Posted on March 22, 2023

Universal Music Group & Deezer Team Up For New Artist-Focused Streaming Model

By Yvonne Martin
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Following the deal with Tidal, the world’s leading music-based entertainment company, Universal Music Group, partners up with one of the largest global music streaming platforms, Deezer, for another artist-centric strategy. The two are taking an initiative to “investigate potential economic models for music streaming that more fully recognize the value artists create.”

In an announcement, UMG and Deezer confirmed that they “aim to develop new methods that holistically reward recording artists and songwriters for the value they create and to reimagine and update the engagement model for Deezer’s users and the artists they love.” Both companies are recognized for their efforts to explore alternative ways to compensate artists fairly.

In 2019, the French streaming platform launched a campaign to promote a user-centric payment system (UCPS). UMG, on the other hand, recently sent a memo to its staff hinting at a plan that adopts a more artist-focused approach in its payment models. Sir Lucian Grainge, Universal Music Group’s Chairman and CEO, clearly explained that they intend to transform the way artists and rightsholders are paid by streaming services.

Grainge had previously noted: “Streaming has evolved in a way that undervalues the critical contributions of many an artist as well as the engagement of many fans.” He noted that this system sadly disregards the “basic unarguable truth that is: The artists are the center of everything in the music ecosystem,” adding, “Fans recognize the enormous value offered by music subscriptions, still a relatively low cost, a high-value form of entertainment, which in turn has supported decisions made by a number of our DSP partners to raise prices recently.” 

Hoping that fans would be offered more ways to engage, Michael Nash, UMG’s EVP and Chief Digital Officer, also suggested that streaming platforms can do “a better job of monetizing these high integrity, high intense artist-fan relationships. That will come with superfan monetization. We’ve been speaking with platforms…about the enhancement of offers to the consumer that reflect the engagement with artists that are really driving the economic models of the platform.”

UMG’s new agreement with Deezer promises to “better align the interests of artists, fans and streaming services and explore ways in which artists at every point in their careers and from every genre and geography can more fully benefit commercially from streaming. With a foundation in deep data analysis, the partnership will look at the benefits and evaluate the viability of different economic models aimed at driving subscriber growth, forging stronger bonds with music fans on the platform, and developing commercial opportunities that benefit artists and the broader music community.”

Speaking of the partnership, Nash said: “Deezer has long advocated for a re-evaluation of subscription’s economic model. We’re thrilled Jeronimo and his team are partnering with us to explore how we can evolve streaming for the benefit of the entire ecosystem of artists, labels, platforms, and fans. Such collaboration is critical to the success of the Artist-Centric initiative. While there won’t be one uniform quick fix—subscriber acquisition and retention dynamics and metrics vary by platform—our partnership with Deezer will help accelerate this entire enterprise.”

Deezer’s CEO, Jeronimo Folgueira, added: “As a key player in the music industry, we work with all labels to find ways to make the ecosystem fairer and help artists monetize their music better. The current system has clear issues that need to be addressed, such as increasing amounts of non-music tracks uploaded on platforms, poor quality covers with misspelled artists’ names and songs to ‘steal’ streams, and people trying to trick the system with the length of tracks.”

He continued: “This hurts true artists, makes it harder for new ones to emerge, and also damages the fan experience. We believe in quality and fairness at Deezer and with this initiative, together with UMG, we will look into how we can improve the model to everyone’s benefit. Music is extremely undervalued today and as part of the artist-centric discussion we are keen to find additional ways of increasing monetization, to the benefit of real artists, the labels, and platforms like Deezer.”

Over the past couple of years, Deezer has actively participated in developing new ways of connecting artists with fans. The streaming service admits to being “devoted to highlighting the value of music, artistic creation, and fan engagement,” while providing services and features that include, super fan rewards, in-app live streaming, VOD concerts, lyric translations, music quiz functionality, and more.
With this latest initiative, UMG and Deezer will be able to offer users alternative monetization options and develop new experiential features. Head to MPT Agency Blog to find out more about recent industry developments. Follow MusicPromoToday for more information.

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    Posted on December 7, 2022

    CMA Rules In Favor Of Record Labels & Streaming Services

    By Barbara Drews
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    UK Watchdog Shuts Down Allegations Once & For All!

    Amid claims that big record labels and music streaming services such as Spotify hold excessive power in the industry, UK Watchdog, the British consumer investigative journalism program, launched an in-depth investigation into the music streaming market to determine whether the claims were true. But it turns out that the system, in large part, is surprisingly fair both to listeners and musicians. 

    Before initiating their research, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) had announced that their main focus will be:

    “To assess whether any lack of competition between music companies could affect the musicians, singers, and songwriters whose interests are intertwined with those of music lovers.”

    Chief Executive of CMA, Andrea Coscelli said that

    As we examine this complex market, our thinking and conclusions will be guided by the evidence we receive. If the CMA finds problems, it will consider what action may be necessary.”

    Looking into the streaming industry from a creator-to-consumer perspective, CMA promised to see:

    “Whether innovation is being stifled and if firms hold excessive power.”  

    Well, now that the results are in, many artists will be disappointed to find out that there is no power exploitation and the influence of record labels and music streaming services on the market cannot be regulated. The UK’s competition watchdog claims that no real harm can be directly correlated, despite the appeal of some industry professionals.

    In the final issued report, CMA explained,

    We have found that it is unlikely that the outcomes that concern many stakeholders are primarily driven by competition. Consequently, it is unlikely that a competition intervention would improve outcomes overall, and release more money in the system to pay creators more.”

    Despite The Apparent Challenges, The Final Verdict Is As Follows:

    • Streaming services have benefited music fans who have free access to songs and are paying less for Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.
    • Industry giants (Universal, Warner, and Song) that control most of the market share aren’t “likely to be making significant excess profits that could be shared with creators.”
    • Despite the increase of Royalty rates in deals, many musicians still struggle to make an income from streaming services.

    According to CMA interim chief executive, Sarah Cardell,

    “Streaming has transformed how music fans access vast catalogs of music, providing a valuable platform for artists to reach new listeners quickly, and at a price for consumers that has declined in real terms over the years.”

    “We heard from many artists and songwriters across the UK about how they struggle to make a decent living from these services. These are understandable concerns, but our findings show that these are not the result of ineffective competition. Intervention by the CMA would not release more money into the system that would help artists or songwriters.”

    To read more stories like this go to  MPT Blog. You can also follow MusicPromoToday for more news about the music industry.

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      Posted on December 5, 2022

      Atlantic Records Denies Using Bots For Any Of Its Artists

      By Yvonne Martin
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      Atlantic Records’ recent bot scandal has opened a new window of speculation about record labels and their artists.

      Are The Engagement And Streaming Numbers Real? 

      Many in the music industry are being accused of adopting cunning techniques like album stuffing, playlist stuffing, streaming farms, and streaming data inflation, to name a few. Large recording companies and even major artists are being blamed for manipulating stream counts, number of views, chart positioning, and so on. They do this to increase market share, earn royalty payments, and for many other illicit reasons.

      Since the good old days, labels have been known for paying radio stations and DJs to constantly play their artists’ songs on the radio, making them popular. This type of undercover agreement and secret payment is called payola. Today, the same concept is being applied to streaming services, except this time they are buying fake streams.

      Apparently, labels use streaming farms to help artificially increase streams, creating “Hits” and therefore earning more money. How do they work? The tech “mimics fans listening to the same song hundreds of times at a specific period of time.”

      In addition to getting a song to reach the top of the charts, streaming farms can also make labels more money from royalties. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer all over again. As big recording companies and popular stars get even more popular, independent labels and artists receive a bigger blow.

      The latest of the labels being accused of such behavior is Atlantic Records. The American recording company has had a difficult past couple of days after the news of bot usage broke on the internet. It is being blamed for increasing the number of views on many of its artists’ videos, particularly rapper and singer-songwriter Don Toliver’s “Do It Right.” 

      What Did Atlantic Records Reply?

      The company replied to the accusations by saying, “Atlantic Records has never used bots for any of our artists.” A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, 100 gecs, Charlie Puth, Coldplay, Kodak Black, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Weezer, and among others are signed with Atlantic Records. The social media community is pointing fingers at a long list of artists, although it’s unclear whether they are involved in the alleged claims. 

      Along with Toliver, Lil Uzi Vert, and Roddy Ricch, are also being speculated. Toliver’s rep released a statement saying, “While we conduct our own investigation into the allegations, we urge Atlantic Records to do the same—to protect the integrity of not only their roster of artists but their reporting metrics.”

      The fact is, it’s really difficult to run a fair system. Bots have become part of the normal way of conduct and to make them disappear altogether is close to impossible. The only way to go is to trust that record labels, managers, and artists will rely on authentic and real engagement rather than bots.

      Connect with MusicPromoToday and find out all the insider information about the music industry. Check the MPT Agency Blog for more interesting news.

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        Posted on November 2, 2022

        Social Media Is The New Search Engine

        By Barbara Drews
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        Social media is used for everything by young people. What does that mean for search engines? Does this conclude that social media is the new search engine?

        Well, there are social media networks for every interest and purpose, therefore it might occasionally be quicker and easier to just conduct a search within the social network itself.

        It is also becoming more and more common among consumers thanks to the introduction of mobile applications, some of which are quicker than a phone’s internet function.

        When conducting searches, a lot of users enter their queries into social media networks rather than Google or Yahoo. 

        Do You Recognize Some Of The Following Situations Where Social Media Is The New Search Engine?

        • You use Twitter to search for a TV show or news program.
        • Flower decor inspo? You go to Pinterest.
        • Even Facebook’s main page now features a “trending on Facebook” area where you can browse headlines and look for Facebook posts related to particular themes.
        • You use Yelp to find the best restaurants and repair companies in your area.

        The Fastest Growing Platforms Are Ruling Over Google

        Social Media Is The New Search Engine

        A search engine powerhouse made some worrying discoveries in recent research. TikTok or Instagram is used for searches by 40% of young people. Will Google change its strategy or go extinct like Yahoo?

        Senior Vice President Prabhkakar Raghwan, who oversees Google’s Knowledge and Information Organization, spoke at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference about cutting-edge technology and the company’s future. Raghwan also discussed how young people are abandoning Google. Raghwan mentioned –

        We keep learning, over and over again, that new internet users don’t have the expectations and the mindset that we have become accustomed to.

        Evidently, they no longer enter “keywords.” Gen Z is addicted to immersive media. According to Raghwan, more than 40% of young people don’t use Google Maps or Search to find new restaurants. Instead, they perform that on Insta or TikTok.

        TikTok continues to rule other social networks as the fastest-growing social media app, especially with Gen Z consumers, and this latest discovery further strengthens that position.

        Dear millennials who only use Google, feel ancient yet?

        From Social Search To Social Search Engine Optimization

        Social media has the ability to significantly increase brand engagement, and because of this, it is essential for companies to succeed on social media to optimize their search engine results.

        How Can You Improve Your Social Media Posts?

        1. Content: Be careful to complete your profiles as thoroughly as possible for websites without hashtags, including LinkedIn and Yelp. 
        2. Hashtags: Make sure to add pertinent hashtags in your postings on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram so that consumers can discover them.

        By doing the above, you can ensure that you will show up in searches for your goods or services.

        What Does The Future Hold For Google?

        Google acknowledges that the number is startling. TikTok and Insta Reels were already eroding YouTube’s market share; now Google’s pervasive search is also under threat! 

        What about Maps’ ten years’ worth of restaurant and bar curation? 

        In contrast to millennials and those who were born shortly before the advent of smartphones, Google may develop a more visually immersive method of capturing the attention of the next generation of internet users. 

        Google is already indexing Popular Instagram and TikTok videos so they may appear in its news feed. However, consumers might not want to quickly switch from a native app to a browser and do a search…

        Final Thoughts On… Social Media Is The New Search Engine.

        In order to get more Gen Z people to utilize their search engine, how will Google respond to these statistics? It is generally accepted that the solution is a feature that provides a more immersive and visual results page for Google Search and Google Maps.

        Whatever the response, it must be strong in order to succeed in attracting Generation Z.

        To keep up with the most recent trends and breakthroughs in the music industry, connect with MusicPromoToday if you are an aspiring musician who wants to advance your musical career. 

        Visit the MPT Agency Blog to learn more about the secrets and how you can advance in your musical career as an investment in your professional development.

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          Posted on September 5, 2022

          Steve Aoki and Seth Green’s Animated NFT TV Series Empowers Fans

          By John Reynolds
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          In partnership with Seth Green, GRAMMY-nominated music producer Steve Aoki has unveiled the first community-driven animated NFT TV series. This project is the next chapter in the life of his NFT mascot, Character X. Furthermore, it is creating waves by offering community-driven on-chain storytelling.

          The Animated NFT TV Series by Steve Aoki and Seth Green

          Replicant X is the newest installment in the narrative of Steve Aoki’s mascot Character X. It is a follow-up to Aoki’s 2021 stop-motion NFT project, “Dominion X,” which sold out in less than seven seconds. 

          This latest incarnation distinguishes out from the pack owing to its high level of interactivity. In fact, as the tale progresses, members of the community have the ability to shape the character’s path.

          This Replicant X coin will be used to support the first episodes of the animated NFT TV show “Dominion X.” The series is based on Aoki’s Character X, who initially featured in his debut NFT drop “Dream Catcher” and is now the DJ’s personal mascot. It is directed by Eric Towner and produced by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. 

          The prototype initiative, which debuted on Nifty Gateway in 2021, presented a new method of connecting with media.

          Replicant X Minting Specifications

          In terms of aesthetics, the Replicant X collection is likewise distinctive. It features bright graphics created by Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, with each character hand-picked by Steve Aoki himself.

          On September 7, 2022, an Allowlist Mint will take hold. Previous Aoki and Seth Green NFT holders, including A0K1VERSE Passport, Stoopid Monkey, Pizza Bot, Dominion X, and Dream Catcher NFTs featuring Character X, will be able to participate. 

          On the Ethereum blockchain, the public mint is scheduled for September 8. On September 9, certain A0K1VERSE Passport holders may expect a complimentary airdrop.

          Replicant X will continue to grow on Steve Aoki’s A0K1VERSE web3 world. Aoki is taking fan involvement to the next level by giving them the opportunity to help develop an animated series.

          Make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more NFT and music marketing-related updates.

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            Posted on July 28, 2022

            How Black Dave Is Defining What It Means To Be a Web3 Music Artist

            By John Reynolds
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            Multidisciplinary artist Dave Curry (aka Black Dave) has risen through the ranks of the NFT music ecosystem during the past year. Even by NFT standards, he’s a one-of-a-kind artist who has funneled his sense of humor, love of anime, and musical skill into a fascinating blend of art that is well-known around the crypto world.

            Dave, who initially tried his hand at NFTs around the end of 2020, has come a long way since his early days of minting anime characters. But, despite his extensive branching, he has not abandoned his origins. His current NFTs retain the humorous and passionate essence of his personality.

            Early Beginnings
            Black Dave’s narrative may be related to every 20-something NFT enthusiast. In the aftermath of a global epidemic, Dave doubled down on his love, devoting a substantial portion of his time and energy to music. “In 2020, I was making a beat every day, and I was putting it out for sale every day. So they’re 400 or so beats for sale on the internet right now,” Dave mentioned in an interview. “I was writing a three-song EP every month. I would produce, it recorded, mix it, master it, and make the cover art,” he continued.

            He first learned about NFTs in 2020, due to an old acquaintance who had been flipping paintings on Nifty Gateway and making good money. Dave realized flipping wasn’t going to work for him, but following this introduction, he became interested in minting his own NFTs.
            “I was really trying to be a rapper. Really trying to be a producer,” Dave says about his early beginnings in NFTs. “I just kept making music. Then, in December of 2020, I got into NFTs for real and minted my first NFT.”

            According to Dave, his first NFT was a nod to the sort of visual art he had previously created. His first NFT, in particular, was an unused piece of cover art that had never been distributed.

            Notably, Dave’s visual art style frequently significantly relies on altering and combining anime and manga imagery created by others. As a result, his first few endeavors did not go over well with everyone.

            “Artists in the space, especially artists that were doing anime style, said, ‘you’re just taking other people’s art and making it your own,’” Dave stated. “But that was literally was the point. So much of my aesthetic is taking things that exist and reformatting them. That’s just rap music too. You know? Production of rap music is sampling. Even streetwear culture can be just flipping logos.”

            Nonetheless, Dave opted to depart from his first projects and focus on 2D and 3D art. Of course, there’s music.

            Music On The Blockchain

            Nowadays, Black Dave is well renowned for his contributions to the NFT music scene. His NFT music adventure began with his edition piece Black Dave, Black Comet. Soon after, he acquired control of NFT music innovation.
            Black Dave released a “Verse Token” as part of his 002 collection in July 2021, among several 3D landscapes and his final few Manga Tears works. The mechanics of this single token were actually the collection’s focal point. The “Black Dave Verse Token,” as it was called, allowed its owner to redeem a verse from Black Dave at any time. While organizations like Arpeggi Labs had previously proposed blockchain music collaborations, Dave’s drop may have been the first collaborative rap NFT ever made.

            Dave highlighted the drop’s fundamental physics, adding that it allowed people to combine both broad themes and music. “The unlockable content for the NFT is a link to a Google Form. In the Google Form, you can type in what you want me to rap about. You can upload a beat in the Google Form that uploads to Google Drive for me to rap to, and then I send it back,” he said.

            Dave’s greatest sale at the time was the “Black Dave Verse Token,” which sold at auction for 0.33 ETH ($1,089). According to Dave, the winning bidder was aware of the token’s potential before bidding and was shocked to obtain it for such a low price.

            “The person who collected it was like, ‘I bid on it, but I wasn’t expecting to win it because I thought it was going to be the biggest thing in music NFTs,’” Dave mentioned in an interview. “Which is the story of my life, right? Everyone’s like, ‘What a genius idea — this should have sold for way more!’ That’s like the epitome of my whole existence in web3.”

            From then, Black Dave went on to release two additional tracks, “Appreciate It” and “Kaioken 10,” as part of the 002 collection before getting allowed to mint his music on the top music NFT platform, Catalog.

            Black Dave: Curated

            In the winter of 2022, Black Dave was chosen for a Catalog release, launching him on the path to his present status in the music NFT sector. His record “Sharp” was created on November 8, 2021, and it eventually fetched 3 ETH (about $10,200) at auction on January 6.

            “Sharp” was sold through PartyBid, a service that allows a group of collectors to get together and contribute gradually to collectively bidding on an item. When an auction is won on PartyBid, every contributing member of that party receives a token representing fractional ownership of the NFT that was acquired.

            This feature is rarely used, leaving collectors with the option of holding the token and selling it later. But Dave, being Dave, decided to add some extra value to his NFTs’ associated $SHARP token. How? By allowing token holders to influence what occurs with the “Sharp” NFT.

            “What I did was I tied the $SHARP token to governance. Right now, there’s a vote happening around whether or not I should put ‘Sharp’ on streaming. The people who participated in the PartyBid are the only ones who can vote,” Dave said “I’m putting my spin on fan ownership by allowing them to actually vote on decisions surrounding my music. In the future, they’ll vote on [things] like: should the song have a music video, how much money should I spend on that music video, how much money should I spend on marketing?”
            Dave then moved on to Sound, a service that mixes streaming with minting and community listening. Dave continues his good streak on Sound, releasing “Triple Beam” on February 2 and earning 2.5 ETH ($6,440).

            Next Up: Black Dave

            What’s next for Dave? To begin with, more music.

            Now, barely three months into 2022, Dave is planning his third release of the year, this time through the curated NFT music site MintSongs. With this release, Dave will deliver one of his most distinctive projects to date — an EP titled WOLF, which he claims will be predominantly rock-focused — in an effort to determine whether or not the genre has promise in the NFT area.

            “I think testing rock music is going to be really fun. I’ve never written a straight-up rock EP, even though I’ve been in bands,” Dave said “Normally, it’s me and another person. This is me doing all the music myself, recording everything myself. I just want to see if there’s a home for rock music in the same way that there is rap music.”

            Once the WOLF drop is complete, Dave will be attending SXSW as part of ZORATOPIA, an event hosted by community NFT platform and marketplace Zora. The event will include four activations, two of which will include Dave speaking and performing for the first time at SXSW.

            Dave said he’ll be back to focus on his own projects after WOLF and SXSW. While he continues to navigate the vast web of curated music NFT platforms, he has returned to find out how to innovate with his own solo endeavors. Dave intends to build a layer of NFTs for his most ardent fans in the near future. He aspires to merge the digital and real worlds to provide his collectors with a more immersive experience.

            After all, Dave isn’t entirely reliant on the blockchain. He’d been composing music for a long time before he started minting it. And, in some respects, his objectives were the same then as they are now. NFTs are a terrific way to generate online money and build community, but Dave still wants to be a musician on a bigger platform.

            Make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more NFT and music marketing-related updates.

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              Posted on June 7, 2020

              6ix9ine Akon Locked Up Part 2 Streams on Instagram – Music Marketing Unveiled

              By MusicPromoToday
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              6ix9ine and Akon just shared an Instagram video showing a sneak peak of their new music – set to drop soon. “Locked Up” version 1 By Akon and Styles P, was taken as the lead single from Akon’s album, Trouble. The single was released in 2004, peaking at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100. 

              Here is a preview video of Akon and 6ix9ine previewing the #2 version of Locked Up;

              LOCKED UP PART 2 IM ON ALBUM MODE 💿💿💿 THIS ALBUM GOING CRAZYYYYYYY 🔥🔥🔥 @akon 💛💚💙💜❤️🧡🖤🤍

              Welcome back to Instagram. Sign in to check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world.

              6ix9ine urged his fans to comment on the IG post and said that if he gets 100,000 comments, he will release the song. Music marketing done right! Communication with your fanbase is key when you want to:

              • build your fanbase
              • drop new music
              • tease new music
              • increase engagement
              • influence the algorithm in your favor

              6ix9ine was recently released from prison to avoid the COVID19 spread with inmates. He dropped GOOBA just a few weeks after and already has over 300 million hits on the music video and 900K + comments. Here are a few tips on how to improve your YouTube or music video engagement.

              • Drop your first comment: this is a good opportunity to thank viewers and show some gratitude or explain the message or story you are trying to convey with your lyrics or video production.
              • Reply to comments: being anti-social on social media and YouTube does not contribute to the growth of your fanbase. Pay attention to your comments and reply to every one of them. This is where you can actually build the bridge between each ones of your fans.
              • Build a good audience retention ratio: Watch time is everything. Focus on getting quality and targeted viewership. A good audience retention ratio will increase your chances to get featured on the homepage of YouTube and on the right hand panel side as a related video within your niche/ keyword target. The last thing you want is a lot of views and a bad watch time. You’re better off having 1 million views on your music video with a 2:30 watch time than 3 million views but a 0:15 watch time. Labels, agents, brands will ask you for your average watch time. Make sure you run targeted campaigns only to make sure you are properly targeting viewers that will enjoy your type of music/ video.
              • Try Facebook: Facebook also allows you to run targeted ads. In fact, you can control your ad spend more in depth on Facebook vs. Google. It may also be much more cost efficient to run a music video campaign on Facebook. With Facebook, you can set to pay only when users play at least 10 or 15 seconds of your video; this way you minimize the waste or loss of users that play for a short period of time and exit.
              • Try getting in playlists: YouTube is also the hotspot when it comes to getting on playlists. Similar to Spotify. While is it recommended to run ads on YouTube to build your fanbase, targeted playlists can also help you build a solid viewership, a fanbase and a healthy retention ratio.

              Make sure to read our other articles where we expose methods, strategies, insiders and tips on how to run your Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify or music pr / music marketing campaign. If you need guidance in setting up your YouTube music video ads, Facebook Thruplay campaigns, or Spotify playlisting… contact us through our form and we’ll get back to you in no time! While Akon and 6ix9ine get ready to drop Locked Up Part 2, we hope your voice and show your support to the Black Lives Matter movement. Watch the video we made below:

              View this post on Instagram

              Today is not a day to log off. It is not a day of silence. It is a day to mute + amplify. AMPLIFY black voices and utilize your platform to post petitions, donations links and additional information. ⁣ ⁣ Do not use BlackLivesMatter or BLM hashtags. These posts are blocking vital information on those hashtags!! Instead use #BlackOutTuesday. ⁣ ⁣ To our friends, partners, clients, and industry, everyone at stands in solidarity with the fight for equality, fully supports the #blacklivesmatter movement and is fully committed to spread love in this world. ⁣ ⁣ You always face the greatest struggle, the greatest opposition, the greatest discouragement right before the breakthrough. 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 🌎 ❤️ ⁣ ⁣ We are with you. Keep the movement alive!!

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                Posted on June 4, 2020

                Top 5 Underrated Black Musicians You MUST Listen To Today

                By MusicPromoToday
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                While we’ve seen a lot of fear, anger, frustration, and outrage during this past week due to the barbaric murder of George Floyd, its also clear that some of the tension has arised because the whole world sitting at home attempting to navigate the novel COVID-19. Dealing with sick loved ones and experiencing a great deal of fear and worry about what the future will hold. Millions of people worldwide have lost their jobs and are battling unemployment unsure about what will happen next, musicians and artists included. You might know a musician who is dealing with this reality right now or it might even be you. We hear you, we see you, and we are here for you! But if you’re also wondering how you can support some of these underrated black musicians during these unique times, check out MusicPromoToday’s top five list of black musicians you can support today! 

                Blood Orange

                Blood Orange aka Devonté Hynes has the tendency to be compared to artists ‘The internet, Solange, Frank Ocean, and Jorja Smith.’ But the 34 year-old musician is unique and has a signature sound of his own. His most popular hits include, ‘You’re Not Good Enough,’ ‘Sutphin Boulevard,’ and ‘Saint’ and almost every single song he’s ever produced! 


                37 year-old black female singer, KELELA, is making a bang for her buck as she creates hit after hit addressing issues couples deal in relationships and her very own real life experiences. The musician reminds listeners of artists like FKA Twigs, SZA, Little Dragon, and Kali Uchis with her electro-pop sound. Some of her biggest hits are ‘LMK,’ ‘Frontline,’ and ‘Rewind.’


                Christopher Joseph Gallant III, also known as Gallant really knows how to work the crowd. With his sick beats and soulful sound, the young artist has really gathered a large following to support his music. To some, his songs are reminiscent of Miguel, Daniel Caesar, and Majid Jordan but to others, he is one of a kind. His most popular tracks include ‘Weight in Gold,’ ‘Cave Me In,’ and ‘Mad At You’ (Noah Cyrus, ft. Gallant). Take a listen yourself, you won’t be disappointed. 

                Topaz Jones

                New Jersey-based hip-hop artist, Topaz Jones’ sound combines rapid flows and oozing beats of trap music and laid-back 70s funk. Listeners often compare him to artists like Andre 3000, Jay Prince, and GoldLink but we believe his sound is one of a kind. His hottest tracks include ‘Tropicana,’ ‘Motion Sickness,’ and ‘Toothache.’ Don’t miss out Topaz Jones, a flaming and talented artist! 


                Micah Davis, professionally known as Masego, is an black male singer who released 2 EPs in 2016. He gained much of his popularity when he recorded a collaborative record with FKJ entitled, ‘Tadow’ in 2017. His sound is similar to artists like Xavier Omar, Raveena, and Tom Misch and some of his most popular hits are ‘Tadow,’ ‘Navajo,’ and ‘Sunday Vibes.’ Check out his Spotify below! 

                Wrap Up

                The world is going through some unique and heavy times right now! And we understand it can be frustrating for many. Show your support by listening to some of your favorite African American singers and your favorite R&B artists. Be the bridge and have their voices heard as you stand in solidarity with your favorite male and female African American singers! The team at MusicPromoToday unites and also stands in solidarity with all of our black clients, colleagues, and beloved artists.

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                  Posted on June 1, 2020

                  Black Lives Matter: The Music Industry Is Speaking Out!

                  By MusicPromoToday
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                  The music industry is taking a day to pause and raise awareness about all the mishaps that are occurring in America. The world is being shaken to its core and musicians from different parts of the world are speaking out and standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s been decades since we’ve had such riots and loitering like this take place in the most prominent streets of America. But enough is enough. Emotions are flying high right now as violence is erupting due to George Floyd’s murder, frustration, anger, and an unjust system. Big-named artists and label companies have broken their silence and are taking matters into their own hands as the gatekeepers of the culture to speak out and have pledged to join the grassroots campaign. MusicPromoToday has gathered for you a compilation of all these allies vocalizing their truth.  

                  Image: Capitol Records Instagram

                  Following the murder of George Floyd and protests that are taking place all across the United States, dozens of music industry members have pledged to join a grassroots campaign to make June 2nd “Black Out Tuesday.”

                  Black Out Tuesday will be a day where the music industry will disconnect from work and reconnect with the community, using the hashtag #TheShowMustBePaused. The campaign is supported by many people like Dirty Hit Records’ Jamie Oborne, the former music director of Hot 97 Karlie Hustle and the host of Beats 1 Ebro Darden. 

                  The first to report about Black Out Tuesday was Variety as they set out this statement. 

                  “a day to disconnect from work and reconnect with our community” and “an urgent step of action to provoke accountability and change.”

                  “Due to recent events please join us as we take an urgent step of action to provoke accountability and change,” the viral post states.

                  “As gatekeepers of the culture, it’s our responsibility to not only come together to celebrate the wins, but also hold each other up during a loss.”

                  Darden wrote on social media in support of Black Out Tuesday, “All of my shows are cancelled. I will air replays of conversations with community activists, politicians and revolutionary music.”

                  Iconic record labels are also raising their voice and speaking out against the killing of Floyd including Columbia Records, Universal Music Group, Warner Music, Sony Music and many more.

                  UMG wrote on social media: “In the words of Dr. King, ‘There comes a time when silence is betrayal.’ When you have a responsibility to raise your voice for change. That time has come.” 

                  “There’s no place in this world for hate and violence. In the face of bigotry and prejudice, we’re proud of the way our artists, songwriters and employees have spoken out. At UMG, we’re committed to being a force for constructive change.”

                  Columbia Records also voiced, “We stand together with the Black community against all forms of racism, bigotry, and violence. Now, more than ever, we must use our voices to speak up and challenge the injustices all around us.”

                  Image: Sony Music Twitter
                  Image: Warner Music Instagram

                  In addition the record labels, musicians and gospel singers Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond have turned the latest ‘Verzuz’ battle into a healing session during this very frustrating and painful week.

                  Image: Billboard

                  He said “Darkness everywhere, seemingly everywhere.” “Today we pray for light because we have seen too much darkness, from Trayvon to George Floyd. From 100K people dead from Covid … Lord knows we’ve seen too much darkness.”

                  Image: Billboard

                  LL Cool J also delivers an important rap that addresses racisim and the murder of George Floyd. 

                  The rap included: “For 400 years you had your knees on our necks / A garden of evil with no seeds of respect / In America’s mirror all she sees is regret / Instead of letting blood live they begging for blood let.”

                  You too can participate in the movement by using your voice to speak your opinion and using the hashtag #TheShowMustBePaused. Support your favorite artists who are also voice their opinions by streaming their music and understanding this cause. The black community has been entertaining us and occupying the music industry for decades. It’s time we show our support and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. 

                  In the last decade, we’ve been present during dark times. We’ve vocalized and stood with the black community during black history month, black excellence month, and worked with leaders in the industry who have lost their friends, families, and loved ones due to the unjust system. We at MusicPromoToday stand by in solidarity with our black colleagues, artists, clients, and collaborators in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

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                    Posted on May 15, 2020

                    How To Make It Into Fashion Week As A DJ

                    By MusicPromoToday
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                    Can you imagine having a fashion show without any music? I know, we can’t either! During each season, A-list designers not only create a brilliant collection, but they also decide on a venue where they will have their fashion show, models, styling, a backdrop, and what kind of music will liven up their clothes. Therefore, if you’re a DJ trying to make a scene in fashion week, keep in mind that your music not only has to be top of the line, but you also should have a few fashion focused and titled playlists, dress more trendy, and be active on social media of course. The clash between music and fashion is incredibly important and MusicPromoToday has just the right music marketing tips for DJs who are trying to rise to fame during one of the hottest events in the industry.

                    DJ QuestionMark, a London-based DJ, musician and producer, is a highly experienced DJ who has DJ’ed for designers during London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. He shares that preparing and planning ahead are crucial. So …

                    Tip #1:

                    Start talking to designers 6 months before the show day about the core concept of the next collection. Discussion is a key step when moving forward in any process. Designers need to hear their imagination, vision, stories, ideas, and visualization in your music. Showcase the season musically with key sounds. This might be sounds of the train, water drops, animals etc. And make sure the designer hears and likes it! 

                    Tip #2:

                    Think like music marketing companies. What would they ask you to do if you were trying to make a bang for your buck in the fashion industry? Digital music promotion is key to success. Once you’ve brainstormed what you’ll most likely be playing at the show, create a playlist for the specific event! This is key for music marketing. If you have all your music in one place that is geared towards the fashion theme, it will be easier for designers and their team members to hear what you’re made of before you get hired for the job!

                    Tip #3:

                    Be active on social media. Online music marketing companies will tell you that your presence online is critical for your success. Make sure you post about the event, share your ideas with your fans and tag the designers you want to work with! They will love to see you interacting with your fans and engaging your content with them. That means you know how to get a crowd doing and designers love seeing that! 

                    WRAP UP

                    Tip #1: Start discussing your plans with the designers 6 months in advance to get the full scope of their vision. Showcase their imagination in your music. 

                    Tip #2: Think like music marketing companies. Once you’ve brainstormed what you’ll most likely be playing at the show, create a playlist for the specific event! This is key for music marketing.

                    Tip #3: Be active on social media. Online music marketing companies will tell you that your presence online is critical for your success.

                    The fashion industry is a good platform for trying out new things. DJs and musicians should be confident in their craft and just go for it!  Teamwork makes dream work. Respect your colleagues and contact MusicPromoToday if you are interested in receiving more information. 

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                      Posted on April 27, 2020

                      ANNOUNCEMENT: Various Music Platforms Have Revamped Their Features Amidst COVID-19

                      By MusicPromoToday
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                      Check out this list MusicPromoToday has gathered for you of how different music platforms are revamping their outlets during COVID-19. 


                      Announced nearly a month ago, Spotify has officially launched their long awaited “Artist Fundraising Pick” feature, that allows artists, music industry employees and those who support these causes to link their Spotify accounts to their favorite charitable funds. The “Artist Fundraising Pick” also permits artists and others to link their profiles to destinations, GoFundMe campaigns, and Cash App accounts. In addition, artists can also raise money and awareness on Spotify-approved charities that will be beneficial for the music industry. Some of these charities are Recording Academy’s MusiCares and the PRS Foundation, as well as many others. Spotify has also announced that they will not be charging a fee for the contributions nor have they specified how long this new feature will continue.


                      Since the announcement of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Instagram has released many new features to help keep self-isolated folks a bit more entertained at home. 

                      1. The app will include more educational resources in Instagram Search
                      2. They will be adding stickers to promote accurate information
                      3. Instagram will start to remove COVID-19 accounts from recommendations unless posted by a credible health organization
                      4. One of our favorites, Instagram is taking out the donation sticker in more countries and helping people find relevant nonprofits to support
                      5. They are creating a shared story to help those practicing social distancing connect with others, using a “Stay Home” sticker
                      6. Lastly, they are launching a new way to browse Instagram with friends over video chat


                      SoundCloud has also launched a new feature called the “Donation Button” that enables artists who utilize the app to add a new tool to their accounts. When clicking on the button, fans and listeners of artists will be redirected to platforms like Paypal, Patreon or Kickstarter where they will be able to donate and support their favorite artists. Similar to Spotify, SoundCloud will not be making a fee during this process. It’s just a way fans can show their love, solidarity, and support to new up and coming artists who are also joblessly stuck at home now. 

                      During times like this, many artists, regardless of their spectrum of fame, are struggling. Please help your favorite artists, musicians, and their chosen charities in any way you can. A little can go a long way! We hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy. 

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                        Posted on April 23, 2020

                        ThrowBack Thursday To Some Of The Most Iconic Duets & Collaborations In The Last Decade

                        By MusicPromoToday
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                        2020. What a year it has been so far. Most of us agree when we say that even though we are only four months into the year, it feels like we’ve seen, experienced, and been through it all! From the tragic death of Kobe and Gigi, to the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19, it feels like the months have been dragging along for years now with everything that has been going on. However, let this be a subtle reminder that everything we are going through right now is temporary and it will be over in the near future, (hopefully)! In light of our current situation and Throwback Thursday, MusicPromoToday wanted to share with you some of the most iconic duets and collabs that have taken place in the last decade. From Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj to Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, we’ve gathered for you some of the flashiest, hottest, and well-versed duets from the past 10 years! Check out our list below!

                        ‘California Gurls’ by Katy Perry and Snoop Dog (2010)

                        This beach-friendly pop tune is a fun song that is perfect for the summertime. Katy Perry expressed that ‘California Gurls’ was her way of doing an homage to the Beach Boys as well as showcasing all the iconic summer things we’ve seen on postcards and TV. And luckily, her and Snoop were able to showcase that effortlessly.

                        Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye and Kimbra (2011)

                        We love a catchy and heartfelt breakup song! And this song is exactly that. In his part, Gotye describes what happened in his dysfunctional relationship from his point of view. He loved her but was not fulfilled by her. Kimbra on the other hand, describes the relationship from her own point of view, singing that the relationship was also dysfunctional and all the problems they faced were blamed on her. Whatever the case might be, we’re sure there wasn’t a single person who didn’t sing their hearts out when they heard this song on the radio! Are we right or are we right?!

                        Beauty and A Beat by Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj (2012)

                        Fun fact: Did you know that Justin Bieber rented out a huge water park just to film this music video? And, the 18-year-old filmed the whole music video with his own camera in his hand and it turned out to be pretty spectacular!

                         Just Give Me A Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess (2013)

                        Did you know that this song was inspired by a hypothetical fight over butter? Pink explained to Spotify during an interview,  “Sometimes [one partner] can be like, ‘The way you passed me the butter this morning, I kinda feel like we’re going to be over in a month and we need to talk’ and he’s like, ‘I just passed you the f—ing butter, what are you talking about?’ and that’s how I felt the song should go, ‘We’re growing apart, you don’t spoon any more like it’s all over.”

                        Problem by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea (2014)

                        This girl duo rocked the charts when their song reached #1 on the iTunes singles chart in just 37 minutes after its release breaking the previous record held by Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together,’ which reached the top spot within 50 minutes.

                        See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth (2015) 

                        This beautiful track was a farewell tribute song for the beloved Paul Walker who tragically lost his life in a car crash. The Fast and Furious crew dedicated this emotional song to their late team member. Regardless of where we are or when we hear it, this song will always give us goosebumps each time we listen to it.

                        One Dance by Drake and Wizkid and Kyla (2016) 

                        Summer might be canceled this year but we can still party with this ideal summer jam indoors, RIGHT?! The hot track features 35-year-old Kyla aka Melanie Alverez and Nigerian music icon WizKid who both add their own unique sound to the track’s slick vibes.

                        Despacito by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber (2017)

                        Take a catchy Latin reggaeton-pop melody loaded with finger-picking Spanish guitar and velvety smooth voices, with a swaggy verse by Justin Bieber in a remixed version, mix it all together and what do you get? The most streamed song in history.

                        Eastside by Benny Blanco, Halsey and Khalid (2018)

                        This has to be one of our favorite collabs ever. Khalid’s voice is absolutely perfect. It’s simple with a velvety tone that differentiates him with many in the field. Halsey’s sound is raspy,  breathy, and shaky which contrasts the richer, more hearty and powerful sound of Khalid. The two blended together make the perfect duo for this chill, laid-back tune.

                        Señorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello (2019)

                        The super caliente song by Shawn and Camila is sexy and passionate as they focus more on love and lust rather than adultery and dispute. Following their biggest hit, IKWYDLS, this song has a completely different tone filled with sultry tones. But we have to admit, we’re still not over the previous hit either! Keep em’ coming, Shamila! 

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