Posted on February 10, 2023 | By Shawn Spence

How To Get Featured On Spotify Editorial Playlists?

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If a musician or an artist seeks to broaden their reach and develop a fanbase, getting on an editorial Spotify playlist can be a game-changer!

Editorial playlists, which provide a hand-picked collection of songs chosen by Spotify’s own experts, are regarded as the pinnacle of the music streaming world. In addition to highlighting renowned musicians that are breaking new ground in their respective genres, these playlists are built to highlight the greatest new music.

Let’s first clarify the differences between a regular playlist and an editorial playlist before we discuss how to get one.

Curated Playlists

These are made by users and can be distributed to others. These playlists can be made depending on particular themes, genres, moods, or even taste. Regular playlists are excellent for finding new music and can inspire listeners eager to jump on a new trend.

Editorial Playlists

These were prepared by the Spotify curation team, which consists of music specialists, tastemakers, and industry professionals. These authoritative playlists are a great method for musicians to get their music in front of more people. 

Editorial playlists are also meticulously chosen to guarantee that the music they contain is of the highest caliber and is routinely updated to reflect the latest trends.

Top Down Strategy For Playlist Promo:

Create High-Quality Music

Creating high-quality music is the most crucial aspect of landing on an editorial playlist. Your music should be professionally created, polished, and have a distinct sound that makes it stand out from the work of other musicians in your genre. 

Make sure your music also highlights your skills and represents your distinct flair.

Build A Following

Your chances of being discovered by Spotify’s curation team increase with your number of followers. Engage with your followers frequently and devote your attention to growing a solid audience. 

Share your song on social media networks, then reply to their comments and criticism. If you are driving traffic to Spotify, editorials will pay attention. You should direct your listeners to Spotify if your music is popular on YouTube but isn’t getting any momentum there. This will help you stand out.

Network With Industry Professionals

Building a relationship with business executives on social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin, can help you get added to an editorial playlist. These are humans, after all, and if they didn’t have a preferred musical style or genre, they probably wouldn’t be employed in the music industry. 

Try to connect with them on other platforms and strike up a conversation. Instead of immediately sending them your music, try to establish a relationship by giving them a compliment, asking them a business question, or even cracking a joke.

Submit Your Music To Other Playlist Curators

You can submit your music to playlist curators and music supervisors using a variety of websites and services. This service is also provided by MPT Agency, and we utilize our own analytics methods to choose the finest ones. 

Before submitting your music, make sure to thoroughly read the submission requirements of the curators and websites that accept submissions. Although it is immoral for some of these curators to request contributions, if the individual has a solid reputation and positive internet ratings, don’t be hesitant.

Final Thoughts

It takes a mix of communication, skill, work ethic, and a little bit of luck to get on an Editorial Spotify playlist. Focus on creating high-quality music, gaining a following, and driving traffic to Spotify to make your music algorithmically stand out as these editors receive numerous submissions, features, and emails each day. 

After all, if the algorithm adds your music to the watch list, people will notice your cold email outreach or tweets, and if the track is good enough, there is no reason you shouldn’t be chosen for the following track.

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