Posted on December 1, 2022

How To Promote Your Music During Christmas 2022?

By John Reynolds
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When else would be a better time to promote your music than around the holidays? The holidays are one of the ideal times to sell and optimize your marketing efforts, so if you aren't planning for them now, you'd be missing a huge chance. It's time to cheer up and read some pointers for musicians on music promotion.

Why relax and sit back when you could be coming up with fantastic items to offer and smarter ways to advertise yourself at a time of year when people are more likely to offer, have fun, and purchase things?

Get off the couch and let's start making strategic plans! Below are some things you can do throughout the holiday season:

Release A Holiday Single

Probably the first thing that comes to mind is this, but you're too exhausted to give it any more thought. However, if you have the skill to do a really fantastic version of a traditional Christmas song or even to create your own, this is a superb investment.

Connect And Network

Never forget that in order to advance in your career, you must constantly network and establish partnerships. Who knows, maybe at one of these Christmas gatherings you'll meet someone who changes your life. Additionally, having a community is wonderful, even if the majority of people can't immediately drive you to the top,

Holiday E-Card

Making your followers feel unique and special while being simple to do. Send an email including a unique message, an artwork, a free download, or a video.

Thank The People

We're referring to the significant people who have helped you advance in your profession, including managers, agents, bloggers, and PR specialists. Essentially, your small family in the business.

Christmas-Themed Merch

Keep in mind that Christmas is more than just a season for peppermint candy and gingerbread cookies. A new launch of merch is also due. You can create face masks, pins, stickers, mugs, fuzzy socks, or hoodies in addition to t-shirts. Even if you only add a tiny Christmas pun to your advertising, change up your merch to fit the holiday spirit!

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Sales are always popular. Put products for sale if you still have band merch lying around from the touring days that you'd like to sell. You can always create more merch to coincide with your next album or release after you've cleared them out.

Discount Codes

Customers are frequently given discount codes as a perk to encourage them to make additional purchases. A good strategy to draw customers and entice music listeners to become repeat buyers is to temporarily lower the price of your music or merch.

Social Media Marketing

Your followers on social media are numerous. They feel at ease there, and it's a simple method to connect with a larger audience who might not be as familiar with your music yet.

Speaking about social media…

Add The Holiday Spice To Your Social Media Profiles

Throw some holiday happiness on your social media sites. Make your social media accounts a cheerful place to visit by updating your profiles and banner with holiday-themed photos.

Don’t Forget To… Perform!

During the holidays, a lot of communities host public events. Contact the office of the city council in your area right once to inquire about performance possibilities. You could benefit locally from the visibility on their event flyers, newsletters, website, and social media platforms, and it will strengthen your electronic press kit moving into 2023.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the Christmas season is a fantastic time to write and distribute music that uplifts listeners. Whether you go with a well-known favorite or decide to try your hand at creating Christmas music, if you do it well, you can even hit the Billboard Holiday 100 charts while earning some money in the process.

These Christmas tips are just the beginning. If you want to learn more about how to elevate your musical journey, check out our blog and Instagram for more ideas on how to improve your marketing strategies and level up.

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    Posted on November 14, 2022

    What Are The Social Media Predictions For 2023?

    By John Reynolds
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    Predicting what could happen next is challenging, but we will try with our 2023 forecasts for each of the big social media platforms. Without a doubt, TikTok and Meta both maintained their slow declines. On the other hand, Twitter is now going through a management change that can result in anything. So what can we anticipate for the social media predictions of 2023?

    With everything going on, predicting what could happen next is challenging. But, we will try with our 2023 forecasts for each of the big social applications.

    Although no one can predict the future with certainty, we are more tuned in than others to the most recent improvements. And while you will not find any brain-reading predictions of the far future in this article, you will find some realistic and likely prospective developments that might affect you over the course of the following year.

    So let us get started!


    Big Blue, Zuckerberg's first social app, was once everyone's favorite social media platform. Facebook has had a difficult year. From losing popularity with young users to losing advertising revenue to Apple's ATT upgrade. Not to mention going through an identity crisis in the wake of TikTok's change.

    Facebook has been the most affected platform as TikTok's short-form, the algorithm-led approach has shifted consumer patterns across the board. Nonetheless, Zuck and Co. claim that they have a strategy to turn things around.

    Social Media Predictions For Facebook

    More Content Suggested By AI

    TikTok is the source of the AI-governed pattern. In other words, it prioritizes giving you the greatest user-generated content.

    Zuckerberg clarified this point in a recent interview with The Verge, stating:

    “What’s basically going to happen is that, over the next year or two, we’ll start showing more recommended content in the Feed. And we’ll know that we’re doing a good job because the content, in the beginning, is going to displace some other content, and either displacing that content is going to lead to negative feedback from people, and lead to people connecting with each other less in all the metrics that we focus on, or it will actually lead to people connecting more and being more satisfied with the product.”

    Avatar Integration

    By incorporating its digital avatars into additional locations inside the app, Meta hopes to increase interest in the metaverse. This way, avatars will be crucial components of engagement.


    Instagram is anxious to stay ahead of TikTok and is mimicking it at every opportunity. This strategy appears to have been successful so far since the app announced that it has 2 billion monthly active users.

    What is expected to happen next on Instagram is as follows…

    Social Media Predictions For Instagram

    Instagram serves as a vital link between the physical world and the metaverse. Hence, the company is eager to develop stronger systems for artists.

    In light of this, anticipate the addition of the following content production methods on Instagram in 2023:

    • Augmented reality (AR) posts
    • 3D content 
    • NFT art
    • Interactive ads


    Twitter is the most difficult scenario to foresee since, under incoming Chief Elon Musk, who knows what will happen next? Nothing from Twitter's past truly establishes any patterns, therefore anything is conceivable.

    These predictions might thus be totally incorrect, but based on what Musk has so far demonstrated…

    Social Media Predictions For Instagram

    Musk has consistently stated that he wants to increase Twitter's revenue through subscriptions while also adding a layer to get rid of bots. This, unfortunately, is a crucial component of his strategy.

    • Many businesses would probably pay for this service if Musk's new team took tips from these tools.
    • The tools will be incorporated into an upgraded Twitter Analytics offering.
    • The tools will be offered as a service along with access to its current range of Professional Profile display settings.


    Throughout the year, LinkedIn continues to report "record levels" of interaction. Now, they appear to include an increasing number of non-professional postings and updates.

    Social Media Predictions For LinkedIn

    In any case, LinkedIn is eager to continue expanding, so in 2023 you can anticipate the site offering additional information to assist job seekers.

    In 2023, expect LinkedIn to continue with additional guidelines on how to land your dream career and links to LinkedIn Learning where you may acquire the precise skills you need to increase your chances of landing listed opportunities.


    The most popular app right now is also, perhaps, the most controversial one. This is not so much because of the material it amplifies as it is because of its assumed or actual ties to the Chinese Government, which keeps the app under intense political inspection.

    Social Media Predictions For LinkedIn

    This might recur in 2023, forcing TikTok to more clearly isolate its data, which could result in a number of issues for the app. Could it really be prohibited in the United States and other countries? That continues to appear like a very likely scenario…

    Last Words Of Advice From Your Friends At MusicPromoToday

    There is a lot happening as usual, and the Elon Musk/Twitter situation really shakes things up and adds a new dimension of unpredictability to the area.

    Although the metaverse and VR interfaces can represent the future, they are more likely to appear within the next year, with the most significant changes still brewing as technology develops.

    Based on our study, the social media specialists at MPT Agency create a customized proposal that includes a social media page audit, a competitive analysis, and the scope of work. This will provide you with a fresh perspective on your current social media presence and a breakdown of the team's assistance. 

    Check out our blog frequently and follow us on Instagram for more updates on music marketing to learn about more services that help advance your musical career.

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      Posted on November 8, 2022

      Elon Musk Delays Twitter Paid Verification

      By Shawn Spence
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      Elon Musk's intention to sell Twitter's blue tick paid verification badges has been postponed. As a result, delaying the microblogging platform's swift descent into hell slightly. 

      You guessed it right. Musk is also blocking unnamed parody accounts, though…

      According to The New York Times, Twitter's paid verification will now go live on Nov. 9, which is the day following the U.S. midterm elections. Prior to Nov. 7, when the update was supposed to go live. Nonetheless, Musk reportedly threatened to dismiss staff members who didn't reach the deadline.

      The decision to postpone the implementation of paid verification was made as a result of staff and user concerns. They were worried about the possible disastrous effects Musk's plan will have on election integrity. 

      Anyone with the capacity to pay verification status would be able to get a blue tick and use it to pose as a well-known individual. Moreover, this will enable them to send tweets that seem to come from news organizations or politicians. 

      This also has the potential to destabilize the election and spread false information about the outcomes.

      When Musk's reforms actually go live, there's a decent chance that Twitter will turn into a hazardous hub of misinformation. 

      Some verified Twitter users have criticized Musk's verification modifications by exposing how the blue tick on Twitter will be misused and how simple it is to deceive people. 

      Artist Mark Brooks published tweets from users who thought he was the renowned actor after briefly changing his account name and profile photo to resemble Harrison Ford.

      Twitter has suspended verified accounts belonging to comedian Kathy Griffin, actor Rich Sommer, and former NFL player Chris Kluwe. Users have also been banned for changing their display names and profile pictures to correspond with those of Tesla's real-life co-founder Elon Musk.

      Musk stated in a tweet on Sunday that unless an account is blatantly labeled as a parody, Twitter will permanently suspend any accounts that mimic others. It's not clear if a disclaimer on the account's profile would do, or if this label must be in the account's name.

      Due to the possibility that true identity verification will no longer be required in order to receive one of Twitter's blue ticks, it is also probable that Twitter will have difficulty telling the difference between a parody account and the real thing. 

      This is risky whether you have a large profile or not because anyone with $8 and a grudge will possibly destroy your entire existence.

      Prior to Musk's takeover, Twitter wasn't always a haven of virtue. But the amount it has dropped in less than a week is astonishing.

      To find out what services can boost your musical career, make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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        Posted on October 27, 2022

        How To Strategically Market Your Music For Halloween 2022!

        By John Reynolds
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        One of the most beloved holidays on the planet: Halloween! But how do you market your music for Halloween?

        The spookiest season of the year has arrived, and there are countless possibilities to advance your musical career this Halloween via strategic marketing initiatives.

        In celebration of all the spookiness that lies ahead, we have compiled a list of entertaining and frightfully good marketing strategies for you to:

        • Build your brand engagement.
        • Raise awareness about your music.

        So if you are bored of using the same old, worn-out techniques or just do not know where to begin, these marketing strategies can make sure that October 31 is spooky good whether you enjoy Halloween for the candy or the "Candyman" spooks!

        Seasonal Refresh & Branding Update

        Adding a dash of spookiness to your branding is not a requirement but it does get your fans excited! 

        According to Demand Metric, efficient content marketing costs less and produces more leads than conventional marketing strategies. 

        Hence, find convenient ways to temporarily enhance your online presence by utilizing Halloween aesthetics as you go through your online presence. 

        Halloween-Themed Merch

        Remember that Halloween is not simply a time for costumes, sweets, and fall decorations. It is also time for a merch relaunch!

        Change up your merch to reflect the Halloween theme, even if it is just by including a small Halloween pun in your advertising!

        Social Media

        Given how widespread social media is today, musicians must actively engage with it through social media marketing. Thus, all of your social media posts for this Halloween should have a spooky vibe. 

        Hashtags. Hashtags. Hashtags. The best method to market your music for Halloween.

        • Include essential hashtags when sharing your posts on social media; either Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. 
        • Potential fans can locate your music thanks to hashtags, especially if other musicians and artists are doing the same. 
        • Start a hashtag competition to entice your fans to share their posts with your hashtag.


        A Halloween-themed photoshoot will help you attract a wider audience on social media platforms. Hire a photographer and do a photo shoot that includes pumpkins and skulls. 

        Keep in mind that...

        Finding a music photographer is not required, but doing so might help you get the most out of your session. Look for someone who is well-known or has expertise working with artists. 

        Put On A Themed Show

        These days, there are a ton of mediocre shows. 

        → Plan everything from your set list to your stage appearance to the mood of the crowd.

        Whether there are 5 or 500 people there, the presentation must always be of the highest caliber!

        Final Thoughts on how to market your music for Halloween.

        These Halloween tips are just the beginning. If you want to learn more about how to elevate your musical journey, check out our blog and Instagram for more ideas on how to improve your marketing strategies and level up.

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          Posted on October 26, 2022

          How To Create New Music This Halloween?

          By Yvonne Martin
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          Every listener wants something new. Thus, we want you to go above and beyond to create new music this Halloween!

          • Entertain your audience
          • Gain a new fanbase
          • Increase awareness of the outstanding music you work so hard to promote

          Below are several ways to create new music this Halloween!

          A Brand New Single

          There are two ways you can create a new single this Halloween season. 

          An Easy Approach To Create New Music This Halloween

          Create a spooky version of an existing song of yours. Here are some tips and tricks on what to emphasize while creating a remix of an existing single.

          • Check out other remixes for some reference
          • Select the best song for remixing
          • Write any thoughts that come to your mind
          • Create a game plan
          • Utilize original track segments and treat them as originals
          • Put another hook in your remix

          A Harder Approach To Create New Music This Halloween

          Create an original Halloween single. A single that will be played at every Halloween party just like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

          New Artwork For An Upcoming Single

          Run a contest among your followers and ask them to contribute Halloween-themed artwork for the release. The artist who produced the winning work of art might get a prize that includes merch and music. 

          It is a win-win situation as they would become well-known after you release your song.

          New Music Video For An Upcoming Single

          According to Brain Rules, when information is combined with a visual element, people are more likely to remember it. Videos continue to be one of the best mediums for reaching audiences because of this. 

          During the Halloween season, videos also enable you to express your creativity, which may draw potential fans to your music.

          Collaborate With A Fellow Artist To Create New Music This Halloween

          Here are several ways to collaborate with other musicians:

          • Co-write a song together
          • Provide suggestions
          • Say "yes, and..?"
          • Swap performances
          • Go on a tour together
          • Cover each other's songs

          Have A Concert

          Does not have to be exactly on Halloween, but if you start planning early, everything is possible!

          Selling tickets before anybody else, maybe with additional early bird discounts, may benefit in increasing sales. 

          Have a Halloween-themed aesthetic on the stage, with backup dancers wearing Halloween-themed costumes while performing.

          Don't forget to tease your audience with photos and videos of your upcoming show to give potential attendees a preview of what to anticipate from your concert, 

          … To advertise your concert more effectively and efficiently:

          Reach Out To Local Press

          Working with local magazines will help you sell tickets to your community.  

          The majority of magazines charge for advertising, but you might alternatively suggest a partnership where the publication runs your ads in exchange for sponsorship at your concert.

          Ask the magazines you're contacting whether they have any articles planned on Halloween-related activities and offer to let them highlight your event. 

          Inform them if you're working with charity groups, presenting high-profile entertainment, raising money for charities, or doing anything else that may be deemed noteworthy.

          Spooktacular Contest

          A social media contest may be run in a variety of ways. Fans may enter their email address for a chance to receive a pair of tickets to your concert.

          By doing so, you may increase the number of attendance at your concert and expand your email list. 

          To increase the likelihood that more people will attend your concert, you may also request your followers to repost a particular tweet, complete a survey, or tag a friend.

          Celebrity House Party

          Use some extra time to your advantage if your event requires substantial preparation, such as a haunted house, corn maze, or spooky farm tour. 

          Develop excitement via behind-the-scenes activity. Post:

          • Insider glimpses into how the event is coming together
          • Enigmatic images that leave your fans craving more
          • Other elements give your fanbase the impression of seeing what's going on behind the scenes

          Local Influencers

          Local influencers' recommendations are especially important because they most likely have a significant amount of followers who reside in your community. 

          Offer them free entrance to your event or a behind-the-scenes tour in exchange for promotional posts. In return, these influencers can share your party's highlights on their stories and posts.

          Final Thoughts To Create New Music This Halloween

          We’ve provided you with just some of the tremendous methods you can use to elevate your brand this Halloween. Be sure to check out our blog and Instagram to learn more about how you can sustain your brand during the Holidays!

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