to digitally promote the record label’s signed artists.
PR underground
DEC 9, 2017
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MusicPromoTodayis a leading digital music marketing agency...
Having worked with top names which include Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, MusicPromoToday...
DEC 15, 2014
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Lessons Learned From Launching Three Startups in Three Years
When logging your progress, be sure differentiate between productive and unproductive distractions.
JUL 11, 2017
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MPT Agency was founded in 2010 and has since established itself as a global leader in digital music marketing and music PR.

Our agency serves artists, labels, and brands.
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