Posted on February 27, 2023 | By Barbara Drews

Five Proven Methods For Identifying The Right Manager

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Five Verified Techniques For Recognizing The Suitable Manager

Your manager is a member of your team. Your partner. Your companion. You two are both invested in the same outcome.  The manager serves as the artist’s point of contact with the public. The recording session, the album release campaign, the tour schedule, booking, and performances—everything is under the manager’s watchful eye.

The manager is mostly in charge of your brand. The most effective managers operate the brand with artistic elegance. Managers need individuals with genuine creative ideas to handle the constantly changing musical world. A manager who is conducting business in the same manner they did last year is not someone you want in charge. 

Being in the right position at the right moment and actually giving the impression that you don’t need a manager are key factors in finding one.

Everyone wants to board a fast train, but nobody wants to work with an artist that looks to be having trouble. That said, music has a magical quality. Managers concur with this. It’s the reason they went down such a precarious career path. 

Regardless of what stage of your profession you are in, a manager can choose to hire you if they encounter hear something so exceptional that it affects them deeply and spiritually. Despite the fact that this is your first SoundCloud demo and your TikTok is still a work in progress. But this is rare.

Most managers want to be sure that if they choose to work with you, you would put out the effort necessary to sustain a career in contemporary music. Managers are aware that it goes beyond the music. They seek out artists that put in a lot of effort.

As a result, you should maintain industry standards on all of your social media platforms. You need footage of a good caliber. You require expert marketing graphics. You must do live shows that are superior to those of artists that can fill arenas. You should appear like an artist that is ready to conquer the globe.

Five Effective Strategies For Identifying The Ideal Manager

Find The Right Manager By Getting Included On Spotify Playlists

The new method of discovery for those working in the music business is Spotify. It was Hype Machine and blogs ten years ago. You can learn a variety of playlist insertion techniques to appear on user-generated playlists, and your distributor could be able to assist you in getting your music added to official editorial playlists. 

Additionally, you should use the submission site in Spotify for Artists to send all of your fresh releases straight to the streaming service. The more playlists you are added to, the more likely it is that managers’ Discover Weekly, Radio, or other customized and algorithmic playlists will include your music.

Social Media Is Your Way To The Ideal Manager

Okay, so that you don’t come out as stalking or desperate, you have to be a little discreet about this. You can nonetheless follow the managers that you think would be a good fit for you on social media, and follow the artists they are interested in by liking their posts and following their stories. Perhaps work together with those artists or appear on their feeds—this manager follows them.

Tik To The Tok Your Way To Fame

Naturally, getting one of your songs to trend on TikTok will attract a lot of attention from the industry as well as contracts. Of course, it’s easier said than done. But frequently, songs and artists rise over the barrier for labels, putting you on managers’ radars without a doubt. Feasible managers will start to pay attention if you are active on TikTok and are beginning to grow a following there.

Shows And Performances

Numerous blogs, journals, public radio stations, and music conferences will host showcases at which they will ask managers to attend. However, you should take precautions since some dishonest promoters and “talent buyers” can try to charge you to perform at their “showcases,” which are really just normal club concerts where you must purchase advance tickets to resell to your friends and fans. Don’t fall into the trap.

Public Radios

Without a major radio promoter, it is very hard to get played on top 40 radio or other channel-owned stations. However, affiliate stations frequently play local, independent, and unsigned music. Start with the public radio stations that broadcast music in your town or the city that is nearest to where you reside. Undoubtedly, managers pay attention to finding new talent.

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