Posted on June 20, 2022

Madonna To Perform At The World Of Women NFT NYC Party

By Barbara Drews
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World of Women NFT has a great surprise in store for its holders! The WoW NFT initiative has announced that famous artist Madonna will perform at their NYC Pride Month Party on June 23.

What is WoW?

Through its collection and community, WoW hopes to create an inclusive web3. Female artists accounted for only 5% of total NFT art sales in the past 21 months, according to a study published in November 2021. WoW is on a mission to alter this; they aim to offer chances for people all around the world to be owners, producers, and contributors in the web's new era.

From the beginning, they have believed in giving back. They are working with the WoW community to improve diversity in the NFT field, educate and onboard the next generation of creators and builders, and offer equitable opportunities for all.

Back To The Exciting News…

Its next New York City party will be a celebration of all the NFT initiative stands for. Furthermore, the approaching celebration was made even more exciting by the announcement that the Queen of Pop will be performing.

WoW stated on Twitter, “The moment we’ve all been waiting for… On June 23rd, joining us on the dance floor will be none other than @Madonna herself! Get ready to get into the groove, express yourself, and vogue the night away!”

Finally, World of Women NFT stated that the party is free for WoW and WoWG holders.

Madonna And NFTs

Madonna also published a World of Women NFT on Twitter an hour before the announcement, with the statement "It takes a lot to wow me." This is not, however, her first engagement in an NFT initiative.

Billboard and World of Women introduced Madonna NFTs in March to honor successful women in the music business. Madonna is shown in the digital asset with her distinctive blonde locks and cap, all done in WoW artist Yam Karkai's unique style.

The NFT cover is, in fact, part of the Billboard Women in Music 2022 broadcast. This special edition aims to recognize those women who are making a difference in the music business this year. Billboard, like World of Women, honors key attributes in female musicians all throughout the world, from leadership to talent and bravery.

Madonna also used MoonPay to acquire a rare Bored Ape NFT. The attribute combination is undeniably beneficial. Madonna, of course, was delighted with her NFT purchase. In a tweet, she broke the news to her followers: “I finally entered the MetaVerse,” she wrote. “My very own Ape! [email protected]. We all need protection from Evil Eye.”

Last month, she also collaborated with Beeple and SuperRare and released her Mother of Creation NFT triptych. By examining the concept of birth in our present culture through darkness and light, both artists hope to connect the idea of creation and motherhood as conveyed through a series of three video NFTs.

Nonetheless, Madonna has used her platform and creative reach as a mother of six to raise awareness and influence change on vital problems impacting women and children. Furthermore, one of her aims is to provide individuals who have historically been marginalized a voice.

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