Posted on July 15, 2022

Travis Barker To Drop NFTs On Limewire Marketplace

By Barbara Drews
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LimeWire's much-anticipated NFT marketplace has finally started its waiting list. LimeWire unveiled the celebrity collaborators of the NFT marketplace last week. Travis Barker, Brandy, Gramatik, 7 Aurelius, Elijah Blake, Aitch, Maino, Nicky Jam, Dillon Francis, and others are on the list. Let's take a deeper look at how you can get on the LimeWire NFT marketplace waitlist.

About LimeWire NFT marketplace waitlist

LimeWire has established a waitlist with at least 10,000 spaces ahead of the debut of its NFT marketplace. Signing up for the waitlist is a simple procedure. You only need to go to the website and input your email address. In addition, you must pass the normal "I'm not a robot" test.

In addition, participants in a unique contest will have a chance to win one of the NFTs from LimeWire's initial drop. LimeWire Originals is a collection of 10,000 avatars made up of over 500 qualities and attributes. Furthermore, LimeWire Originals holders will have access to unique LMWR token airdrops as well as limited-edition apparel lines.

About LimeWire NFT marketplace

LimeWire made waves in March 2022 when it announced its return as an NFT music store. The firm is well-known for enabling millions of music fans to freely share music online. LimeWire was formerly one of the world's largest music platforms, however, it was finally shut down.

LimeWire's newest incarnation now hopes to alter the NFT music space. In essence, their objective is to “offer a curated marketplace for high-quality digital collectibles, directly offered by your favorite artists.”

Limewire x Travis Barker

Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink-182 and a serial entrepreneur, is one of the celebs posting NFTs on LimeWire. His debut NFT compilation will include a unique video of him working in his studio. Furthermore, purchasing one of Travis Barker's NFTs unlocks a previously unreleased song.

Furthermore, Barker will release a one-of-one NFT, which is a 3D model of his drum set. Furthermore, the lucky winner will get the opportunity to purchase Travis Barker's very own drum equipment.

According to Travis Barker: “I have always been interested in Web3 and NFTs so I am pretty stoked to release my first NFT collection and to do it on LimeWire. I hope that my NFT collection will inspire aspiring artists and fans who want to learn about my creative journey and how I make music.” Barker believes that LimeWire has created a platform that makes exciting content accessible to his fans, even those who are not familiar with web3.

LimeWire owners, Paul and Julian Zehetmayr, commented: “We see a huge demand in the entertainment space for platforms that recognize and appreciate artists for their talent and put them in the driver’s seat.” According to the brothers, LimeWire presents a new commercial opportunity for all artists. Furthermore, they claim that LimeWire will enable them to “gain more exposure” and “retain more of their earnings.”

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