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TikTok Finally Introduced Its Business Features: Welcome TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program and The Stitch

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When hearing “Let’s TikTok together today,” no question or confusion arises in your mind—or at least not in the minds of GenZers—proving that TikTok is here to stay. 

TikTok is the new kid on the block but is quickly becoming the young generation’s favorite. Indeed, in just a year, it became popular enough to be used as a verb. That is what happens when an app enjoys more than 2bln million installs

With 500 million monthly active users worldwide already—41% of them GenZers, and 66% under 30—it is clear that TikTok is not only an opportunity for brands to boost their advertising strategies but a new must-have component of their advertising bouquets. 

It is undoubtedly a new priority for artists targeting Gen Z and even Millennials. Because, on average, they open TikTok at least eight times a day and spend 52 minutes using it. It is evident that using the app becomes more and more critical for brands day by day, so let’s figure out what TikTok is before diving deep into its new feature called Stitch and its importance. 

What is TikTok?

TikTok can be best described as a micro-video platform, encouraging its users to create short and creative video content. It is filled with fun, creativity, snack-able entertainment, inspiration, art, goofiness, music and video effects, different challenges, parodies, and much more. 

The platform’s wide range of opportunities allows fulfilling both amateur and professional users’ creative needs. Even though TikTok allows creating and sharing up to 60-second story-type videos, the app mainly consists of up to 15 seconds long video content. This new format of content creation is relatively unfamiliar to most brands and marketers. The reason for it is that TikTok did not provide tools and features specifically created for fulfilling the business aspect of the application. After experimenting for a while with their ads system, it seems like TikTok made peace with its advertisement options by providing 3 of them:

  • In-feed Native Ads allowing to add links are used in multiple ways and are skippable
  • Hashtag Challenge Ads take the user to the instructions of the challenge, serving as bridges 
  • Brand Takeover Ads are for mixing images, GIFs, and video clips linking to a landing page or hashtag challenge. 

To get more insights into TikTok marketing read our Full Guide on Going Viral on TikTok. 

After TikTok ads started to work, it became a lot easier for businesses to understand what they need to do and develop strategies. However, more business features are required for full-on marketing, and recently TikTok announced its Marketing Partner Program for advertisers called TikTok For Business Marketing Partner Program. 

TikTok For Business Marketing Partner Program

The essence of the TikTok For Business Marketing Partner Program is to allow all TikTok partners in the program to have proven expertise in a variety of areas across TikTok’s marketing platform and get support as marketers at each step of their campaign creation, execution, and measurement.

They also added self-serve advertising solutions to support advertisers of all sizes and budgets and help them achieve their business goals. TikTok For Business Marketing Partner Program is a trusted ecosystem of trusted partners who can help brands take advertising on TikTok to the next level by building successful campaigns together. Here you can find the list of the TikTok For Business Marketing Partner Program partners. 


Of course, the Partner Program is enormous and of vast importance, but the real power player of TikTok’s new announcement became the Stitch. Stitch allows users to use up to five-second videos from other users in their own content. The feature promises to open new doors for collaborations in multiple ways. The basic idea behind it is to make it easier for users to quote other pieces and their videos. As you know, TikTok hype’s essence is in the #challenges, which basically encourage people to create their own versions of already popular videos by making trends out of those aka TikTok battles. Stitch is a perfect addition to the TikTok palette, whereas it could seem ridiculous in any other platform. 

TikTok mentions that the creators have full control over their settings, as usual, and can either use the feature or not, depending on their preference. You can find TikTok’s full announcement on Stitch here
TikTok proved it can make hits. A quick guide on going viral on TikTok. Major labels are also moving quickly to sign artists with songs that perform well on the app TikTok, betting that their popularity will transfer to other platforms. To stay informed on new Tiktok trends and innovations that can potentially influence your social media or music marketing, stay tuned to MusicPromoToday.

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