Posted on October 4, 2022

Twitter Space, The Ultimate How To By MPT Agency

By Barbara Drews
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For web3 musicians and Space's hosts, sharing your music on Twitter Space is perhaps the most basic experience of all. To put things in perspective imagine if all of your artistic prowess, sophisticated arrangements, and faultless mixing are relocated to a rural location in the 1950s at the quality of an FM radio, and people from all around the world tune in.

What Is Twitter Spaces?

Users of Twitter Spaces can host and join live audio sessions that are held within "Spaces" (aka audio chat rooms). An Audio only medium, Twitter Space creates an intimate moment between fans and host where unique content is shared LIVE, with no edits, no retakes, raw.

How do The Best Twitter Spaces work?

When someone you follow begins or talks in a Space on Twitter for iOS or Android, it will show up on your timeline as a purple bubble for as long as it is live. When you join Space as a listener, you may use emojis to express your opinions. You can also look at any Tweets that have been pinned in the room, read along with the captions, tweet or direct message the Space itself, and even ask to speak yourself.

How Can I Create A Twitter Space As A Host?

Luckily, Twitter made this part simple enough for everyone. Long-press the compose button on your Home timeline, then choose the icon with a cluster of dots to begin a Space. When you initially create your Space, your microphone will be off; when you're ready to talk, press Start your Space.

The whole thing will be live, so unless you have been a live broadcaster for 20 years of your professional career, it's best to have practiced a few times or at least to have some kind of point-form script so you stay on topic. Everyone likes a good rant, but your fans might have an issue with rambling.

How Can I Add A Co-Host On Twitter Spaces?

You can have up to ten speakers in your Space. As the host, you can choose up to two co-hosts to assist you to moderate the discussion. Any active participant or visitor to your space is welcome. To accomplish this, hit the manage speakers icon, choose invite co-hosts, and then look for and choose the accounts you want to share hosting duties with for your Space. Tap the send invitation button to let them know.

How Can I Schedule A Twitter Space?

You may advertise your planned chat for a longer period if you schedule a Space in advance. Long-press the write button on your Home timeline, then choose the Spaces symbol to plan a Space. Give your Space a name, choose three or more pertinent topics, and then hit the clock icon to choose a time and date for it.

How Can I Join The Best Twitter Spaces?

Public spaces can be joined in a variety of ways. A host or listener can post the public link for each Space in a Tweet or Direct Message. Live Spaces with a speaker or presenter you follow will also be marked in purple at the top of your timeline and in your timeline itself. On your phone, you may join by using the Spaces Tab.

How Does Using The Twitter Spaces Help Musicians?

Without a doubt, every brand may gain by interacting with their followers or potential followers on social media. These advantages are amplified when the engagement is sincere, ongoing, and beneficial. The ideal opportunity to introduce such a discussion to your fan audience is provided by Twitter Spaces! 

Here are some ways you as an artist might benefit from using Twitter Spaces:

  1. Make a regular industry area where you may post news and updates about the music biz and other topics of interest to your audience.
  2. Share new music, merchandise, and services that will keep your audience informed about what they can stream or buy to support you as a musician.
  3. For your fan base to feel more connected to you and comprehend your brand, arrange a live Q&A discussion where they can ask you anything about your music or yourself.
  4. Discuss related issues that are important to you in more detail, adding to the discourse.
  5. Utilize a Twitter space to continue a conversation that started during a podcast, live video broadcast, conference, or another event while providing additional context.

In Conclusion: Social Audio Is Here To Stay and it's all about who has the best Twitter Spaces!

MPT Agency has a small kink for all things live and talkative. Our experts have been in neighboring spaces and participated as rogue consultants or boomer music buffs. We believe in this medium because it's novel, fun, and raw. You the artist are put on the spot and fans get to see your gumption as well as your grit as you talk shop on whichever topic you have in mind and defend your opinion against an onslaught of tweets and random questions. Nothing like a live broadcast challenge to see what you are made of. If ever you have an idea and are looking to build, send us a message and we can always guide you down the path of production.

The future of social media is communication and genuine interaction. Thus, MPT Agency can guide you through keeping your brand up-to-date and relevant! To find out what other services can enhance your musical career, make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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    Posted on May 2, 2022

    Why Is Twitter Important for Musicians

    By Barbara Drews
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    Social media has had a significant influence on how we promote and market music, and it is not going away anytime soon. None of us can accommodate not being more acquainted with Twitter. As a result, there's no harm in going over some fundamentals...

    Brand Your Profile: Google Crawls it.

    Social media allows musicians to market themselves and their music through a variety of internet touchpoints. It's a wise decision to keep your social profiles consistent in terms of style and layout. The message should differ but try to tie them all together with a similar style or theme. Your bio, your tweets are all crawled by Google, make sure they represent you properly and speak about you highly.

    Build Your Network

    After you've built your Twitter profile, it's time to locate your target audience. Begin by following friends, then expand to potential fans and relevant artists or profiles to broaden up your network. Following musicians that your followers are also listening to is a wise choice; it's a basic method to initiate conversations. Follow a variety of music business professionals and outlets that you admire, and pay close attention to how they utilize their Twitter presence. Don't be shy to retweet or like their tweets, appreciate them.

    Engage With Your Followers

    It's vital to respond besides retweeting your followers and liking their tweets. To have your tweet interaction going, sponsor a contest, discuss issues, or strike up a conversation about a recent social event. Your followers are interested in you, and it is crucial that you show them that you are passionate about them as well. Jump into existing conversations that you can browse through trending and regular hashtags through via the Twitter search engine. There's a lot going on, start engaging and networking and watch your profile reach and impressions spike!

    Pre-Release Strategies

    Twitter's peak activity times are often in the afternoons, nights, and weekends, but don't spam your followers with tweets and then disappear. You want to have a consistent tweeting pace and avoid spending too much time resting. Using hashtags on a regular basis can also help to brand your tweets and boost their 'tweet reach' aka visibility. Fans want new music all the time, try to hype new release, go on Twitter space, start a discussion, post a teaser, a banner, a short clip, host a Twitter event to announce the title, make a big deal of every step of your pre-release campaign!

    Final Thoughts

    As an artist, keeping your digital presence and social media identity is as important as maintaining your stage persona. It may take a lot of time and effort to establish oneself on social media, but don't be upset if things don't take off right away.

    Maintain consistency in your efforts, and it will all be worth it.

    Social media is a lengthy game and your daily dedication eventually transforms to virality!

    Start telling your story to the world, enjoy tweeting and typing!

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