Posted on May 25, 2023

MPT’s Deep Dive: Innovative Music Marketing Campaigns 2023 Edition

By Yvonne Martin
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In 2023, the music industry witnessed a revolution in marketing strategies, with artists like Fatboy Slim, Flume, and The King Khan & BBQ Show leading the charge. Breaking the traditional boundaries, these artists employed innovative music marketing campaigns, setting a new standard for creativity and performance.

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Their unique approaches not only captivated audiences but also significantly amplified their reach and influence. This article delves into the ingenious marketing strategies of these artists, offering valuable insights into the 2023 music industry trends. Discover how Fatboy Slim's virtual reality concert, Flume's environmental soundscapes, and The King Khan & BBQ Show's TikTok sensation contributed to their success. Explore the power of novel marketing strategies in music and learn how these high performing music campaigns have redefined the landscape of music promotion.

Best Use of TikTok in Music Marketing : "Love You So" by The King Khan & BBQ Show

TikTok has been taken over by the viral phenomenon "Love You So" by The King Khan & BBQ Show. The song's infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics have resonated with fans around the world, prompting a slew of new TikTok clips dealing with romantic and devotional themes. With its fast paced and jumpy musicality, the song allows for creators to have a fluidity in its use. This is one of the main parameters for a successful song on TikTok, virality is directly correlated to fluidity. Outside of a direct campaign sent out to creators, this fluidity once properly paired in an original setting comes out naturally amongst the millions of UGC's that are produced each day. The track can be used for a heartfelt moment just as its chorus can be used to mark a comedic tone.

It's clear that TikTok played a significant part in bringing "Love You So" to the attention of the general public. Users all across the world are sharing their love stories through the song on TikTok, demonstrating the app's unique ability to bring people together through shared musical experiences. The lyrics of a song may have deeper meanings than what is conveyed in a TikTok video.

The film "Love You So" explores the feelings and events that occur in a lasting love. The lyrics paint a picture of an everlasting love between two individuals who are determined to stick by one another through thick and thin. The song's central theme is encapsulated in the chorus: "I love you so, I'll never let you go," which speaks to the powerful force of love that ties people together.

The success of the "Love You So" innovative music marketing campaign demonstrates the power of social media in music promotion. However, the song's core values of love, dedication, and loyalty go well beyond its popularity as a TikTok trend. With this newfound insight, I have a whole new level of respect for this TikTok smash. The song today is at 34.4 million videos attached to it. [3]

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Who is King Khan & BBQ Show ?

According to their wikipedia page, The King Khan & BBQ Show is a Canadian garage rock duo from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, who mix doo-wop and punk. The band is composed of former Spaceshits bandmates Mark Sultan and Blacksnake, alias King Khan. Mark Sultan, under the pseudonym BBQ, contributed vocals, guitar, tambourine, bass drum, and snare drum, while King Khan provides lead guitar and vocals. An entertainer named Leo Chips, formerly known as Age of Danger of the Deadly Snakes, (the SHOW in King Khan & BBQ Show) joined the group as a drummer and organist for some shows during the Invisible Girl U.S tour in 2009.[1]

Best Live Stream in Music Marketing- Fat Boy Slim & Engage

A breakthrough virtual reality concert by famous DJ Fatboy Slim and Irish metaverse firm Engage lasted 45 minutes and gave listeners an out-of-body experience. Customers including KPMG and Kia as well as educational institutions like Stanford and Oxford Universities used Engage's platform to host the performance.

The concert's extravagant, fantasy settings provided an escape from the mundane and has completely changed the way the world seas music marketing. The concert was a surreal trip through time and space, starting in a 1950s cafe and ending with the audience skydiving with dancers dressed in gold. Fatboy Slim, whose real name is Norman Cook, embraced the unconventionality of the metaverse by stressing the concert's intention to produce experiences impossible in the real world.

Engage wanted to make a statement, and the performance was a great way to do so. CEO Dave Whelan stated that the event was planned to bring a professional audience to the platform by using a famous musician to appeal to the age demographic of their user base. The success of the event proved the potential of the platform, which abandoned static concert halls in favor of the ever-changing possibilities of the metaverse.

"We at Engage have bigger plans than just putting on concerts; we want to be "the LinkedIn of the metaverse." The platform is already being put to use in a variety of contexts, from online conferences to virtual reality (VR) dealership visits. However, the company has difficulties in attaining mass adoption because users need to invest in new hardware like VR headsets, highlighting the tension between current technology and the future of the metaverse."

Engage Press Release

Best Environmental Campaign in Music Marketing- Flume & Environmental Music Prize

Australian music producer Flume, known for his hypnotic compositions, recently crafted a song inspired by the rich flora and fauna of a coastal town in New South Wales. He created field recordings of birds, highlighting the urgency of protecting these creatures from extinction and habitat loss. The song's message is encapsulated in the lyrics: “No wasting time, if you love me you’ll answer”.[6]

Flume's distinctive approach to music revolves around creative freedom. He chooses to diverge from algorithms, opting for introspective and intriguing layers in his soundscapes. Flume's music success, including a Grammy Award for his second album "Skin," has led to worldwide recognition, with his singles amassing billions of streams on Apple and Spotify.

Music Marketing Strategy

In line with his environmental inspiration, Flume aligns with the Environmental Music Prize, launched at the U.N. Climate Summit (COP26) in 2021. This initiative celebrates artists creating music that underscores the beauty of nature and humanity's connection to it. The Prize provides finalists with recognition, media opportunities, performance chances, and workshops with environmental leaders, facilitating a cultural shift towards environmental conservation.

The Environmental Music Prize includes music of all styles and genres that create a connection with nature and promote a desire to protect our ecosystems and biodiversity. The shortlisting committee for the 2023 finalists comprises music ambassadors, artists, and industry professionals. [5]

FAQ on Innovative Music Marketing Campaigns

1. How can artists use innovative music marketing to stand out in a saturated industry?

  • Artists can differentiate themselves by leveraging unique storytelling techniques, creating captivating visual content, and embracing interactive experiences.
    • By utilizing data analytics, artists can identify niche markets and tailor their marketing efforts to reach specific demographics.
  • Collaborating with influencers, brands, or other artists can help expand their reach and tap into new fan bases.

2. What role does user-generated content play in innovative music marketing?

  • User-generated content has become a powerful tool for artists, as fans actively participate in promoting their music.
  • Encouraging fans to create covers, remixes, or dance routines to their songs can generate organic reach and engagement.
  • Artists can leverage user-generated content by sharing it on their social media platforms, providing recognition and building a sense of community.

3. How can live streaming and virtual concerts enhance music marketing efforts?

  • Live streaming platforms allow artists to perform and interact with fans in real time, creating an intimate and authentic experience.
  • Virtual concerts provide a global reach, allowing artists to connect with fans from different parts of the world without physical limitations.
  • These digital experiences can be monetized through ticket sales, exclusive merchandise, and virtual meet-and-greet opportunities.

4. What are some successful examples of innovative music marketing campaigns?

5. How can artists use data analytics to make informed marketing decisions?

  • Streaming data can reveal valuable insights about which songs are resonating with audiences, allowing artists to prioritize promotional efforts.
  • Social media analytics provide information about audience demographics, engagement patterns, and preferences, enabling targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Touring data can help artists identify cities or regions with high demand, optimizing tour schedules and maximizing ticket sales.

6. What are the key benefits of innovative music marketing for independent artists?

  • Innovative music marketing levels the playing field, allowing independent artists to compete with major label acts.
  • The cost-effectiveness of digital platforms enables independent artists to reach a global audience without significant financial investments.
  • By embracing creativity and authenticity, independent artists can stand out and cultivate a dedicated fan base.
The 4 Golden Rules For Artists To Succeed In Today’s Fast-Paced Music Industry
The 4 Golden Rules For Artists To Succeed In Today’s Fast-Paced Music Industry

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Best Use of TikTok 2020 - Ashnikko 

Ashnikko's first huge moment happened in 2019, when her song "Stupid" went viral on TikTok. As a result, she gained over 3 million followers globally. 

In 2020, for her new single called "Daisy" the team partnered with Beats by Dre headphones for a campaign on TikTok. The gist of it was to create a hashtag #BeatsDaisyChallenge and have fans create content that was related to each of the Powerbeats Pro headphones colors (blue, yellow, red, and pink).

The fans were informed that the content they create would have a chance to be featured in Ashnikko's final music video. The #BeatsDaisyChallenge hashtag amassed over 10.4 billion views on TikTok and there were over 3 million fan video entries — a real explosion of interest. 


But Ashnikko's team had more planned: they asked fans to create versions of "Daisy", changing the audio and making it personal. Several user-generated sounds of "Daisy" were very popular and overall the team reported over 3.7 million video creations – including videos from TikTok superstars, Adison Rae, Bella Poarch, James Charles and One Direction’s Liam Payne, and others.

Campaign budget - £25,001+
Audience age - 14-18, 19-24, 25-34
Audience gender (M/F) - 30% / 70%
Location - Global

Ashnikko was included in the UK top 40 chart at #24 [7] for the first time ever and had over 1.7 million daily streams on Spotify allowing the singer to easily surpass 10 million monthly listeners on the platform.

Music Marketing Strategy

Very simple in its essence, Ashnikko’s campaign made good use of the platform. Truth is, any musician can use their TikTok to encourage fans to create content. This already guarantees huge engagement but you can always throw in a reward — a chance to be featured in a music video.

This is a great strategy because people want to be part of a community rather than just watch a musician perform. In 2020 especially, this strategy worked wonders because people were short of entertainment and engaging them like Ashnikko did was guaranteed success. Moving forward, you can take this plan of action a step further and add your own twist to it.

Best Live Stream - Disclosure 

The brotherly duo band Disclosure from the UK won the best live stream award through their album "Energy". The team had an immersive met-verse built over 100 million blocks in Minecraft. The band's third album, "Energy" brought beautiful landscapes of Croatia into the theme since the music was live streamed from Plitvice Lakes, a stunning location reflecting the album's cover. 

Knowing that many gamers prefer electronic music, the team decided to commission the Energy Minecraft Experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in the deep caves of the realm while also listening to Disclosure's magnificent music. Produced by Cercle and Amazon Music, this album brought the band over 1 million views in the first 6 hours and their Facebook post reached over 7 million people. 


Campaign budget - £25,001+
Audience age - 14-18, 19-24, 25-34
Audience gender (M/F) - 50% / 50%
Location - Global

The team reported that over 25% of the growth that month happened in 12 hours of the stream. The band's Twitch channel also experienced a huge influx of followers as the album was featured in UK's top 5 albums and reached over 130 million global streams.

Music Marketing Strategy

Using Minecraft as a way of gaining more fans interested in Disclosure’s unique art was a spectacular success. Of course, we are not encouraging anyone to copy another’s style or methods, but rather take an idea and perfect it in your own way. Utilising the huge numbers of the gaming industry while giving them something new and fun to explore is a great place to start.

You could pick a game you really enjoy playing and see if the owners/creators would like to partner with you. Otherwise, you could also come up with a different industry altogether, and partner with, say, cooking or sports companies.

Best Environmental Campaign - Wojtek 

Recorded in Baltic Studios in East London, "Atmosphere" was produced using renewable energy. "Any remaining emissions were then compensated through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates," says Music Ally.[8] To prevent waste, the album was distributed digitally, while the music video was created through reusing donated footage from peers and artists. 

For his debut album, this artist chose to be carbon-neutral. Poland-born, Berlin-based singer Wojtek Szczepanik used his work to raise awareness about the climate crisis and emissions that directly connect to the music industry. Frankly, it’s unbelievable that no one else has considered this aspect of music. 

Wojtek also launched a CO2 tracker website that showed the exact amount of emissions at this or that phase of production and provided some tips on alternatives. This initiative is truly impressive, making masses of musicians and listeners rethink their carbon footprint. 


Campaign budget - £2,001- £5,000
Audience age - 14-18, 19-24, 25-34
Audience gender (M/F) - 50% / 50%
Location - Global

Together with his manager, Wojtek organized a seminar on music production in a carbon-neutral way at Reeperbahn. As a debutant, Wojtek reached over 140K people through his album, and his TikTok account grew in engagement from 0 to 4K+ in the form of likes and comments. See more stats on the left.

Music Marketing Strategy

Well, it’s never an easy task to come up with something new and authentic. Wojtek and his team focused on something the artist is passionate about and something that is a truly pressing issue for the planet, making his album global in the core sense of the word. As an artist, think about what you are passionate about, what issues do you really care about and how you can channel it into your work to provide global value. 

Every campaign has a tailored, unique strategy. The key here is customizing and making sure to speak to your target audience, all this - without overselling. The typical cookie cutter campaigns usually do very little for the artist’s promotion, make sure to plan and invest time to properly plan your ‘pre’ and ‘post’ release campaigns . Unlock the potential of your next release and music marketing campaign through actionable, trusted methods and audience targeting with MPT Agency (MusicPromoToday) - creating highly tailored music marketing campaigns since the day it was established, bringing artists global recognition.

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