Posted on September 30, 2022

The Ultimate Truth Behind Media Interviews, Tips & Tricks For Musicians

By John Reynolds
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To Ace A Media Interview you need to accept the ultimate truth behind media interviews. One of the finest methods to inform your audience about who you are in your own words is media interviews. However, going on an interview is nerve-wracking, especially if your career is just getting started.

Interviews frequently do not feel natural. It's hard to shake off the sense of being recorded or the fear of saying poorly chosen words that harm your career.

In truth, media appearances are another sort of performance. They are quite helpful for gaining new fans and creating buzz. But, you have to put in the same level of preparation that you do for a live show. 

Since interviews are all about your biggest passion —your music— there are more media outlets than ever seeking to interview musicians. Magazines, blogs, podcasts, radio and television programs, YouTube channels, etc.

In all the scenarios you will either be contributing background information and quotations for a story as the subject of the interview. Or the audio/video of your interaction will serve as the article's actual content. Therefore, you should have thought out some of the topics before getting on the phone or the air with a journalist.

Behind Media Interviews,

Pretty Much Everything We Know About Interviewing

Sure, you can certainly wing it and still deliver a captivating interview if you are quick-witted and self-assured. But for the rest of you, here are some tried-and-true pieces of advice to ease follow.

Stay Calm

Interviews are just conversations. Keep in mind that the interviewer possibly feels the same way if you are feeling nervous. Reporters and journalists are taught to carry on uninterrupted conversations. 

They'll frequently take extended pauses since they know you will have to talk more to fill the awkward quiet. Do not give in to the pressure. It is OK to take your time and consider your response before responding.

Be Sincere And Honest

It is OK to avoid being "politically correct" or to support topics you do not genuinely care about. Both interviewers and readers can see straight through it. 

Consider your fanbase's moral standards and passions, and reach out to those you share. Otherwise, you risk being the target of an internet witch hunt. After all, is defending your position on the day's most controversial issue worth endangering your career? Definitely not.

Investigate the team behind media interviews

Before engaging with a newspaper or channel, do some research to make sure that your morals are aligned. To make sure it is a good fit, research its demographics, topics, and overall reach. Look up previous articles written by the journalist you will be chatting with. This might help you anticipate their questions.

Give a chance to smaller, regional blogs despite that. You never know what companies those bloggers may eventually work with. Additionally, visitors of smaller blogs sometimes follow them with far greater devotion, potentially creating devoted followers.

Be Well-Prepared

Unless there is an urgent matter, arrive on time for your interview. Don't change your schedule because it is very unappealing. It can harm your reputation with prospective publishers forever.

If you are doing an email interview, make an effort to use proper grammar. Copy editing is ultimately their responsibility. But doing your part shows the reporter that you are aware of their time-consuming duties. 

Be professional! This benefits you in the long run since journalists communicate with one another.

What’s Your Story?

Do you know the details of your musical journey? What's the best part? Why would a stranger be interested in your music or story if they had never heard of you? 

Get it. Know it. Bring to a boil. 

Do not give everything away! Reserve the best material for each interview you are on.

Practice Makes Perfect: a fundamental Truth Behind Media Interviews,

Ask yourself questions frequently. Create some intriguing responses to make sure you have covered all the essential parts. 

Then, say your response loudly. Why loudly? Because your breath flutters and your heart beats quicker when you are anxious. You also start to stutter. Then you are doomed!

Hence, you can reduce your anxiety by practicing aloud before the event.

Avoid One-Word Answers

Do not be hesitant to go into depth; the interview's goal is to learn more about you and your music.

There is a distinction between providing in-depth, engaging responses and endless rambling, though. Allow the interviewer to intervene if necessary to keep the dialogue moving.

Therefore, With a Partner like MPT, you'll know the truth behind media interviews,

Remember these techniques the next time you are feeling anxious or nervous before an interview.  Do not allow fear to stop you from going for the job since one amazing interview may lead to a career full of them (and one terrible one typically will not ruin you).

For independent musicians, MPT Agency offers realistic and efficient SEO-based music marketing services to increase exposure and offer substantial social evidence for long-term success. To find out what other services can improve your musical career, make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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    Posted on September 26, 2022

    How Social Media Management Is Proven to Enhance Your Musical Career

    By John Reynolds
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    How social media management will enhance your musical career. Raise your hand if you find it difficult to maintain your social media platforms interesting and updated. We get it… 

    Social media is everywhere. And for artists? It’s a treasure!

    Social media provides a platform for promotion and marketing as well as a tool for artists to communicate with their audience, yet many artists don't utilize it efficiently, and frequently it causes more harm than good. 

    Maintaining a vibrant and entertaining internet presence takes a lot of work, especially if you're also attempting to make music at the same time.

    Let’s start with the basics. 

    What Is Social Media Management?

    The act of generating, posting and evaluating the material you put on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is known as social media management. Engaging and communicating with social media users is part of managing social media. 

    A Social Media Manager will assess the artist's account to see where they require improvement. 

    It may involve:

    • Content creation
    • Fan engagement
    • Developing new tactics
    • Using hashtags
    • Determining the optimal times to post
    • A more unified appearance

    The artist has more time to do what they do best—create—without having to constantly do all of these tasks. Of course, the artist will have to put in some effort as well.

    The truth is that as an artist, your followers want to know more about you than simply your music; they want to connect with you on a personal level.

    How Social Media Management Is Proven to Enhance Your Musical Career

    Why Is Social Media Management Vital?

    For a variety of reasons, social media management is crucial. 

    • Social networking.
    • Learn what your fans are saying, both positively and negatively, about your brand as well as about your competitors
    • Be in the loop of current trends.
    • Increase your knowledge of the favorable public perception of your brand. 
    • Promote your more active marketing initiatives to potential fans.
    How Social Media Management

    Is A Social Media Manager Necessary For An Artist When They First Start?

    Your social media presence is the main driver of your music's promotion. Your brand's social media presence is a major component. You want to make sure that your brand is represented as consistently as possible since it may have a significant impact on your journey. Not to mention, you need the ability to do it across several platforms. 

    Your social media platforms and techniques will expand along with you and your brand. 

    Thus, an effective Social Media Manager will aid in your growth. It's another member of your team you ought to consider including. A competent Social Media Manager would collaborate with you to present your best self to your audience.

    Qualities A Social Media Manager Should Have

    Broad Knowledge

    Make sure to test candidates' talents or ask them questions about their familiarity with various platforms when hiring a social media manager. Inquire about their comfort level with particular features. This will reveal whether your applicant is a true specialist in social media or not.

    Content Writing Skills

    When hiring a social media manager, it's crucial to look for candidates that possess excellent copywriting abilities or who can recognize a talented copywriter since social media is full of clever, brand-focused content. 

    Design Skills

    A social media manager with good design abilities may be a lifesaver, much like copywriting. Photoshop is widely regarded in the business world, and if someone is proficient in Photoshop, they probably also know how to utilize other cloud-based applications to create graphics and social media content.

    Customer Service Skills

    Even though we all would want our feedback to be entirely positive, that isn't always the case. Social media managers assist with problem resolution, crisis communication, and direct client engagement.

    Project Management Skills

    Project management is a crucial skill for a social media manager. Marketing departments deal with a lot on a daily basis, from public relations to website design, and conventional advertising to digital advertisements. Since marketing operations can cover a wide range of things, social media managers frequently work for bigger marketing departments. 


    Social media managers must possess a degree of adaptability that enables them to react in certain circumstances. They don't constantly need to be glued to their phone or computer, but they should always be aware of what is going on, whether they are working or not.

    Last Word Of Advice From your Friends At MPT about Social Media Management

    Social media management combines project management, customer service, and creativity, and it occasionally calls for after-hours management. The social media experts at MPT Agency develop an individualized proposal based on our research, which includes a social media page audit, a competitive analysis, and the scope of work. This will provide you with a new viewpoint on your present social media presence and an overview of the team's support. To find out what other services can enhance your musical career, make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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