Posted on April 6, 2022 | By Yvonne Martin

The First Crypto Coin For Electronic Music Fans Is Here!

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This summer is gonna be absolutely lit!! Especially for clubbers, festival goers and electronic music fans who will benefit from crypto integration at some of the top festivals, clubs, and DJ parties worldwide thanks to KlubCoin! The platform launched a revolutionary Party-to-Earn system rewarding users for joining its partners’ parties. How cool is that??

Basically, you will get rewards every time you buy a product, ticket, or service, from one of the platform’s partners. The rewards will come in the form of KlubCoin tokens.

Then, you can access your KlubCoins in your digital wallet for exclusive rewards and perks, like VIP event invitations, exclusive parties, and meet-and-greet sessions with famous DJs. Plus, party-goers will get special experiences for the KlubCoin community only.

Who are the partners? The crypto project has attracted many, such as Amnesia Ibiza one of the top clubs worldwide, Clubbing TV, Festicket, Ledger, DJenerates, Atlanticus Music, and more all for the sake of an amazing NFT-powered party experience!

“KlubCoin is creating a strong ecosystem for clubs, festivals, and Artists/DJs to give ownership and rewards to their loyal music fans,” says Festicket Co-Founder Zack Sabban. “We are excited to be part of this new fan token economy and look forward to accelerating users’ usage at both physical and Metaverse events.”

Are you ready to party hard? We know we are!!

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