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The Sweat Behind Press Presence

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Having a strong press presence is one of the most important things an artist should perfect if they want to generate traction in their career. The more engagement you have with an article or a piece of content early on, the better it will be for your future endeavors. 

However, to maximize your press, you need to be smart with timing. An articles’ lifespan tends to be short, roughly 48 to 72 hours before it reaches for the skies and gets buried. Keeping that in mind, MusicPromoToday is continuously looking for ways to get the most traffic on articles in the quickest time possible. We’ve found some crucial steps to run a proper music pr campaign and hope they will be of interest to you! Check them out below! 

1. Share on social media.

As soon as your press piece is published, the work begins:

a– Share it on your social media platforms.
b– Don’t be modest and share it across all your accounts throughout the day of publication and that entire week.
c– Make sure to be creative when posting the article and use different captions on each platform.
d-Use hashtags and capitalize some words for emphasis.
e– Be creative, no one wants to see a repeat of the same type oof content throughout all your accounts. Avoid posting white screenshots only.
f– Tag who featured you, who wrote the article, and mention individuals so they can also repost the press. 
g– Do everything you can to get that article in front of the eyes of as many people as possible. 

2. Implement digital ads

Releasing a new piece from the press with early engagement levels can get an article trending on social media or on the publication itself. Even if it’s done individually, these outcomes can also get a chance to rank well on Google search results. Paid campaigns are one of the best ways to get this done. 

Try using digitial ads to reach a greater audience by choosing demographics that will enable you to reach an accurate group of people. 

3. Knock on the door of your email network 

The number one most effective platform to reach a large group of people is email. 

So if you’re not using email, get to it if you want to broaden the reach of your press. Once your article is live, send an email blast to everyone on your contact list.

If you’re a beginner with emailing, we recommend you use Mailchimp. This also frees you from manually sending out batches of emails.

4. Success and happiness is amplified when shared

Don’t lump your closest circle with the rest of your email network, for example, your publicity team. Instead, send them a separate message that acknowledges their role in your success. Usually, emails like this go a long way and strengthen your ties with them. It makes them feel good about doing business with you. 

5. Circulate internally

This is a definite must! On top of sharing it with your closest people, also share it with your colleagues and coworkers. Sharing information like this will excite company members, record labels, and it will also encourage them to share it with others as well! 

If you have further questions on how to share those stories, press clips but at the same time not spam and sound dull, check out these tips on how to balance social media tips and create the perfect chemistry with your fanbase.

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