Posted on January 8, 2020

Fast And Easy Steps To Promote Music On SoundCloud

By Shawn Spence
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SoundCloud is one of the biggest streaming platforms out there, and since its launch in 2007 artists have been uploading millions and millions of songs. In February 2019, the Berlin-based streaming giant reached 200 million songs which heavily beats 35 million Spotify catalog and 45 million that are uploaded on Apple Music!

And with millions of songs to listen to, come millions of listeners. According to Forbes, SoundCloud counts over 175 million active and unique registered users, and a dozen times more unregistered users everyday use the platform to discover new music.

But how to break through the crowd where millions of musicians want to catch the attention of consumers and build a solid fanbase? Well, MusicPromoToday has prepared for you a few fast and simple steps to get more recognition and promote your content within just a few clicks. Time to break through the noise!

1- Host a remix contest

Remix contests are super popular among musicians who are looking for a way to get more shoutouts and promote their singles. Choose one of your songs, then publish separate tracks of this single, and enlist your fans to create killer remixes. To look professional, you can prepare a landing page with all the required info, and place to submit the remix.

3- Try Playlist Grouping

Playlist Grouping is a way to create a playlist that can help you gain more exposure. It works by blending newly released songs of mainstream artists who are getting millions of streams and hits with your own songs in a playlist. If you want to learn more about this method to increase your reach, check out our article A Top Secret Strategy That Will Increase Your SoundCloud Exposure. 

4- Use Buy links feature

SoundCloud allows you to edit or add a Buy link to let your fans purchase the track from another site (such as iTunes, BandCamp, etc.) through your track’s edit page in the ‘Metadata’ tab. While listening to your music, users will know where you’re selling your music on and offline. Be sure to add links to CD Baby or your distributor so your audience can purchase your music!


5- Share your music privately

If you have already built a fanbase - spoil them with some new content you have been working on recently. SoundCloud provides users with a private sharing feature that helps in managing digital music marketing campaigns and enables them to offer exclusive material and to solicit feedback without having to officially drop your tunes publicly to the world. 

Wrap up

SoundCloud can boost your career right after your music is uploaded the platform.. but the most important question remains: What efforts is the artist putting in to increase awareness?

SoundCloud has launched dozens of features to help you grow your reach and break through the crowd. The stats show that every minute 12 hours of new music is being uploaded to SoundCloud, so stay focused and make your content matter! Learn more about music marketing on our blog. At MusicPromoToday, we provide artists with tailor-made music marketing strategies to improve your visibility on all streaming platforms and to catch the attention of potential fans, impactful bloggers and music journalists.

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