Posted on September 18, 2020 | By MusicPromoToday

The Emotional Undertaking of Music Promotion

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No one argues if music creation is an emotional process. Yet, not everyone agrees that emotions are vital for music promotion. Now is a perfect time to prove them wrong. MusicPromoToday will tell you why music marketing has to be emotional and how you can use emotions in your music promotion campaign. 

Covid-19 created a situation when all the “stage” sizes in the world are the same. 

So, musicians have to be creative about using that “stage” and standing out. MusicPromoToday has some super-duper suggestions for you. But before diving in-depth, check our article on 3 Tips To Step Up Your Fanbase In Rough Times. Stages are the same, but you still need an audience to work with. Make sure to also read our co-founder’s article on Forbes Magazine; How To Hack Your Brain And Level Up Your Emotional Intelligence to keep yourself in the driver’s seat of your emotions.

Now let’s focus on emotions and how you can use them to promote your music. As Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman claims, 95% of our purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. It means we make most of our decisions on an emotional level. Accordingly, to make an Internet user want to buy your music, you HAVE to trigger emotions. 

It’s All About The Audience!

When promoting music or events, it is essential to be informative, provide details, share CTAs to get your results. Remember that there is no one way of doing it. You need to create your message based on the impression or the feeling you want the audience to experience. 

To dive into their emotions, first think of the benefits they will get  from your music or events. With the goal in mind to serve to their best interest, you’ll be able to create content they will appreciate subconsciously, instead of overwhelming fans with music, content or details they are not interested with. 

For instance, instead of writing, “Check us out in The Bowery Ballroom this Friday at 10 pm, where we will play all of our hits!” add more emotion to your caption. Example: “After a hectic 9to5, drop by @ The Bowery Ballroom, grab yourself a beer or two 🍺🍻 and let’s have a trip together down our memory lane while singing & enjoying our favorite indie rock songs –  this Friday from 10 PM 💥”. 

The second is a much more emotional version of the invitation and will work better as a call to action since humans tend to make decisions or take actions based on either moving AWAY from pain or TOWARDS pleasure

That reaction is universal. 🌍🌎🌏 To make it work for you, add feelings, experiences, or emotions specific to you and your music. Make sure to use emojis, not just adjectives. The best call to actions (CTAs) use the first person, it speaks to the reader directly. Create a perfect balance – don’t overdo anything. 
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