Posted on October 14, 2022

How To Get The Best Music Blogs Talking About You

By John Reynolds
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The promotion for any artist musician always starts with their appearance on music blogs

The music industry is saturated with independent artists competing to come out on top of the news list. What every musician needs are a submission strategy that brings them ahead of the curve to stand out in comparison to the rest. With the proper storytelling and a strong agency by your side, you can get any music blog to write about your art.

Be it Groover music, Spotify promotions, or music NFTs, the written medium of music blogs is what differentiates the "must hear" from the “let's give it a chance”.

Step 1: Analyze the Terrain

You should start by looking at the top music blogs currently operating online. Find the ones that have your sound, and that you can pierce at your level in the game. There is no point to reach out to Rolling Stone if with 35 followers, even if the music is perfect, your visibility as an artist matters when approaching the press and media.

If you find a blog that is unrelated to your style, you should still look if they have anything in common. There may be a spot for your sound and level that is not on page 1. The objective is to discover how that blog is inspired by artists, and establish a commonality between you and contributors.

Music Blogs About Your
MPT Agency has access to some of the best music blogs about your art

Step 2: Get your article written by a professional

Music blogs usually have a distinct style that is somewhere between promotional and storytelling. As an artist, it is important to have your work written by a professional who will use the keywords that matter most. At MPT Agency, we have an entire department dedicated to just this, where you can tell your story the way you know it. Our professionals will pick it up and create a proper narrative that will fit with the targeted blogs that will ultimately post it.

Not all musicians have this ability. When you calculate the time it will take someone to get it right, target blogs, pitch, converse, and place the article, you will quickly realize that it is well worth the money. Gig marketplaces do give some leeway for artists to find cost-effective solutions. however, these options are often only a partial solution. Sometimes it's only the article, that you still need to fix, and sometimes it's just the placement.

The Bottom-Up Strategy For Blogs

The most important thing to consider is that blogs work in waves of popularity. As one news asset hits the web, its viewership will compound depending on how it is advertised and shared. 

With big headlines driving traffic to key websites, a blog's topic will scale to larger and larger outlets, especially if the news has a controversial, unique, or novel theme to it. 

To properly push a piggyback effect as an independent artist, your team needs to first target the outlets they want to build upon. From there, identify the lowest-hanging fruits, the ones that will accept your story as a submission or even as a paid contribution. 

Once the blog has a home, start sending the link out to similar but higher-ranked blogs. Make sure the headline is appealing, and don't be afraid to tweak or modify the article to fit the crowd you want it to be a part of. 

Advertising dollars are going to be a part of this strategy, so once your Spotify promotion is active for the song, and you have a blog that is fluttering the web, you need to properly plan its appearance on major platforms with a strong headline that is click-friendly and enticing for viewers. 

Music Blogs About Your
MPT Agency has access to some of the best music blogs that will feature your art

Choosing The Correct Blog in the Music Industry

Online blogs come in 3 tiers of popularity.

The bottom tier will garner up to 1000 views per week and be accessible to most writing styles and artists. It is usually a great place to start especially as an independent artist who has yet to have any press at all. Bottom-tier blogs play their role in the larger scheme of things and serve mainly as an entry place for artists to distribute across their networks. The majority of viewers on these blogs enter the site using a third-party website that is publicizing the article, rather than recurring readers or subscribers. 

Second-tier blogging websites generate up to 5000 viewers per week. These are websites that usually have a direct link to the music industry. They usually have contributors that are artist musicians themselves, managing their personal Spotify ads, or working through Groover music to spread the work of independent artists. The secondary tier also includes a strong following via a subscription system or newsletter campaign that hooks readers in, and constantly shares the blog content. 

Top-tier blogs are more often than not bought by a larger media company and act as their niche topic distributor. For over 20 years, large media corporations have been acquiring smaller blogs with active fan bases so that they can tap into the viral fans these blogs often generate. Whether the blog generates 100k  views a week or not, is secondary to how the blog uses this fan base to its advantage and creates a real network of viewers and contributors. 

Submitting to music blogs

Once you pick who is in line to receive your content a proper submission will be required to advance your content. 

Have a compelling subject title that makes the receiver want to open your message. Take into account that they are receiving thousands of requests per day and your message needs to stand out. 

Using services like Groover music is not a bad idea, however, there is no guarantee that your message will be going through. In its stead Submit Hub with paid submissions, offers a slightly higher probability of opened emails but there is no better than the manual process and a carefully crafted email. MPT Agency has been doing this for years FYI, independent artists should surround themselves with professionals or be patient and tactical in their deliberations.

Demonstrating your expertise through music blogs

The first thing your blog will do is highlight your talent as a musician. Professional musicians can describe the instruments they use, the peculiarities of their genre, their creative process, and why some artists are popular and others are not. This industry outlook is vital to your credibility and makes for solid content that can reinforce your music premiere.

Get the word out there, the press is waiting, the media is wanting

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn how simple it will be for you to contact local and less well-known artists for podcast interviews, live interviews, free concert tickets, free music, free merchandise, and even free press releases that can be included in your blog content if your blog features them. Major music companies, music festivals, and events will all start to offer you the same as you acquire popularity.

You won't need to look as hard for advertising and ways to monetize your blog as your popularity increases since chances will start coming to you.

Did you enjoy learning about music blogs about your art? Make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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