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In a nutshell, the Instagram verification offer gets you the

How does it work?
When you become a Facebook Marketing Partner, you get access to the Facebook Marketing portal when you submit verification requests directly to your Facebook agent.
How long does it take?

If you meet all the criterias to be verified, the process takes 24-72 hours maximum. Is it guaranteed?
Yes, only if you meet all of the criterias.
Who can apply?

Artists, doctors, brands, basically - anyone that has a credibility built online through press, interviews and links.

How Much Press Is Enough? At least 2-3 interviews with credible media outlets and 15-20 features or press articles on credible media outlets. Credible media outlets are high authority sites and domains and not a syndicated press release. Stories have to be different, authentic and directly speaking about you. A mention is not enough.

Submit your Instagram for Verification:
Once we review your profile, reputation, articles and press links, we will be able to assess with our Facebook agent if you are eligible to get the Instagram verification blue badge. If not, a press campaign might be sufficient to get your verified on Instagram. Instagram's insider team reviews your articles and interviews very closely.

Note: Please make sure not to change your username on Instagram or make your account private. It’s important to keep the same username and keep your account open to the public in order for us to work on your case.

If you want to have a guaranteed verification, choose the professional package.