Posted on October 7, 2022

The Best Way For Artists To Create The Ultimate Brand Message

By Yvonne Martin
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What is the definition of branding and how does one create the ultimate brand message?

Simply put, it is an organized guide to your company's look, feel, or vibe. Be it the more physical assets like colors, shapes, styles, and themes, as well as the non-physical assets such as tone, mission, and vision.

For music branding, the artist has to create a personal brand and then adapt the main branding guidelines to each album or musical asset that is being created. 

Through verbal and nonverbal cues, your brand communicates its distinctive value proposition and personality with this family known as brand messaging. The objective is to have these different elements aligned in a logical order, that can convey what you stand for as an artist. 

Ultimate Brand Message tips to follow when thinking about what kind of message you want to work with. 

  1. Identify properly who you want to talk to in different groups
  2. Have a clear mission statement and vision for your art
  3. Create a visual identity that includes all elements from shape to color to a soundscape
  4. Fine-tune your story and journey as an artist that has led you to this point

The individual color or accessory item is empty when alone, if you are creating a well-differentiated brand in comparison to the market, think of the hows and whys in your message. Fans may be inspired and motivated by your messaging, which will encourage them to engage with posts, listen to more music, and spread the music themselves.

To build your ultimate brand message, ask yourself these key questions:

  1. Why do I make music?
  2. Why do I play this style of music?
  3. How do I feel when I make my music?
  4. What is the feeling when I listen to my music?
  5. How do I want others to feel when they listen to my music?

The story of your brand is ultimately told by the combination of Albums, performances, and designs that you put forward, and how that story is told is controlled by your marketing team and your public relations agency. 

What steps should you take to create an ultimate brand message that your target market would love?

Your target audience and distinct musical assets are two things you need to know like the back of your hand. Decide who you are, what you perform, and who you do it for.

Your brand message must respond to these inquiries:

  1. How do you set yourself apart from your rivals?
  2. What sets you apart from the competition?
  3. Which messages make sense to the people you're making this for?
  4. Whom are you trying to reach?
  5. What are they concerned with?
  6. Does your company's messaging have a plot?
  7. What objectives has your brand set out to accomplish?
  8. What values does your brand uphold?
  9. Why should they care about you?

Keep in mind that your brand message responds to the "why". As you answer these questions and start to sketch out your brand identity, keep in mind that these answers will evolve over time but will maintain their core elements. 

Ultimate Brand Message

Core elements for your market-friendly brand message

To align your brand with the fans, create fan personas that reflect their distinct characteristics and objectives. Maintain your attention on the brand positioning that will be catering to these personas.

The persona is there to represent your audience or at least the most common audience member you are catering to. When writing any content, ask yourself, "Is this true to my crowd's values?"

Connect with your audience: 

Use your buyer personas and brand messaging document while creating content to make sure you're discussing topics that are pertinent to your audience.

Avoid being flawless:

Neither people nor brands should be perfect. Avoid making excessive promises and conveying your perfection because doing so will come out as dishonest. Albeit the message is perfect the person behind it seldom is.

Spread your message far and wide: 

Consider your brand messaging in everything you publish and all of your marketing choices. Your text needs to convey your brand message whether you're writing it for your website, crafting slogans for packaging, or marketing an event.

The MPT Agency's ultimate suggestion for a brand message: "Keep it Simple"

Ensure simplicity. People won't relate to you if your brand's personality or core beliefs are unclear or difficult to understand. The last thing you want to do is to develop a brand message that confuses your audience.

With MPT Agency, your music and your brand message are one and the same. We align both these elements and do not really focus on which one comes first. After all, as a musician you are expressing your story through a song, the brand message is the way that song is put together.

Make sure you check our blog on the EPK, which is one of the key tools that describe your brand to the world. We also regularly post artist tips and insights on our socials. Follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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