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    MPT Agency has built fanbases from the ground up for 1000’s of artists. As an artist you have to create a brand that resonates with your crowd and attracts new fans. Time to start your social media marketing campaign.

    With a unique system that combines growth hacking, music tribe building, and creative content creation, MPT Agency will take your social media game to the next level. 

    Generate 10x more reach and engagement on your channels, with our proven formula of social media marketing tactics.

    Google and Facebook Certified Agency Decades of Experience

    Using unique social media marketing strategies our fanbase generation campaigns are designed to help musicians build a loyal & engaged following. We use a combination of digital advertising techniques to connect with audiences and build a community around your art.

    Advertising, audience targeting, focused segmentation and ad management, all powered by data-driven insights.

    MPT Agency tactics will 5x your advertising results, and create a sustainable viewership for your music

    What Artists
    Are Saying

    United States

    Music Promo Today is by far the best music promotion, PR, and marketing company I have ever used for my music career!

    They delivered on everything they promised.

    United States

    It’s been a busy year full of new growth with MPT!

    We have celebrated 4 single releases and learned a tremendous amount about brand building through ads, press, and SM.

    United States

    Anthony is a genius.

    Absolutely helped me change my career trajectory upwards and outwards and genuinely good people.

    United States

    They deliver!

    Working with them as we speak and the turn around is really quick and efficient.
    The right resources for my music

    Combine Your Social Media Marketing
    With MPT Full Suite PR Services

    Press & Digital Streaming

    Social Media & PR

    Digital Growth & Media

    Platform Monetization

    Build Viral Fandom

    Re-targeting is not just about making more sales – it’s also about building a lasting and engaged fanbase. By keeping your brand top of mind with your audience, we help you create a loyal following that will support you throughout your music career. Save time and money by reaching precisely the audience that will engage with your music.

    Nurture your community
    Create groups of superfans

    We specialize in building your digital community and engaging your audience. Create a legion of engaged superfans that share, like and repost your content regularly. 

    Reach key engagement milestones to verify your account on Instagram!  

    Our proven strategies are tailored specifically to focus on attracting new fans and making the existing ones your personal ambassadors.

    Increases engagement 
    keep fans Connected
    Build a loyal fanbase
    Create sustainable fame
    10X Brand Conversion
    Optimize your music discovery
    Advertise The Perfect Audience
    Save Time And Money
    Maximize Your Artist ROI
    Focus On Key Audience Segments
    Promote new releases
    Grow an authentic fanbase
    Stand out in the music industry
    Reach the right audience
    Explore New Markets
    Engage Niche Locations

    Looking to advertise your music in
    New York - Los Angeles - Nashville - Miami

    MPT Agency has a long history of working with North America’s largest media outlets.

    We can have your music featured infront of any crowd, playing in any city, engaging any niche. 

    The Best Way To Grow Your Community

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      What you can expect from an MPT Agency campaign:

      Our custom social media campaigns will optimize your brand to get your message out there and supercharge your brand.

      Media Partners
      Recognized As A Leader
      A Certified Music Marketing Agency
      MPT Offers

      Services MPT Agency Offers Your Music Brand

      And Much More

      Get Premium Campaigns
      To Accelerate Your Music Career

      Plan 1

      30 Day Press & Streaming

      Reach 50k+ Views
      10+ Publications
      Editorial Submission
      Featured on:
      Earmilk | Pop Cultur |
      SweetnSour Magazine

      Plan 2

      30 Day PR & Fan Growth

      Reach 100k+ Views
      12+ Publications
      3+ Interviews
      Featured on:
      DJ MAG | Maxim | InStyle

      Plan 3

      90 Day
      Premium Growth

      150k + Views
      Chart Itunes top 35
      12 Social media Posts / Month
      10 Playlists / Week
      Featured on:
      Fader | Wonderland | Grazia

      Plan 4

      90 day

      Career Blast Off

      250k + streams 
      Social Media Management
      40+ Press placements 
      Top 40 Charts for 1 week
      200+ Airplay Count
      Featured on:
      Spin | Stereogum | Mixmag | Complex

      Be Part of Our Legendary Roster

      Take a look at some of our epic music campaigns that have built up some of the world’s top talent.

      Music Reviews
      Press Release Services

      MPT is dedicated to getting artists the best music reviews by leveraging our extensive network of reputable publications and music blogs.

      Reviews are crucial for building credibility, establishing a fan base, and ultimately increasing sales. Our team works tirelessly to secure high-quality reviews that showcase your talent and highlight your music to a wider audience. Press releases are crucial for generating publicity, increasing your fan base, and ultimately driving sales.

      Spotify & YouTube
      Promotion Services

      With our Spotify & YouTube promotion services, you receive a powerful growth vector on your channels, that scales your visibility and listener count. Let us help you make a lasting impression in the industry and connect with your target audience on these popular streaming platforms.

      Contact us today to discuss how our services can amplify
      your presence on Spotify and YouTube to propel your career forward.

      What about a
      Virtual Publicist?

      MPT Agency has just released a unique AI tool for Artists. Using over 15 years of experience in the music industry and millions of data points at its disposal, our AI creates the ultimate outreach list for your music marketing campaign.

      Giving artists access to the entire music industry, this one of a kind platform gives you a full tool kit of marketing and promotion essentials and curates a unique path to success for every artist.

      iTunes & Billboard
      The Ultimate Charting Service

      After 15 years of industry experience, MPT Agency has created the ultimate formula to engage your audience to push you onto the iTunes and Billboard charts!

      Using a 360 campaign that combines growth hacking, music advertising, Spotify listeners, YouTube viewers, and the full force of your social media platforms we blast your track into the algorithm and make you get to the ultimate milestone; the top 100 charts.

      Are you looking for a masterclass
      in music marketing?

      Join MPT’s Artist accelerator program. Available for everyone ready to take their career in their own hands.

      Learn the in’s and out’s of how marketing and promotions works in the music industry.

      Frequently asked questions

      MPT Agency offers a range of music promotion and marketing services for artists including social media marketing, playlist campaigns, email marketing, digital PR, and influencer marketing, among others.

      To get started with MPT Agency, simply contact us through our website or social media platforms to discuss your music marketing needs and goals.

      MPT Agency helps grow your fanbase by implementing effective marketing strategies that reach and engage with your target audience, increase visibility and awareness, and ultimately drive more streams, sales, and fans to your music.

      You can choose specific services or packages tailored to your budget and marketing goals.

      Yes, MPT Agency offers customized social media marketing strategies that are specifically tailored to your brand, audience, and marketing goals.

      MPT Agency handles email marketing campaigns by creating engaging and personalized email content, building targeted email lists, and analyzing email campaign data to optimize performance.

      Digital PR involves getting your music featured in online publications, blogs, and other media outlets. It can benefit you by increasing your online presence, boosting your credibility and authority, and driving more traffic and fans to your music.

      MPT Agency helps with playlist campaigns by targeting the right playlists for your music, pitching your music to playlist curators, and optimizing your placement and performance on playlists.

      Yes, you can choose which playlists your music is promoted on.

      MPT Agency helps with Spotify editorial playlist placement by submitting your music to Spotify’s editorial team and providing supporting materials to increase your chances of being selected for placement.

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