Posted on November 14, 2022

What Are The Social Media Predictions For 2023?

By John Reynolds
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Predicting what could happen next is challenging, but we will try with our 2023 forecasts for each of the big social media platforms. Without a doubt, TikTok and Meta both maintained their slow declines. On the other hand, Twitter is now going through a management change that can result in anything. So what can we anticipate for the social media predictions of 2023?

With everything going on, predicting what could happen next is challenging. But, we will try with our 2023 forecasts for each of the big social applications.

Although no one can predict the future with certainty, we are more tuned in than others to the most recent improvements. And while you will not find any brain-reading predictions of the far future in this article, you will find some realistic and likely prospective developments that might affect you over the course of the following year.

So let us get started!


Big Blue, Zuckerberg’s first social app, was once everyone’s favorite social media platform. Facebook has had a difficult year. From losing popularity with young users to losing advertising revenue to Apple’s ATT upgrade. Not to mention going through an identity crisis in the wake of TikTok’s change.

Facebook has been the most affected platform as TikTok’s short-form, the algorithm-led approach has shifted consumer patterns across the board. Nonetheless, Zuck and Co. claim that they have a strategy to turn things around.

Social Media Predictions For Facebook

More Content Suggested By AI

TikTok is the source of the AI-governed pattern. In other words, it prioritizes giving you the greatest user-generated content.

Zuckerberg clarified this point in a recent interview with The Verge, stating:

“What’s basically going to happen is that, over the next year or two, we’ll start showing more recommended content in the Feed. And we’ll know that we’re doing a good job because the content, in the beginning, is going to displace some other content, and either displacing that content is going to lead to negative feedback from people, and lead to people connecting with each other less in all the metrics that we focus on, or it will actually lead to people connecting more and being more satisfied with the product.”

Avatar Integration

By incorporating its digital avatars into additional locations inside the app, Meta hopes to increase interest in the metaverse. This way, avatars will be crucial components of engagement.


Instagram is anxious to stay ahead of TikTok and is mimicking it at every opportunity. This strategy appears to have been successful so far since the app announced that it has 2 billion monthly active users.

What is expected to happen next on Instagram is as follows…

Social Media Predictions For Instagram

Instagram serves as a vital link between the physical world and the metaverse. Hence, the company is eager to develop stronger systems for artists.

In light of this, anticipate the addition of the following content production methods on Instagram in 2023:

  • Augmented reality (AR) posts
  • 3D content 
  • NFT art
  • Interactive ads


Twitter is the most difficult scenario to foresee since, under incoming Chief Elon Musk, who knows what will happen next? Nothing from Twitter’s past truly establishes any patterns, therefore anything is conceivable.

These predictions might thus be totally incorrect, but based on what Musk has so far demonstrated…

Social Media Predictions For Instagram

Musk has consistently stated that he wants to increase Twitter’s revenue through subscriptions while also adding a layer to get rid of bots. This, unfortunately, is a crucial component of his strategy.

  • Many businesses would probably pay for this service if Musk’s new team took tips from these tools.
  • The tools will be incorporated into an upgraded Twitter Analytics offering.
  • The tools will be offered as a service along with access to its current range of Professional Profile display settings.


Throughout the year, LinkedIn continues to report “record levels” of interaction. Now, they appear to include an increasing number of non-professional postings and updates.

Social Media Predictions For LinkedIn

In any case, LinkedIn is eager to continue expanding, so in 2023 you can anticipate the site offering additional information to assist job seekers.

In 2023, expect LinkedIn to continue with additional guidelines on how to land your dream career and links to LinkedIn Learning where you may acquire the precise skills you need to increase your chances of landing listed opportunities.


The most popular app right now is also, perhaps, the most controversial one. This is not so much because of the material it amplifies as it is because of its assumed or actual ties to the Chinese Government, which keeps the app under intense political inspection.

Social Media Predictions For LinkedIn

This might recur in 2023, forcing TikTok to more clearly isolate its data, which could result in a number of issues for the app. Could it really be prohibited in the United States and other countries? That continues to appear like a very likely scenario…

Last Words Of Advice From Your Friends At MusicPromoToday

There is a lot happening as usual, and the Elon Musk/Twitter situation really shakes things up and adds a new dimension of unpredictability to the area.

Although the metaverse and VR interfaces can represent the future, they are more likely to appear within the next year, with the most significant changes still brewing as technology develops.

Based on our study, the social media specialists at MPT Agency create a customized proposal that includes a social media page audit, a competitive analysis, and the scope of work. This will provide you with a fresh perspective on your current social media presence and a breakdown of the team’s assistance. 

Check out our blog frequently and follow us on Instagram for more updates on music marketing to learn about more services that help advance your musical career.

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    Posted on October 5, 2022

    How to Build An Engaged Community In The Music Industry

    By Barbara Drews
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    Community in the music industry is a multi-dimensional strategy. Community development in the music industry is like the politics of music jobs. It requires the artist to become a wholesome, approachable, sociable character and most importantly inspires confidence in their music.  

    To build a well-balanced and coherent music community, you need a variety of different qualities that will ultimately attract other members of the music industry. Like the producer, who might offer you a new recording community, booking agents who will get you your gigs, and labels, who albeit taking a chunk out of song royalties will be able to give you a very wide platform to optimize your reach. 

    The DIY marketing checklist for building a community in the music industry

    1. Your vision and mission should be accessible and clear

    Being Insta-famous does not come overnight, nor does it take a bot army. In fact, the most simple thing to start with is identifying your goals as an artist, and your medium to long-term objectives as a brand. Do you want to get into fashion eventually? Do you want to be the founder of your own NGO?  Getting a music industry job for the love of music is half the battle, it needs to be coupled with an overarching theme or cause that the music/brand fights for. This vision is the cornerstone of your entire community.

    2. Target a specific market, don’t just post content randomly

    The music industry is a deep jungle of trends, tracks, and templates. To jump in and hope for the best will only result in wasted time and energy that could have taken you down the right path. Identify and target your market so your content gets to the people who will actually enjoy it and connect to it. Start with analyzing your music as if you were a producer cataloging music, and find which sides will resonate with your fans, and which potential fans it can resonate with.

    3. Inspire yourself from the competition

    Without understanding your competition you will be swept away by the business of music. Social media gives you a complete map of someone’s career, as well as their fans, their sponsors, and the methods they used to propagate the message. Emulate the ones that matter, disregard the ones that look fake, and omit completely the ones that don’t resonate with your image or sound. All other ideas after this study, are guaranteed to be unique, authentic, and originally yours! 

    4. The music industry requires a marathon, not a sprint

    Give yourself measurable and realistic objectives, a week per week month per month, quarter to quarter. You will not be able to do everything at once, realistic goal setting means it is something you can complete yourself or with your team, and that takes into account the scaling of your community. The first 1000 will be harder than the next. Always monitor and manage your progress and adjust it when things are not working out. Give each attempt a logical time to grow but don’t wait too long for the weeds to grow. 

    5. Always work on your brand

    Your brand is a totality of all the sides of your music your social media banners need to be consistent to keep the community on a straight track toward your vision. Your first impressions do matter, but if your mission is clear, and the community is on board then work on what matters, and pluck out the sides that are limiting your growth. This doesn’t mean changing your colors every week, it means letting your first choice be a powerful win and working on it until it begins to dwindle. 

    6. Post great content for the community IN the music

    Content is the name of the game when it comes to community communication. Your content is a space that allows them to talk about what you’re doing. Make each one unique, make it relevant, make it engaging, and ask from them what you expect from anyone listening to your music, attention! High-quality graphics and video or nothing.  Study the posting schedule and algorithm so you don’t miss an opportunity or prepare something for nothing. 

    Community In The Music

    7. Overselling is just as bad as underperforming

    Your fans are not cattle. You are not there to feed them a fantasy for them to buy your album. You’re there to create an emotional bond using your art. Anything less and you’re just not an artist. A healthy amount of giving and taking be it via fan 2 fan engagement or giveaways creates a relationship founded on trust. 

    8. Create a keyword and hashtag strategy

    This might seem confusing for many musicians, but there are lots of free tools that help you define your community via hashtags on social media and keywords in your articles. After all, beyond the live show, you are working on different kinds of platforms that each have their own rules and algorithms. A proper excel sheet with hashtags you want to focus on will go a long way in organizing your strategic output on your channels, as well as save you time when posting content.

    9. You catch more bees with honey

    Enthusiasm and community building go hand in hand. Unless there is an announcement from gloomy, controversial news, the enthusiasm you bring to the table is going to be how your community is glued together.  If you’re anti-social and drenched in pessimism, your message is going to get lost and your community will not be able to hold the vision together. So stay positive, stay engaged, and stay humble.

    10. Build a killer team, volunteer or not, community in music is key

    Nothing can be done alone. Even if you are the most prolific artist out there, your time is best spent in the studio, and finding the group of people, volunteer or not, that will help you on your journey is a necessity. You can hire professionals, but often a little bit of collaboration can go a long way. 

    11. Save when possible, spend money on professionals

    Every dollar you can invest into a legitimate professional service for promo and marketing will give you 10x the amount of reach than doing it yourself. It is better to save your money and deploy 1 powerful campaign than to spend aimless amounts on momentary advertising. 

    With MPT Agency you can build a meaningful funnel and continually release products for your community in the music industry

    At MPT Agency, we understand that having multiple avenues to release your music is important for your overall volume of possible interactions. Spotify may provide the same type of streaming as others, but your fans can listen to your music anywhere, so you need to be ready. Our team of techies, DJs, and creative ninjas have 15 years in the industry Your community will be driven from one to the other so they can interact with different sides of your project.

    Our blog about creating enhanced music videos for your community outreach has key information about content creation. Never neglect this element and follow the best way to do it. We regularly post novel content for both established and independent artists on our social media. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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      Posted on October 3, 2022

      Instagram Live, The Best Ally For The Music Industry Professional

      By Shawn Spence
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      Do you remember the “quarantine concerts”? Great! In this article, we will discuss them; well in a more professional way that takes into account their digital counterbalance, Instagram Live, — Instagram Lives.

      What Is Instagram Live?

      The social media juggernaut cornered the live-streaming market with Instagram Live. Instagram Live lets you produce live broadcasts, just like live videos on Periscope, Facebook, and Youtube. You can use Instagram Live to connect with audiences in a variety of ways and get new followers in addition to using it to create broadcasts. 

      Why Should Instagram Live Be Part of Your Strategy?

      One of the finest ways to interact with your fans in a direct, open, and genuine way on Instagram is to go live.

      Instagram Live is an entirely unedited broadcast that your followers may watch and interact with, in contrast to pre-recorded Instagram Stories. This can be a terrific method to show your audience the more approachable side of your brand.

      That’s not all, either. One of Instagram’s most participatory video platforms, Instagram Live enables viewers to post comments and inquiries in real-time. This may be a very useful tool for strengthening the bond between your brand and potential followers, enabling you to get insightful feedback directly from the people who matter the most!

      Hosting an Instagram Live can also increase your chance to get recognized on the platform. For instance, your followers will receive an in-app notice each time you go live on Instagram, and your Live will be promoted to the top of their feed on Instagram Stories.

      With all of this in mind, Instagram Live is a fantastic tool for growing your audience, promoting your brand, and engaging with potential followers.

      Instagram Live, The Best Ally For The Music Industry Professional

      How to Host a Great Instagram Live

      It’s simple to blindly push “live” on Instagram and perform a few tracks from your bedroom while wearing your jammies; nevertheless, you might not receive the desired results from that.

      Promote Your Instagram Live, Beforehand

      To ensure those crucial views, regularly and effectively advertising a forthcoming Instagram Live may make all the difference.  Reminders and countdowns may indeed be shared on Instagram Stories and feed by scheduling a Live.

      Inform your audience of what to anticipate during the live broadcast and ask them to post any questions they may have in the comments. Your followers may feel more invested as a result, which will increase their likelihood of tuning in.

      Reward Viewers

      How can you get your fans to watch every Livestream? Reward them! Give them early notice of a promo code or let them know when a new product will be released. They can get helpful advice from you that they would normally have to pay for if you provide a service or online course.

      Livestream When Your Audience Is Most Engaged

      One of the simplest strategies to improve your Instagram Lives is to go live during a time when your followers are most engaged.  However, how can you foresee when your audience will be online? Check your Instagram Insights. You can get a breakdown of your followers’ online activity by day of the week and time of day under the Audience tab.

      Look Into Your Location And Lighting

      The location and lighting you choose for your Instagram Live may significantly affect how polished your broadcast seems. Think about how your Instagram Live’s backdrop may help promote your brand’s message. 

      Pro tip: Natural light is always the least expensive (and frequently the best) choice when it comes to lighting.

      Instagram Live, The Best Ally For The Music Industry Professional

      Plan Your Content Ahead

      It’s necessary to plan out your Instagram Live broadcast in detail, just like you would with any other video material. A comprehensive strategy will ensure that there are no awkward pauses and that you cover all the essential topics for your agenda.

      Considering your live stream as having a beginning, middle, and end is one of the best ways to plan it. It’s a good idea to think about the “worst-case scenario” outcomes as well.

      Record A Test Video

      It’s a wonderful idea to test your video and audio if this is your first time hosting a live video session. Look for a basic background with pretty looks that won’t detract viewers from your message. Find a place that is quiet to improve the sound quality and reduce the outside noise.

      Make a test video once you’ve identified a great location. Verify the video’s sound and lighting conditions. You should practice beforehand to avoid embarrassing yourself during the session. Lastly, don’t forget to charge your phone!

      Interact With Your Viewers

      If you requested questions via a direct message from viewers, be sure to respond to these inquiries! Even though it’s a small gesture, it means a lot to your supporters. It’s the least you can do considering how they help and promote you.

      Summarize Your Session Through A Post

      Not all of your devoted fans can access your Instagram Live. Perhaps they reside in a different time zone. Or perhaps they are just overloaded with work or school. So, let them know via a post or Instagram story if you’ve revealed significant developments during the live session, like a new single or concert. In this manner, people may stay in touch and follow your progress.

      Inform them to enable push notifications in the caption so they don’t miss the upcoming Instagram Live.

      Final Thoughts on Instagram Live

      No matter how much you plan, live conversations cannot be predicted. To display your true self to the audience is the goal. So, unwind and be who you are.

      You don’t always need to say anything motivational or great. Simply speak as though you are conversing with your friends. Keep in mind that how you engage with your audience will affect how your brand expands.
      Prominent artists from all over the world benefit from MPT Agency’s Instagram promotion since it enables them to concentrate on their content each day while we generate traffic to their accounts. To find out what other services can boost your musical career, make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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        Posted on September 28, 2022

        How To Create Super Fans with Social Media

        By Yvonne Martin
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        Have you ever wondered how to create your music tribe of super fans with a social media marketing campaign?

        For indie artists, fan engagement is the most important part of their workload. It is also the #1 selling point of all social media platforms and the most poorly utilized feature by its top users. Whether you’re from indie pop, rock, or just a proud member of the independent music scene, creating a loyal music tribe and therefore creating super fans is your ticket to a successful scaling strategy.

        Platforms themselves have made the social element so simple, that rather than directly engaging the person who is sharing your content, an automated re-post or a “thumbs up” is often sufficient to recognize a supporter’s momentary attention. Entire industries are built atop the efficacy of this strategy. If you have ever engaged with a marketing agency or digital PR they have probably offered services such as community management, direct marketing, content creation, and online reputation management, all of these are a piece of the puzzle that help you, the artist, build your music tribe. 

        You Must Create Super Fans, The First 100

        The first major step in the development of your tribe is your first 100 fans. The ones that will show up to your shows, the ones that will Snapchat when your first gig’s amp burns, or when you shred your first solo. These early adopters of your music are the ones you should nurture properly from the get-go so that as more arrive, they have a community to be welcomed into. Rather than just an exhibit for your work, your music tribe is the “life of the party” and your first line of sharing when your music is released on your channels. 

        Contact via Content

        A lot of socials like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook will have amazing and genuine content creators, but once the content is made and shared, the follow-through to maximize the artist’s reach is often overlooked. Your content is getting lost in a jumble of posts, and as some platforms will algorithmically adjust feeds based on viewership preferences, others will allow for the content to be lost entirely. 

        You should see the content as an extension of your voice, you’re saying it, you’re describing it, and you’re directing it. When people interact with it, every like or comment is an opportunity to engage with a person and make them a part of your tribe. 

        Have you considered using NFT to Create Super Fans?

        The math behind engagement

        Have you ever asked yourself how many people see your Facebook posts? As an indie musician, it doesn’t matter so much that you’re launching a pop or a rock song, your music is reaching your immediate circle and their 3rd degree of separation at its most. When we look at the social media market of 2022 we have these key statistics to know. 

        • The largest subgroup on Instagram is 18-34 years old, consisting of 62.2% of all users.
        • 59% of Instagram users log in daily.
        • 1 million Facebook fans bring in an average of 826 likes and 309 comments per post.
        • The average engagement rate per post on Instagram and Facebook is 0.98%.
        • 91% of active Instagram users watch videos weekly.
        • Tag products wherever you can and tag frequently.
        • Consider using branded content ads alongside your usual brand ads.
        • Using Instagram advertising is a good way to counteract the diminishing engagement rates.

        Fan 2 Fan engagement

        Fan 2 Fan engagement is rooted in the call to action that you develop on the front lines of your content. Encouraging certain types of interaction is key in making fans not only loyal but to take ownership of the overall wellness of the brand. 

         The tribe itself can push these types of engagement to optimize the reach of your content.

        1.  Encourage fan comment volume by taking advantage of every possible touch point.
        1. Use fan comment touch points to bolster brand recognition.
        1. Having enough variety of tone, language, and calls to action to flow naturally in user conversation.
        1. Incorporating social language (including emojis) that reinforces your brand voice.
        1. Celebrating fan success stories

        Music tribe must-haves to create super fans

        Things as simple as a “thanks for the like, was it the first time you heard my music” can make the difference between a passive one-time encouragement to a lasting voice for your content. As an ambassador of your own brand, it’s your job to spread the news to the masses on how they should utilize the strength of your brand image. 

        1. A clear mission describes the objective of your art. As well as the brand that is illustrating the ideas. And finally how it will reach its goals over time. The mission statement of every artist should be a clear sentence that shows how you’re going to take over your competitors.
        1. A vision – the brand is a living thing and has an ultimate destination. This vision is something your tribe will share with you, believe in, and help you achieve.
        1. Your brand should have a slogan – maximize a unique hashtag and make it something that can interact with other ideas online. If the slogan is not relevant to the indie music ecosystem around it then it is useless.
        1. Your branding colors – pick distinct and relevant colors to your attitude, style, and message. Colors can be used in an ironic way to be controversial but don’t lose sight of your brand’s mission and vision.

        Indie music and independent labels have a give-fans-all mentality that is very unique, and when marketing their product, they leverage this type of attitude to maximize every newcomer’s viewership potential. With a well-designed branding mix, this attitude can be leveraged to generate some of the most powerful viewers an artist can ask for.

        How To Create Super Fans with Social Media

        Fans vs Tribes

        A fan will share your posts, like your comments, and buy your music. A tribe will convince others that you, the artist, are the only one that matters. The difference between the two is in fact the zeal that goes into their fandom. 

        To build a tribe your content needs to be engaging emotionally and most importantly entice people towards action. It’s not about starting a revolution, but as an artist creating a powerful fanship that is capable of mobilizing other fans. After all, what is better than fan pages for an artist, conversations on Reddit about their music, organically generated reviews, or just people enjoying the music live on platforms? 

        How to build your tribe and create super fans

        Creating a music tribe requires the musician to create a segmented marketing mix for their music. Different fans from different backgrounds must be engaged and display a zealous enthusiasm for your music to drive them towards super-fandom where they are compelled to spread the good word. 

        Start with identifying different networks you can be on and identifying key profiles that can help spread your music. Find the right portals to share information about your upcoming releases and engage them. Friendly, salesy, your style is your own, but what’s important is to be talking to them directly and to be asking the right questions. 

        Platforms to consider

        • Reddit: the land of conversation and arguments
        • Medium: bloggers here are friendly, passionate, and committed to good products, if your music has the right swing, don’t be afraid to comment on their work as an icebreaker
        • TikTok: the right influencer can make or break a career, if you can find the content you like, reach out to the creator and talk about your sound.
        • Telegram: Ironically, this multi-tiered chat service has millions of groups for all kinds of topics. Find the ones that interest you and 

        We hope this guide to music tribes was helpful, and that you will be on your way to superstardom by following these principles that all indie artists should consider.

        Make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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          Posted on September 27, 2022

          How To Create Premium Social Media Content For Musicians

          By John Reynolds
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          You’re on the right road if you’re depending on conventional marketing strategies like press coverage and social media ads. But if that’s all you’re doing, you’re passing on content creation, which is a lot better approach to selling your music. So how do you create premium social media content as a musician?

          If you use social media and are active there, there’s a good chance that you’re already engaging in content creation in some capacity.

          But that’s not all there is to it; continue reading to learn more about content creation and its benefits. We’ll also give you a few suggestions for material you may produce to successfully market your brand and your music.

          How To Create Premium Social Media Content As A Musician

          What Is Content Creation?

          Finding a fresh topic to write about, selecting the format you want the content to take, formalizing your approach (whether it involves keywords or not), and then actually generating the material are all steps in the content production process.

          Before the material is ready for publication, the majority of content development procedures include extensive rounds of revisions with other stakeholders.

          What Are Types Of Content Creation?

          The process of creating content is complex and perhaps more difficult than it would first appear because it can take a variety of formats, including:

          • Blog posts
          • Videos
          • eBooks
          • Tweets
          • Infographics
          • … and ads, to mention a few.

          Too broad? Let’s go into more detail.

          Notable Content Ideas For Musicians In The Digital Age

          You may utilize several content ideas for musicians listed below to help you build your brand:

          • Selfies showing your outfit of the day
          • Themed posts: #PumpkinSpiceSeason, #SundayFunday, #Music Monday…
          • “Caption this” – will surely generate lots of comments from your audience
          • “A Day In The Life” – make it a series!
          • Polls – which releases they enjoyed the most and why
          • Inspiring quotes
          • Share important music industry news
          • Live streams from the comfort of your own home
          • Past performances
          • Wild and hilarious memorable stories from previous shows
          • Studio sessions
          • Jams and improv sessions with other artists
          • Pre-release teases for your upcoming song
          • 30-second previews
          • Backstories for your songs
          • Host a merchandise flash sale
          • Support a cause

          Strategies To Keep In Mind

          Start With An Idea And Keep It Straightforward

          It’s okay if you’re not a photographer or even if you have no experience with video editing. 

          Let’s take it easy and jump back. 

          • Prioritize imagination before worrying about equipment and technical proficiency. 
          • Don’t allow a lack of resources to limit your imagination. 
          • Think of as many content ideas as you can; come up with the finest suggestions you can to market the music you’ve produced.
          • Create a mood board.
          • Search the internet for ideas and download visuals that reflect the look and feel you want to achieve. 
          • Gather concrete samples of the things you want to include in your pictures and movies.

          Determine Your Needs And Be Practical

          Your result is clearly in your mind, then it’s time to put that vision into action. It’s ideal to reduce the entire work to its essential components. Identify each component of the finished product that you must produce.

          At this point, you may want to consider asking yourself:

          • Is the location or background a place you can visit?
          • Or maybe a room you can designate at home?
          • What accessories and other components are required?
          • Can you buy them from a thrift store or build them at home?
          • Is it possible to discover images or films to license online if there are digital components?
          • Are there technological requirements specific to certain social media networks that you should be aware of beforehand?

          Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New Once You’ve Had The Chance

          There are a few alternatives available to you for post-production. You can opt to make it straightforward. 

          • Use a preset filter or basic effects like contrast and color tweaks in your editing program to draw attention to the work itself instead of unnecessary extras.
          • If maintaining minimalism is a bit too… Simple: You can always try something new. Don’t let your lack of knowledge hold you back. 
          • Adjust parameters and apply random effects to your design to see what occurs. Press buttons and fiddle with them till you come up with something original.

          What are MPT’s final thoughts on how to create premium social media content as a musician?

          Even though creating content on top of your responsibilities as a musician may seem like a lot of effort, it isn’t! The best method to properly grasp an application and all of the finer, more intricate details that you might not have had the chance to study yet is through experimentation.

          Many artists have developed their brands and profited on social media platforms as a result of our thorough approach to creating competitive and tailored social media marketing service plans. To find out what other services can boost your musical career, make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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