Posted on October 17, 2022

The Best Way To Get Your Music On Digital Radio

By Shawn Spence
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Have you ever asked yourself how to get your music heard on digital radio?

Radio marketing aka ‘radio plug-ins’ is one of the oldest and strongest mediums of music discovery for artists. Today an artist can leverage their popularity on digital radio to climb the promo ladder.

Times may be changing and new streaming services are emerging, but radio remains a strong promotional tool that addresses the niche markets as well as the mainstream audience demographic. But if you hit big on digital radio, and your track begins to trend the shares will be international & potentially unstoppable.

For independent artists, digital radio is a great way of getting their music heard without expensive ads. 

After a quick evaluation of your promo war chest, you may want to consider investing in internet / digital radio spots and ads. Promotion can run a pretty penny. Should you be able to convert that directly into dollars is usually the compromise you make for your song having the chance to go public. Having your music extended to radio is a defining milestone for any musician on their path to success.

There’s a huge difference between major radio stations and digital radio stations.

The digital radio ecosystem is focused on building niche, loyal fan bases. The bigger stations are more interested in short-term profits and pushing albums as they are accountable to advertisers for their funding. 

The most accessible radio outlets for independent and DIY musicians include college/university, non-commercial/community, and online/web radio. These are inexpensive outlets that allow for huge reach potentials and have powerful loyal fans that back them up.

Many of these non-classical radio programs have passionate curators eager to meet new artists and present their work to their attentive and encouraging listeners.

Colleges Are On Digital Radio Too

The first thing you need to do is get acquainted with your target audience and decide accordingly which college station suits your music best.

Your presence on their station will give you a heads-up on the region and will insight into traffic to your channels. The purpose isn’t just to sell albums or merchandise. It is to invite fans to attend performances or share exclusive info about your songs with a community.

Keep in mind that college radio stations are always looking for new content that is local and interactive. In addition to this drive, they often work with volunteer staff that are engaged more than just “at work”. In their stead, artists are looking for ways to increase exposure and reach, so it’s a win-win situation with a community vibe.

 On Digital Radio

Pitch Perfectly to Get On Digital Radio

Second, musicians need to identify who is on the digital frontier and how they can collaborate together.

Indie artists must research and find DJs that would care about the music they make. Getting to know the DJs by researching their online profiles will help you connect with them faster. Besides, it’s always preferable to get a hold of them via social media so it can feel more familiar.

From there, it is all about the proper pitch that explains your motivations, your vision, and your immediate want. Moreover, once targets are acquired, every indie artist must have a full press kit ready. Compile a portfolio of their work, and biography and give an overview of their musical audience and style.

The press kit should include:

  1. A brief bio
  2. Album name, Discography
  3. Awards, Milestones
  4. Tour dates
  5. References
  6. Website
  7. Social media/ streaming profile links
  8. Contact information: managers, agents, media rep, etc

Online radio is a powerful medium to use for independent musicians, and here’s why

  1. You can store and distribute your recording across various digital platforms.
  2. Compared to traditional radio, online radio offers a lower entry barrier.
  3. A multi-tiered event that features both music and an interview are simpler to put up.
  4. Listeners to online radio are frequently very devoted to the station and more likely to visit artist portals.
  5. It is simple to share on social media.
  6. Without using a radio producer, you can effortlessly reach out to foreign audiences.
  7. Finally, contacting the station again after submitting your portfolio is crucial.

Contact them by phone or email and inquire if there is any other information you can give them. It’s an easy follow-up that can mean closing the deal.

Are you interested in being broadcast globally? MPT Agency has worked to get countless artists’ radio interviews, playlist positions, morning show entries even shout-out sponsorships. If you have an objective or dream to be heard on the radio, make sure you check out our radio plugging service.

To find out what other services can further improve your radio airplay performance. Head to our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for all your DIY marketing content. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Posted on October 11, 2022

    Independent Artist? How To Get The Most From Radio Play

    By John Reynolds
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    Have you ever asked yourself, how to get on the radio?

    Radio is still one of the most prolific forms of entertainment distribution in North America. Beyond the taxi rides and cars with broken CD players, the radio provides a platform for musicians that combines both prestige and reach. 

    On-air play differentiates an indie artist from the rest, as it demonstrates that the music is available for mass consumption, and has a hook strong enough to be posted around advertising dollars. 

    Despite the popularity of streaming platforms, radio still represents about 50% of new music discovery in consumer habits.

    As a musician, you no longer have to rely on a label to start your career. The creation of accounts on multiple platforms to distribute your music is powerful enough to help you scale your reach, to go beyond the small gig economy.  

    Be it an Instagram, TikTok, or Spotify account content that is consistently posted, helps get you the traction you need to gain access to the mainstream music industry.

    College Radio:

    Your lowest-hanging fruit to access radio will always be college radios. These independent channels give room for new artists to send their music and create a name for themselves. 

    Key states like California, Ohio, Michigan, and Florida, have college stations that outperform most regular radio stations. It’s not a question of budget or quality, as broadcasting devices have become more affordable over time, rather, college radio has an existing community they nurture, and are responsible for campus news that affects hundreds of thousands of students. Not to mention that college parties are some of the biggest gigs, early-stage artists usually get booked on. 

    College radio has key listening programs that allow it to become a major influence in the promotion of independent artists. One of which is college sports, especially football, and basketball. With thousands of listeners and hundreds of games a year, every half-time posting and online rebroadcast gives an opportunity for the producers to include local bands, all you need to do is reach them. 

    Online Radio:

    Online radio is a key player in today’s broadcasting networks. With over 60 000 stations to pick from in North America, online radio has become a staple of modern broadcasting entertainment. 

    In the post-pandemic, work-from-home world, podcasts, online radio, and smart speaker curation grew by an average of 41% in regard to listeners. With podcasts leading the way well into 2022, radio trends are becoming more and more catered to the individual and micro-communities that gravitate around topics. 

    Channels like NPR which have a powerful fellowship on air, have managed to transition their popularity onto the digital surface, with their podcast library doubling in viewership in just 2 years. 

    For independent artists, online radio is a powerful medium to use for the following reasons:

    1. Your recording can be saved and spread across different digital platforms 
    2. Online radio has a low entry point in comparison to regular radio
    3. It is easier to have a multi-tiered show where both musics is played and an interview is held. 
    4. Online radio listeners are very loyal to the channel and have a higher conversion rate toward the artists’ portals.  
    5. It can be easily shared on social media
    6. You can target international audiences easily without going through a radio producer. 

    Brand Reach Matters Most For On-air Radio

    As an artist, the mediums that you work with will naturally affect the types of brands and partners that you will attract.

    The more prestigious or trustworthy the stages you work on, the more likely a major brand will hop on the bandwagon. With Radio, you will be side by side with one of the most trusted forms of advertisement available. 

    Finally, radio is still the most trusted channel for advertisers, according to Katz Radio Group.

    77% of listeners would try a brand endorsed by their favorite radio, rather than one targeted online.

    With more stringent rules for publication and more family-friendly content, the radio allocates a positive aura around the hosts and guests.

    As an independent artist, you can easily act as a micro-influencer on a show that you have booked. 

    1. The radio host will always ask if you have a sponsor you want to bring up. Having more people around the table is easy said and easily done. 
    2. You can use the station’s numbers to attract the brands that fit your audience. When properly executed brands will be able to see you as an endorsement tool. 

    Fan Loyalty For On-Air Radio

    Royalty payout is higher on air than it is on streams. The artist will engage much more supportive fans because more than 82.1 million Americans are paid subscribers to on-demand music.

    A fan willing to pay for free services is usually focused on having access to exclusive content. This gives artists the opportunity to maximize their radio time, and share engaging content. 

    Toe To Toe With Labels

    Digital marketing via radio allows small musicians to go toe to toe with big labels. They level the playing field by increasing the reach of the artist tenfold and having them side by side with other artists of a larger status. Getting indie music onto these mediums increases their legitimacy. Also, it creates a level of reach that labels spend millions to secure. 

    According to WKCB “The sad part is through all the airplay, advertising, and social media posts, the majority of internet radio stations cannot generate the type of revenue needed to maintain the licensing necessary to insure artists, songwriters, and publishers get paid what’s due to them based on airplay. So they operate, a testing fate that they will not get caught for copyright infringement by any of the major performing rights organizations (BMI. ASCAP or SoundExchange).”

    Independent Artist? How To Get The Most On-air Radio
    Independent Artist? How To Get The Most On-air Radio

    Broadcast a “Tiny Desk Concert” Performances

    For indie artists, the tiny desk concert is a high ticket item to pitch to radio shows. They create a very high volume of traffic and encourage the community vision of most radio stations. 

    For the artist, this can be done in 2 ways. 

    1. Pre-record your acoustic concert or performance and send it in for playtime.
    2. Should the studio be equipped to record your life, make sure to properly announce your performance, and bring your favorite instrument to the table? 

    NPR’s success with tiny desk concerts has opened up the market for live acoustic play, especially for indie pop, rock, and other artists.

    It’s no secret that MPT Agency has experience juggling this amazing medium for publication. Your song deserves the opportunity to speak to its own merit, and radio provides that key combo of authority and reach. It’s going to be difficult to get there, sometimes it will take an army of PR specialists sending pitches around the clock. But that’s what we are here for. Handling this on your own as an indie artist is a daunting task but that’s what agencies are for.

    Don’t miss this market opportunity and make sure to align it with what your brand is currently working on.

    MPT’s rich culture with blogs gives artists a one-stop shop for their information. Want to know more about how things are done right, follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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