Posted on March 9, 2022 | By Barbara Drews

Videos on Instagram Now Have Auto-Generated Captions

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On March 1, 2022, Instagram announced a new tool, auto-generated captions in IG Feed videos, that empowers those in deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

Back in 2020, Instagram launched automated captions for IGTV, and last year for Stories.

Captions are ON by default and creators/ viewers will have the option to turn captions them OFF. Captions are available in 17 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, Thai, Tagalog, Urdu, Malay, Hindi, Indonesian and Japanese, with more to come soon!

The new feature will also be useful for users who would prefer to watch videos without sound. How is this useful for artists? Lyrics appearing on screens… fans learning to sing songs much faster than before. Users who play on mute also able to have a better understanding of what a track is about.

We all know that Meta is trying its best to compete with its rival TikTok, not only by copying but also launching better versions of features they copy, and they are absolutely crushing it!

META has been working hard on improve the Reels feature, which is basically the short-form TikTok rival, now available on Facebook too.

“Video is a huge part of why people enjoy Instagram, and we love how our creator community uses it to express themselves, collaborate with others, and connect with their followers. Reels continues to be a growing and important part of Instagram and we are excited to invest even more in this format.” Instagram mentioned in a blog post.

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