Posted on July 13, 2023

9 Ways To Maximize Your Reach With Spotify Playlists

By Yvonne Martin
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Spotify playlists hold the key to unlocking your music exposure to a world audience. With over 356 million monthly active users, this music streaming platform has become a virtual soundscape where artists and listeners converge.

Governing the algorithm is a series of good behavior creator rules that allow for your music to find itself in increasingly high-traffic playlists. These playlists are both algorithmically generated and user-generated and will accept a submission or integrate your track based on the below essentials.

In this article, we’ll explore nine powerful techniques that will help your track be featured on top Spotify playlists and grow its streams organically. From optimizing your profile to leveraging data-driven insights, we’ll guide you through a sonic journey that will empower you to captivate audiences and propel your music career to new heights.

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Understanding the Spotify Algorithm

Before we dive into the strategies, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of how the Spotify algorithm works. Spotify utilizes a complex algorithm that takes various factors into account to determine song recommendations and placements in its playlists.

While the exact inner workings of the algorithm are proprietary, there are some key elements that we can focus on to optimize our songs’ performance.

1. High-Quality Audio Production

The foundation of any successful song lies in its production quality. Ensure that your tracks are professionally mixed and mastered to deliver a polished listening experience. High-quality audio not only enhances the overall enjoyment for listeners but also signals to Spotify that your content is worth recommending.

2. Captivating Song Intro

In the attention economy, capturing the listener’s interest from the very beginning is crucial. Craft an engaging and captivating song introduction that immediately hooks the listener. Consider employing catchy melodies, unique sounds, or compelling lyrics to make a memorable impression within the first few seconds.

3. Compelling Song Title and Metadata

The song title and metadata provide vital information to both listeners and the Spotify algorithm. Optimize your song’s discoverability by using descriptive and keyword-rich titles. Ensure that the metadata, including the artist name, genre, and tags, accurately represent the song’s essence. This allows Spotify’s algorithm to categorize and recommend your song to users interested in similar styles.

4. Utilize Spotify for Artists

Take advantage of the valuable insights and tools offered by Spotify for Artists. Claim your profile and verify your account to gain access to features such as performance statistics, audience demographics, and playlist submission opportunities.

This information can help you understand your audience better and make informed decisions regarding your music promotion strategies. Using Spotify for artists you will be able to see where your song is featured, and where your audiences are coming from. Leveraging the data for your ads to these audiences will help you maximize your ad spend.

5. Grow Your Spotify Followers

Increasing your Spotify followers can have a significant impact on your song’s performance. Encourage your existing fans across various platforms to follow you on Spotify. The more traffic you send from outside platforms to Spotify, the better the algorithm treats your profile and begins to connect it with the music your audiences also listen to.

Promote your Spotify profile and songs on social media, your website, and during live performances. Engage with your listeners by sharing exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage, and personalized playlists to foster a loyal and dedicated fan base.

The more content you share in parallel to your release, that ultimately redirects the audience to Spotify, the higher your probability of generating traffic and growing an organic fanbase. Keep in mind that a person who follows your page on Spotify will be notified whenever a new song is released which will greatly improve your overall “rank” in the Spotify ecosystem.

Check out our blog on the best engagement content for your social media

6. Collaborate and Seek Spotify Playlist Placements

Collaborating with other artists and seeking playlist placements can amplify your song’s reach and exposure. Look for opportunities to collaborate with musicians in complementary genres or with a larger following. Cross-promote each other’s songs and leverage your collective fan bases.

Additionally, research relevant playlists within your genre and submit your songs for consideration. Getting placed in playlists on Spotify is crucial for independent artists as it provides them with invaluable exposure and a chance to reach a wider audience. Playlists serve as gateways for music discovery, allowing listeners to explore new sounds and genres.

There are various types of Spotify playlists that can make a significant impact on an artist’s career. Editorial playlists curated by Spotify’s in-house team can introduce an artist to millions of potential listeners. Additionally, algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar personalize recommendations based on a user’s listening habits. User-generated playlists, created by individuals or influencers, can also generate substantial traction.

Each type of playlist offers unique opportunities for independent artists to gain visibility, connect with fans, and potentially propel their music careers to new heights.

Editorial Spotify Playlists:

These playlists are curated by Spotify’s in-house team of music experts. They have a wide reach and can expose an artist to millions of listeners. Getting featured on an editorial playlist can provide significant visibility and credibility.

Algorithmic Spotify Playlists:

Spotify’s algorithm generates these playlists based on individual user preferences and listening habits. Discover Weekly creates a personalized playlist of recommended tracks, while Release Radar suggests new releases from artists a user follows. These playlists help artists reach listeners who may be interested in their specific genre or style.

User-Generated Spotify Playlists:

Created by Spotify users, influencers, or tastemakers, these playlists allow individuals to curate and share their favorite songs. Artists can connect with playlist curators and potentially get their tracks included, which can lead to exposure to a dedicated fan base or niche audience.

To submit to an editorial playlist your song needs to be distributed but not released. You can access the submission terminal using your Spotify for Artists page.

Genre-Specific Spotify Playlists:

These playlists focus on specific genres or sub-genres, allowing artists to target listeners who are fans of their particular style. They can be curated by Spotify or created by users who have deep knowledge and passion for a specific genre.

Mood and Activity Spotify Playlists:

These playlists are curated based on moods, activities, or themes. Examples include “Relaxing Sunday Morning” or “Workout Motivation.” Artists can find opportunities to showcase their music in playlists that align with the mood or atmosphere they evoke.

Collaborative Spotify Playlists:

These playlists allow multiple users to contribute and curate songs together. Artists can engage with their fans by creating collaborative playlists, encouraging fans to add their favorite tracks or discover new music.

Official Artist Playlists: Spotify allows artists to create and curate their own playlists, giving them a platform to share their influences, inspirations, and personal favorites. It provides an opportunity to engage with fans and showcase a broader range of musical tastes.

Take a look at our guidebook on the Spotify ecosystem

7. Engage with Your Audience

Building a strong connection with your audience is essential for long-term success. As simple as it might seem, respond to comments, messages, and social media interactions promptly and authentically. Instagram has drastically changed in the last 6 months, and now requires far greater daily interactions on your page in order to attain the same kind of reach.

Encourage your fans to share and add your songs to their own playlists, having that community angle is a very important multiplier to your exposure strategy. By fostering an engaged community, you increase the likelihood of your songs being shared and recommended by listeners.

8. Leverage Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms offer powerful advertising capabilities that can help you reach a broader audience and boost your song’s performance on the Spotify algorithm. Consider running targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your music to specific demographics or fans of similar artists.

Interests Categories on Social Media

Selecting the right interests on social media advertising portals is crucial for matching your Spotify audiences and maximizing your playlist reach. To begin, analyze the demographics and psychographics of your current listeners, considering factors like age, gender, location, musical preferences, and lifestyle characteristics. Use Spotify data to gain insights into their genre preferences, artists they follow, and locations where your music is popular.

When using social media advertising portals, such as Facebook Ads Manager or Twitter Ads, focus on interests closely aligned with your audience’s musical preferences and broader interests. For example, if your music falls into the alternative rock genre, target interests related to alternative music, indie culture, music festivals, and specific bands or musicians in that realm.

Experimenting with Keywords

Experiment with different combinations and variations of keywords and phrases that reflect your music’s essence and appeal to your desired audience. Take advantage of advanced targeting options like lookalike audiences and custom segments. Continuously monitor campaign performance, analyze data and insights, and make adjustments as needed.

Refine your targeting strategy based on feedback and engagement. Test different interest combinations, expand or narrow your reach, and adapt your approach accordingly. Aligning your interests with your target audience will increase the visibility of your Spotify playlists and foster a genuine connection with listeners.

Social media advertising is key, take a look at our guide to optimize your campaign.

9. Create Engaging Visual Content

Incorporating visually appealing content can further enhance your song’s appeal and increase its chances of ranking higher on the Spotify algorithm. Invest in creating eye-catching album artwork, Banners, bio pics, and lyrics.

These visual elements not only make your songs more shareable but also provide additional opportunities for exposure on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, ultimately driving more listeners to discover your music on Spotify.

Keep in mind that if there are any articles that you are pitching for, having an embed with an attractive image will definitely increase the click-ability of the banner.

Make sure to check out MusicPromoToday and the MPT Agency Blog for more valuable insights and tips.

By implementing these comprehensive strategies to boost your song’s performance on the Spotify algorithm, you can significantly increase your chances of outranking other tracks that have appeared around the same time.

With dedication, persistence, and a commitment to excellence, you can position your songs for success and achieve your goals as a music artist.

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    Posted on March 22, 2023

    Universal Music Group & Deezer Team Up For New Artist-Focused Streaming Model

    By Yvonne Martin
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    Following the deal with Tidal, the world’s leading music-based entertainment company, Universal Music Group, partners up with one of the largest global music streaming platforms, Deezer, for another artist-centric strategy. The two are taking an initiative to “investigate potential economic models for music streaming that more fully recognize the value artists create.”

    In an announcement, UMG and Deezer confirmed that they “aim to develop new methods that holistically reward recording artists and songwriters for the value they create and to reimagine and update the engagement model for Deezer’s users and the artists they love.” Both companies are recognized for their efforts to explore alternative ways to compensate artists fairly.

    In 2019, the French streaming platform launched a campaign to promote a user-centric payment system (UCPS). UMG, on the other hand, recently sent a memo to its staff hinting at a plan that adopts a more artist-focused approach in its payment models. Sir Lucian Grainge, Universal Music Group’s Chairman and CEO, clearly explained that they intend to transform the way artists and rightsholders are paid by streaming services.

    Grainge had previously noted: “Streaming has evolved in a way that undervalues the critical contributions of many an artist as well as the engagement of many fans.” He noted that this system sadly disregards the “basic unarguable truth that is: The artists are the center of everything in the music ecosystem,” adding, “Fans recognize the enormous value offered by music subscriptions, still a relatively low cost, a high-value form of entertainment, which in turn has supported decisions made by a number of our DSP partners to raise prices recently.” 

    Hoping that fans would be offered more ways to engage, Michael Nash, UMG’s EVP and Chief Digital Officer, also suggested that streaming platforms can do “a better job of monetizing these high integrity, high intense artist-fan relationships. That will come with superfan monetization. We’ve been speaking with platforms…about the enhancement of offers to the consumer that reflect the engagement with artists that are really driving the economic models of the platform.”

    UMG’s new agreement with Deezer promises to “better align the interests of artists, fans and streaming services and explore ways in which artists at every point in their careers and from every genre and geography can more fully benefit commercially from streaming. With a foundation in deep data analysis, the partnership will look at the benefits and evaluate the viability of different economic models aimed at driving subscriber growth, forging stronger bonds with music fans on the platform, and developing commercial opportunities that benefit artists and the broader music community.”

    Speaking of the partnership, Nash said: “Deezer has long advocated for a re-evaluation of subscription’s economic model. We’re thrilled Jeronimo and his team are partnering with us to explore how we can evolve streaming for the benefit of the entire ecosystem of artists, labels, platforms, and fans. Such collaboration is critical to the success of the Artist-Centric initiative. While there won’t be one uniform quick fix—subscriber acquisition and retention dynamics and metrics vary by platform—our partnership with Deezer will help accelerate this entire enterprise.”

    Deezer’s CEO, Jeronimo Folgueira, added: “As a key player in the music industry, we work with all labels to find ways to make the ecosystem fairer and help artists monetize their music better. The current system has clear issues that need to be addressed, such as increasing amounts of non-music tracks uploaded on platforms, poor quality covers with misspelled artists’ names and songs to ‘steal’ streams, and people trying to trick the system with the length of tracks.”

    He continued: “This hurts true artists, makes it harder for new ones to emerge, and also damages the fan experience. We believe in quality and fairness at Deezer and with this initiative, together with UMG, we will look into how we can improve the model to everyone’s benefit. Music is extremely undervalued today and as part of the artist-centric discussion we are keen to find additional ways of increasing monetization, to the benefit of real artists, the labels, and platforms like Deezer.”

    Over the past couple of years, Deezer has actively participated in developing new ways of connecting artists with fans. The streaming service admits to being “devoted to highlighting the value of music, artistic creation, and fan engagement,” while providing services and features that include, super fan rewards, in-app live streaming, VOD concerts, lyric translations, music quiz functionality, and more.
    With this latest initiative, UMG and Deezer will be able to offer users alternative monetization options and develop new experiential features. Head to MPT Agency Blog to find out more about recent industry developments. Follow MusicPromoToday for more information.

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      Posted on November 2, 2022

      Social Media Is The New Search Engine

      By Barbara Drews
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      Social media is used for everything by young people. What does that mean for search engines? Does this conclude that social media is the new search engine?

      Well, there are social media networks for every interest and purpose, therefore it might occasionally be quicker and easier to just conduct a search within the social network itself.

      It is also becoming more and more common among consumers thanks to the introduction of mobile applications, some of which are quicker than a phone’s internet function.

      When conducting searches, a lot of users enter their queries into social media networks rather than Google or Yahoo. 

      Do You Recognize Some Of The Following Situations Where Social Media Is The New Search Engine?

      • You use Twitter to search for a TV show or news program.
      • Flower decor inspo? You go to Pinterest.
      • Even Facebook’s main page now features a “trending on Facebook” area where you can browse headlines and look for Facebook posts related to particular themes.
      • You use Yelp to find the best restaurants and repair companies in your area.

      The Fastest Growing Platforms Are Ruling Over Google

      Social Media Is The New Search Engine

      A search engine powerhouse made some worrying discoveries in recent research. TikTok or Instagram is used for searches by 40% of young people. Will Google change its strategy or go extinct like Yahoo?

      Senior Vice President Prabhkakar Raghwan, who oversees Google’s Knowledge and Information Organization, spoke at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference about cutting-edge technology and the company’s future. Raghwan also discussed how young people are abandoning Google. Raghwan mentioned –

      We keep learning, over and over again, that new internet users don’t have the expectations and the mindset that we have become accustomed to.

      Evidently, they no longer enter “keywords.” Gen Z is addicted to immersive media. According to Raghwan, more than 40% of young people don’t use Google Maps or Search to find new restaurants. Instead, they perform that on Insta or TikTok.

      TikTok continues to rule other social networks as the fastest-growing social media app, especially with Gen Z consumers, and this latest discovery further strengthens that position.

      Dear millennials who only use Google, feel ancient yet?

      From Social Search To Social Search Engine Optimization

      Social media has the ability to significantly increase brand engagement, and because of this, it is essential for companies to succeed on social media to optimize their search engine results.

      How Can You Improve Your Social Media Posts?

      1. Content: Be careful to complete your profiles as thoroughly as possible for websites without hashtags, including LinkedIn and Yelp. 
      2. Hashtags: Make sure to add pertinent hashtags in your postings on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram so that consumers can discover them.

      By doing the above, you can ensure that you will show up in searches for your goods or services.

      What Does The Future Hold For Google?

      Google acknowledges that the number is startling. TikTok and Insta Reels were already eroding YouTube’s market share; now Google’s pervasive search is also under threat! 

      What about Maps’ ten years’ worth of restaurant and bar curation? 

      In contrast to millennials and those who were born shortly before the advent of smartphones, Google may develop a more visually immersive method of capturing the attention of the next generation of internet users. 

      Google is already indexing Popular Instagram and TikTok videos so they may appear in its news feed. However, consumers might not want to quickly switch from a native app to a browser and do a search…

      Final Thoughts On… Social Media Is The New Search Engine.

      In order to get more Gen Z people to utilize their search engine, how will Google respond to these statistics? It is generally accepted that the solution is a feature that provides a more immersive and visual results page for Google Search and Google Maps.

      Whatever the response, it must be strong in order to succeed in attracting Generation Z.

      To keep up with the most recent trends and breakthroughs in the music industry, connect with MusicPromoToday if you are an aspiring musician who wants to advance your musical career. 

      Visit the MPT Agency Blog to learn more about the secrets and how you can advance in your musical career as an investment in your professional development.

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        Posted on June 1, 2022

        Why Getting On RapCaviar Matters in 2022

        By Shawn Spence
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        Streaming music services have revolutionized the way people listen to music. Listeners now spend over half of their time on Spotify listening to playlists created by themselves or curated by Spotify’s editors. As a result, every artist aspires to be featured on popular playlists such as Rap Caviar. 

        Spotify’s RapCaviar is the current gold standard in playlists. It has over 10.5 million followers and combines Spotify’s basic audio playing with a selection of hand-picked visuals. With RapCaviar, Spotify has created an economic moat. The size of the playlist is a benefit that indicates power since it leads to more features, larger artists highlighted, and more data. 

        Why Is It Essential For An Artist To Get On RapCaviar? 

        #1 Peak Playlists

        RapCaviar is the pinnacle of what a playlist can be, having grown from a small curated list to a huge internet presence.

        #2 Massive Exposure

        By hopping on the RapCaviar playlist, you’ll gain hundreds of thousands of new listeners, and hopefully, potential fans.

        #3 Streaming Payments

        Streaming payments can be small for each stream, but when you begin to add those zeros, things can change real fast.

        How To Get Recognized? 

        If you want to get recognized, make sure you capture Spotify’s marketing team’s attention. Shoutouts to Spotify on the regular. Make it interesting by tweeting them. Tag them in your stories, and make sure your tweets and comments are original and varied. Spotify is a big fan of creativity and originality.

        Want To Know A Secret Weapon?

        While getting on RapCaviar is difficult nowadays unless you’re a mainstream hip hop or rap artist, there’s something you can do to enhance your chances. 

        Get on user-created playlists!

        It may be simple, but it can lead to genuine fans listening to your music. You should start small and work your way up. 

        Putting It All Together

        There is no such thing as an instant hit on the Billboard charts.  Strive for greatness, dream big, and intelligently invest your time and effort. If you keep this approach for the long haul, you’ll have a bright future.

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          Posted on January 20, 2020

          The 5 Most Important Steps For An Outstanding Spotify Profile

          By Yvonne Martin
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          First launched on October 7, 2008, Spotify got its way to be the most popular streaming platform on the market. Undoubtedly, it has improved the way people enjoy music, and how artists promote their music. 

          The competition on Spotify is no joke, and musicians need to put a lot of effort to find their way to the top. Listeners are getting more demanding, and the industry is getting more saturated every year. 

          According to Spotify Over 20,000 songs are added everyday on the platform, so you need to find a way to shine like a diamond among them, and have yourself featured on top playlists. To do it, you need to sparkle some magic on your profile, and MusicPromoToday is here to explain how to do it. 

          Many beginning musicians struggle to find the best practice to create an outstanding profile that will make a professional first impression, and will make users listen to your music. Check out the 5 important steps to create an outstanding Spotify profile. 

          how to make outstanding spotify profile for music artists.

          1- Artworks

          52% of users are listening to songs on Spotify from their smartphones, and if you ever opened  the app on your phone you know that artworks are the most exposed visuals out there. That is why you need to put extra efforts in uploading eye catching covers and canvas for your singles! 

          Recently Spotify introduced feature of adding gifs and short videos to singles. They have the same resolution as Instagram Stories, and can be personalized by you! Learn here how to take the most from your Spotify canvas.

          Make sure you also add a relevant banner to your Artist profile, that will look good both on phones and computers.

          2- Bio

          You should know that 25% of Spotify users are millennials, who needs to know everything about everything! That is why you better include a detailed bio in your profile – tell your story, explain who you are and what inspires you. Don’t forget to add all your social media channels, and your best pictures!

          FREE GUIDE:

          Get 5 Secrets To Boost Your Spotify Streams


            In case it did not arrive in 5-10 minutes, please check the spam folder.

            3- Playlists

            Being featured on official Spotify playlists is the best way to reach new listeners and build a solid fanbase. An average user devotes time to 40 artists weekly, so there is plenty of room for you to find your niche. 

            You can get featured by submitting your songs on platforms like SubmitHub, reach out to magazines and influencers, and Spotify curators. If you don’t know where to find their contact, check out the free ebook “5 Secrets To Reach Over 25k Streams On Spotify” and get access to our contacts database

            4- Concerts

            Spotify operates in exactly 79 countries, and As recorded by June 2019, the number of monthly active users is around 232M which is a huge market of potential listeners. To reach out to them, you can use Concerts features!

            To promote your concerts to fans on Spotify, you just need to add your show on one of Spotify’s ticketing partner sites: Ticketmaster, Songkick, Eventbrite, AXS, or eplus (in Japan only). It will then automatically display in Spotify, in the Concerts section of Browse and artist profiles. 

            Users can discover your gigs based on their location and music they like. If they have listened to your songs, or similar artists, your concert will be recommended to them.  

            5- The Blue Badge!

            Getting verified on Spotify is essential for artists since credibility on the digital streaming platforms is important in today’s streaming economy. Spotify’s Blue Badge unlocks additional features, profile control, and access to analytics. 

            Requesting Artist verification on Spotify has been recently simplified to a minimum! The only thing that needs to be done is to become a part of Spotify for Artists, and from there only claim your blue badge!

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              Posted on December 9, 2019

              MusicPromoToday’s 10 Tips To Properly Run a Spotify Account

              By Yvonne Martin
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              MusicPromoToday listed the 10 crucial advice to help artists who are struggling with their Spotify, and those who feel a bit confused about how to use it in the most efficient way possible. Those keypoints are easy to implement and can turn out to be extremely efficient:

              • Don’t sit and wait for Spotify to discover your music. Instead of waiting a long time for Spotify to take your music into account, knowing that they might have their own agenda, and that your music might not fit in with their plans of the moment. So take control to create your opportunities and build your own community. It’s your duty as an artist to ensure people are finding and streaming your music. You can, and you should steadily build your monthly listeners’ streams in order to catch the attention of Spotify and its powerful playlists.
              • An easy step is to create a Spotify profile that shines bright. Make your page look amazing by using all the features offered by Spotify: add the best photos you have in the gallery section, don’t forget to link your socials, a fresh biography, cover, and your most eye-catching artist profile picture.
              • Another useful tool is to use your “Artist Pick.” You can easily feature a playlist, a live show, or an album. It’s preferable not to feature singles, as the goal is to give listeners an opportunity to hear more of your music. Don’t forget, all features will disappear after 14 days, so you can experiment with what works, replace the features every 14 days while monitoring the number of followers you gained in those 14 days.
              • You can create a “Full Discography Playlist” of all your music, and add all the tracks you have been featured or participated in. This way, users will have the opportunity to have all your music in one playlist.

              FREE GUIDE:

              Get 5 Secrets To Boost Your Spotify Streams


                In case it did not arrive in 5-10 minutes, please check the spam folder.

                • Create a playlist that features artists creating similar music that you like, and include your tracks within the track-list. Preferably, choose bigger artists (in popularity) in order to maximize your exposure. This way Spotify’s algorithm will slowly but surely make the link between your music and the other artists’ music you have featured on your playlist.
                • Another important key point is to make your Spotify links accessible from your social profiles. Your goal is to sell your music, so the easier it is for potential listeners to access your Spotify (and other online platforms where your music is sold), the more you will have an impact on your music’s sales. Always put yourself in the shoes of your potential listeners or fans, and try to make your social media pages and profiles user-friendly with clear links to directly and instantly access your Spotify.
                • Try to promote a small amount of playlist, ideally one or two. Promoting too many playlists can lead you to have your followers too much spread out. A playlist with an important following is more powerful than a few with little following. Remember, it’s all about trying to create a snowball effect, so always aim for a playlist with the highest number of followers possible.
                • This one might be the most useful advice we have for you today. Be patient. Do not sleep at one time actions and never lose hope. Never stop promoting your main playlists over a long period of time, the viral effect can take place in weeks, months, or even a year. Lots of artists think that posting about a playlist once or twice will be enough to see a significant improvement. However, it is often over long term strategies for your project that major results start taking place. Always keep in mind that the work you are putting in today will bring its results over the long run/course of your career.
                • The last tip is to create your own hype by creating a genre specific playlist that also caters to your potential fans. You can use your artist’s page to promote a major label playlist or artist track. They will be grateful too — make sure to have an important streaming flow on your own playlist when you do this so you can highly impress them with your reach.

                Wrap up 🔑

                Running a Spotify account like a pro can be difficult, but as long as artists stay consistent and use all the amazing tools the platform provides, it can really help anyone. Just follow the hints above and step up your Spotify game!

                If you are looking for more tips on how to organically grow your Spotify account, check out the free ebook created by MusicPromoToday’s marketing pros entitled “5 Secret To Reach 25k Streams.

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                  Posted on November 21, 2019

                  Snapchat & Spotify Integration — Music Marketing Opportunities For Artists

                  By Shawn Spence
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                  MusicPromoToday’s team is constantly on the look for new + unique ways to promote artists + music — to help YOU make more buzz with your MUSIC!

                  Spotify and Snapchat recently launched a feature that can boost one’s career and step musicians reach all around the world.

                  Spotify, with 217 million monthly active users worldwide, and Snapchat with 190 million daily (!) active users are undoubtedly the most popular apps in the Apple Store. After Instagram launched a Spotify share for stories in 2018, Snapchat’s integration to Spotify was the next logical move.

                  Spotify And Snapchat Feature

                  The new Snapchat and Spotify integration allows you to easily share what you are listening to a particular song, full albums, and playlists. Once you share them in Snapchat Stories, you can still spice it up with stickers and a text.

                  When your Story is live, your audience can simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and start playing the tracks on Spotify! Of course, as long as the app is installed on their phones.

                  Our team at MusicPromoToday believes that this feature is another great opportunity for music digital marketing. Musicians gained another simple (and free) way to promote their music and reach a new audience, and as an outcome, boost the Spotify streams.

                  How artists can use Spotify and Snapchat’s new feature to promote their music?

                  The MusicPromoToday team has a few ideas on how the new feature can be used in music marketing and in promoting new releases.

                  Firstly, share your music in Snapchat Stories.

                  As simple as it sounds, as effective it is. To reach a bigger audience, promote your Snapchat profile on other social media platforms, eg. ask your Instagram and Facebook followers to add you on Snapchat.

                  Secondly, create a Snapchat group for your fans, and share your music or podcasts with them.

                  Spice your stories up with lyrics explanations, or by describing what inspires you. Name the group in a funny and catchy way, and mention your fans in your stories as much as possible. It’s essential to create an intimate and personal connection.

                  FREE GUIDE:

                  Get 5 Secrets To Boost Your Spotify Streams


                    In case it did not arrive in 5-10 minutes, please check the spam folder.

                    Thirdly, create playlists on Spotify, and snap them!

                    Reach out to other artists from your niche, let them know they are featured of your playlist and ask them to post it in their stories.

                    Last but not least, reach out to Snapchat influencers and ask them to share your single or album on their stories.

                    Influencers marketing is a huge opportunity to gain new listeners and make more buzz around your music! Create a list of effective and impactful influencers, and contact them with your inquiry.

                    If you are looking for more tips on how to boost your Spotify streams, make sure to download the ebook we are releasing this November!

                    We recently published a press released on how to use TikTok, read more on TikTok Music Marketing here.

                    Our founders, Anthony Katz and Raffi Keuhnelian recently spoke to Digital Music News about viral music marketing and recent music marketing trends.

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