Posted on March 28, 2020

Reactive Music Marketing: Coronavirus and MusicPromoToday

By Barbara Drews
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As social media has become one of the main sources of marketing, brands are using reactive marketing as a way to engage with their audience spontaneously and often have successful results. One of the biggest benefits of reactive marketing is the response to real-time happenings, events, news, and topics, that are relevant and relatable. All things considered, the content will get more impressions than expected, given that various individuals will already be actively connected with or mindful of the topic at that specific time.

A study conducted in the US found that more than half of US consumers remembered and enjoyed an advertisement if it was humorous. Typically, almost all reactive marketing has some comedic connotation to it. If it is shared on an appropriate platform, engagement from this type of content is a lot more powerful and effective when compared to pre-arranged and generic marketing. Social platforms like Twitter can offer the perfect opportunity to reveal viral content. Posts on Twitter usually rally up close to thousands of likes, shares, and comments. Content can arrive at both customers and audiences who haven’t recently seen your image and who typically share enthusiasm for the topic, trend, or event being referenced. 

Moreover, there isn't a better time for artists to engage in reactive marketing than now, as Coronavirus has taken a global toll. Coronavirus is impacting everyone around the world and as an artist, you can step into this conversation. UK indie band, SonicSeaGirls responded to Coronavirus by doing reactive music marketing. The band got all their fans together and hosted a Netflix watch party. Fans chose which movie they wanted to watch and the band set a time and date where they all came together to virtually enjoy the movie together. Other artists are creating content where they are posting hand-washing tutorials and adding their lyrics under each step. Even writing a rap song about Coronavirus could go viral. The possibilities as an artist are endless!

In addition, on March 20th, the widely known music platform - Bandcamp made the selfless decision of waiving any of their shares of any sales for 24 hours. This meant that if any artist made a sale that day, they would receive 100% of the revenue from that sale and wouldn't have to share it with Bandcamp. 

This showed artists that Bandcamp cares about them and the music they are putting out into the world who use their platform. At the end of this pandemic, artists and musicians will remember the altruistic gesture Bandcamp did for them and hopefully be inspired to do the same for their fans. Rumours say that Bandcamp sold 15x more records during no fee Friday, totaling more than $4.3 million in music and merchandise.


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    Posted on March 24, 2020

    How to Promote Your Music During CORONAVIRUS 2020

    By Shawn Spence
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    It is no secret that all indie musicians are constantly striving for success. However, it is not that easy to come up with new ideas every day. It is hard for musicians to always feel pressured to market their product all the time when all they really want is just to focus on their music. Although the whole world is experiencing this unexpected pandemic, musicians can still have an income boost or add new marketing strategies to promote their music during coronavirus. There are multiple ways to get help on some great results and this article highlights some of these key factors.

    COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on all of our lives. Regardless of who we are and where we come from, the world is on pause right now and we are all in self-quarantine in attempts of lessening the spread or catch of the virus. Therefore, supporting and helping one another out is key during this time in need. And not just being kind to receive, but just giving and assuring that your family, friends, and fans are safe and healthy.

    Tell Your Fans You are Thankful for Them

    First of all, it’s always important to thank your fans, listeners, followers and your email subscribers. Thank your amazing fans, those who have bought your music, have been there with you, supported you, retweeted you, been great partners, helped you in some way – or just simply opened your emails and engaged with you. You could send them a ‘support’ email and tell them that you are thinking about them during this time. You can also create something specifically just for them. A special new song, or a version of something you already have out there. Send it to them to just simply say you are here for them.

    Then, you could create a special exclusive thank-you offer – that can be something like a music bundle, special remix or creative piece of work. You could also make up a discount, or a special sale for your subscribers. Make sure to include that in your social media and other communications; these include email, texts, and even DMs. If you use Facebook, other messengers, or automation, you could set up a cool little alert to notify everyone. To top it off, you can generate a promotional code that expires on a set date. This way, it encourages your special people to take advantage of the limited-time promotion and get your music at a special price.

    “Whenever anyone goes out of their way to thank or compliment you, your music, or performance, that’s the time when they’re most inclined to help you out. And, if you ask them for help in that moment, most will gladly tell other people about you or connect you to other opportunities.”


    Stand in Solidarity with Other Artists

    And what about those who are in the business with you? Of course, they are going through the same thing as you are. Let us not forget the famous expression, “teamwork makes the dream work.” There is nothing better than showing love to other amazing musicians, artists, bands, companies or people that you like, in the time of a crisis. Just show them your gratitude and tell them you are here to morally support them.

    For example, you can shout out someone in the music industry that you value, either a colleague, artist, or a mentor – spread the love and let people know why they are so great and why you appreciate them! Also, don’t forget to thank someone publicly. This might be a simple yet emotional thank you or by using something old school like #FlashbackFriday to make people feel better and remind them that the best is yet to come! This actually could be seen as a way to market others as well. And why not do something cool for the ones who have positively impacted your career or who have lent you a hand during this time?

    Bundle Up!

    A great marketing idea is to offer a bundle of your music – this may be a special set of all your quarantine stay-at-home favorites. Music marketing works well with something fresh and new to promote. 

    Think about hyping up your past singles and demos from prior albums, or any unreleased music or even some brand new ones. 
    Also, you can come up with a strategy of putting together a bundle of goodies, not just music, but other items to have a special offer on. This may be something like a piece of merch or any other goodies for example from a show or tour. Share the pictures and create a special link to get it. You could get this up right away and promote this as ‘coming soon’ throughout the month or during the weeks of quarantine. The possibilities are endless.

    Remember the Rules

    Don’t forget, for any of your marketing goals to actually work, you have to let people know what’s in store!

    You have to remind people every once in a while too. Don’t forget to follow-up!

    Pick one tactic and get going! 

    Stay Safe!

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      Posted on March 13, 2020

      Coronavirus & The Music Industry – 5 Ways To Be Prepared For The Coronavirus If You’re An Artist, Record Label or Band

      By John Reynolds
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      The world has been shaken by its core because of the recent spread of COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus.

      According to Worldmeter, the virus has officially infected 137,674 people. As of Friday, March 13, 2020, at least 5,080 people have died while 3,177 deaths being in China. Although it is important for us to maintain well-regulated hygiene by washing our hands with hot water while singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice, we are going to look at ways to support the music industry as this pandemic is unwrapping. 

      Coronavirus might have struck us, but MusicPromoToday has gathered for you the top 5 ways you can keep your music alive during this stressful time.

      #1 Stream Your Concert Online During The Coronavirus Outbreak

      While the coronavirus has negatively affected the music industry, venues are closing and concerts are canceled, it has additionally spurred a lot of show-must-go-on inventiveness in probably the hardest-hit zones, as entertainers and organizations have attempted to adjust to these uneasy conditions. The outbreak has forced many artists to work from home. Therefore, if you had a concert that was planned but unfortunately had to be canceled due to COVID-19, then we suggest you create either a YouTube or Facebook event for a virtual concert for your fans. Not only will it drive traffic to your page, but it will also engage viewers with your latest content and releases. If you want to get more creative, get on Twitch. Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie onnce jumped on Twitch to chat with fans in a Q&A setting, while Matt Heafy of Trivium has gone one step further by live-streaming his vocal recording sessions, views from the stage during concerts, and general guitar shredding (his schedule permitting). DJ Deadmau5 plays games and streams himself programming his stage props. Hey! Remember when Marshmello held a Fortnite concert? Over 10 million Fortnite users attended! Apperently, the next Fortnite headliner may be Travis Scott.


      #2 Create Playlists of Your Music

      One great way you can drive traffic to your Spotify while you are avoiding the public sector during the pandemic is by creating a playlist of all your latest and most popular hits. Your playlist will both add to your daily streams, as well as help those who are under quarantine fight boredom at home. This will give you another reason to share your Spotify link with your fans. Plus, you will do listeners a favor by gathering all their favorite tracks in one spot. All you’ll have to do after is promote your playlist! You could even collab with another artist or DJ, come up with a cool idea or theme for your playlist, and create one together. This would mean you’d expose your music to an even larger audience! The sky is the limit and corona will definitely not bring you down! For optimization purpose, you can include the word "Coronavirus" in it or an emoji like 😷😷😷so users can relate.

      #3 Push Your Merch 

      While you are home, writing new songs and creating new music, advertising your merch to fans might be a wonderful idea too! Possibly having a sale or some kind of promotion will grab the attention of your fans! Think of a cool slogan like “Merch in March,” and promote on your Instagram or Facebook! We highly recommend you do this now before the global supply chain becomes disrupted and waits to refill orders occur! 

      #4 Get Influencers To React

      Social Media Influencers are a wonderful way of getting your music to your target audience. Followers of influencers tend to have high engagement and often listen and trust every word the influencers say. Therefore, if you find an influencer you work well with and if they say good things about your music, or talk about one of your previous concerts they went to, they will drive traffic to your social media accounts. It’s very likely that their followers will look you up and want to know more about you and your craft. 

      #5 Go LIVE - Make Tutorials

      Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a lot of school districts will be closed till further notice. This means a lot of your fans are home who are either super bored or stuck doing endless amounts of homework. You, as an up and coming artist, can save them from this torture. Pull out your camera and start filming yourself teaching the first few cords of your latest hit or you can film yourself teaching viewers how to sing the first verse of your song. You don’t need a fancy camera crew when you yourself. Just record yourself on your phone and add it to your Instagram story. Doing this will be to your advantage as it will drive traffic to your music and platforms. You can also go live on Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter, talk to fans and spend time with them (virtually).

      Wrap up

      If you are stressing out by all the Coronavirus news, MusicPromoToday is here for you. Just calm your nerves by listening to your favorite album and artist that makes you happy. Be safe, stay healthy, wash your hands, and know that we will all overcome this together! 

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