Get Booking & Tour Services with MPT Agency!

Match With Top Booking Agents From Around the World. 

Book new gigs, opening acts and special presentations at top venues. 

Reach Agents, Talent Buyers, & Tour Managers with our unique campaigns.

Get Premium coverage at your events including interviews, press, influencers and more!

    MPT Agency will use its proven formula to create exponential growth across your channels and create lasting listeners that increase week per week.

    With a unique system that combines growth hacking, music tribe building, and creative content creation, MPT Agency will take your streaming channels to the next level.

    Generate 10x more reach and engagement than you would with any other agency.

    Advertise and promote your tour or event with MPT

    How do you find contacts for booking gigs

    With over 15 years of experience and 3 continents of coverage, MPT agency regularly attends industry events, networks with management and booking professionals, and uses its inhouse AI to cover all the grounds. Building a strong network and establishing relationships with industry professionals has led to us pairing our artist roster with collaborations, gigs, and other performance opportunities.

    How to target venues and your options?

    To target venues, the team at MPT Agency uses a mixed-strategy

    • Analyze your live performance
    • Research the types of venues that are suitable for your genre and audience
    • Reach out to the bookers directly
    • Pairs you with booking agents & tour promoters
    • Optimizes your social media
    • Fan outreach for pre-sale campaign

    What Artists
    Are Saying

    United States

    Music Promo Today is by far the best music promotion, PR, and marketing company I have ever used for my music career!

    They delivered on everything they promised.

    United States

    It’s been a busy year full of new growth with MPT!

    We have celebrated 4 single releases and learned a tremendous amount about brand building through ads, press, and SM.

    United States

    Anthony is a genius.

    Absolutely helped me change my career trajectory upwards and outwards and genuinely good people.

    United States

    They deliver!

    Working with them as we speak and the turn around is really quick and efficient.
    The right resources for my music

    Combine your artist SEO services
    with our music marketing offers

    Press & Digital Streaming

    Social Media & PR

    Digital Growth & Media

    Platform Monetization

    Do you know how to deal with venues and agents vs talent buyers?

    MPT’s proven method helps musicians by creating a full scope of services to manage their live-performance catalogue.

    You can even join our artist accelerator to get 1 on 1 feedback from bookers, buyers and agents in the industry!


    The Perfect Marketing Mix for Your Music Campaign

    • Concerts in halls, theaters, stadiums
    • Festival bookings and line-up plugs
    • Club Shows
    • House Concerts
    • Live Acoustic Sets
    • Livestreams

    Get Advanced Music Marketing
    Services with MPT Agency

    Increases engagement 
    keep fans Connected
    Build a loyal fanbase
    Create sustainable fame
    10X Brand Conversion
    Optimize your music discovery
    Advertise The Perfect Audience
    Save Time And Money
    Maximize Your Artist ROI
    Focus On Key Audience Segments
    Promote new releases
    Grow an authentic fanbase
    Stand out in the music industry
    Reach the right audience
    Explore New Markets
    Engage Niche Locations

    Get Your Own Wikipedia Page!

    Wikipedia for Artists are dedicated to showcasing your music career, achievements, and notable contributions. This enhances your credibility and provides a reliable source of information for fans and industry insiders.

    More than 80% of industry professionals trust Wikipedia as the key authenticator of artists.

    Build up your Twitter authority

    Create a reputation as a thought leader on Twitter. Receive high-engagement content, post calendar, and a fully automated schedule for your threads.

    The most influential music industry leaders use twitter as their no. 1 source of news.

    Advertise your music in top cities
    New York - Los Angeles - Nashville - Miami

    MPT Agency has a long history of working with North America’s largest media outlets. We can have your song playing in any city niche and engage key media to maximize your audiences

    Strategic SEO is the only way to stand out online

    Data-driven insights help drive your audience acquisition and convert viewers to life-time fans

    Start Your Campaign Today

      What you can expect from an MPT Agency campaign:

      Our 360 campaigns will build your brand from the ground up and create a long-lasting and sustainable music business.

      Do you know when is the perfect time to get an agent or bookings?

      If the answer to all 3 is yes, it’s time for you to consider booking.

      • Did you just complete a marketing and promo campaign?
      • Have you targeted more than 1 city ?
      • Do you have a live performance scripted?

      What kinds of services does this include?

      • Have a Fifteen Minute set ready to go !
      • Practice your performance – interlude – closing act
      • Get all your bandmates, Dj’s and back up dancers booked
      • Prepare your wardrobe and production performance
      • Map out your Transportation
      • Officialize your gear list

      Our Trusted Partners

      Media Partners
      Recognized As A Leader
      A Certified Music Marketing Agency
      MPT Offers

      What Can MPT Agency Do For Your Career?

      Get Premium Campaigns
      To Accelerate Your Music Career

      Plan 1

      30 Day Press & Streaming

      Reach 300k+ Views
      Featured on:
      Earmilk | Essentially Pop |
      Sweet n Sour

      Plan 2

      60 Day PR & Fan Growth

      Reach 500k+ Views
      Featured on:
      DJ MAG | Maxim | InStyle

      Plan 3

      90 Day
      Premium PR

      1 Milion + Views ! 
      Airplay & Chart Itunes top 35
      Featured on:
      Billboard | Rolling Stone | Fade

      Plan 4

      120 day
      360 Campaign

      3M+ streams 
      40+ Press placements 
      Top 40 Charts for 1 week
      Featured on:
      Billboard Print | Rolling Stone | Spin | Stereogum | Mixmag | Complex | Wonderland

      Check out our featured case studies

      The worlds talent trust MPT for their music marketing

      Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself!

      Music Reviews
      Press Release Services

      MPT is dedicated to getting artists the best music reviews by leveraging our extensive network of reputable publications and music blogs.

      Reviews are crucial for building credibility, establishing a fan base, and ultimately increasing sales. Our team works tirelessly to secure high-quality reviews that showcase your talent and highlight your music to a wider audience. Press releases are crucial for generating publicity, increasing your fan base, and ultimately driving sales.

      Spotify & YouTube
      Promotion Services

      With our Spotify & YouTube promotion services, you receive a powerful growth vector on your channels, that scales your visibility and listener count. Let us help you make a lasting impression in the industry and connect with your target audience on these popular streaming platforms.

      Contact us today to discuss how our services can amplify
      your presence on Spotify and YouTube to propel your career forward.

      Social Media Marketing
      Influencer Campaigns

      Create your own viral campaign on TikTok. Using a massive network of impactful influencers, we build a custom marketing campaigns that elevates your brand’s visibility, generates a massive fandom, and exponentially grows your monthly listeners.

      At MPT Agency, we offer a dynamic Influencer marketing service unlike any other agency. With a full suit of creative and promotional services, these campaigns are the best way to build your own trend.

      iTunes & Billboard
      The Ultimate Charting Service

      After 15 years of industry experience, MPT Agency has created the ultimate formula to engage your audience to push you onto the iTunes and Billboard charts!

      Using a 360 campaign that combines growth hacking, music advertising, Spotify listeners, YouTube viewers, and the full force of your social media platforms we blast your track into the algorithm and make you get to the ultimate milestone; the top 100 charts.

      Are you looking for a masterclass
      in music marketing?

      Join MPT’s Artist accelerator program. Available for everyone ready to take their career in their own hands.

      Learn the in’s and out’s of how marketing and promotions works in the music industry.

      Frequently asked questions

      The timeline for creating a Wikipedia page can vary depending on several factors, including the availability of reliable sources and the review process. Our team works diligently to ensure the page is created as efficiently as possible.

      While no one can guarantee social media verification as it ultimately depends on the platform’s criteria and requirements, we have extensive experience and strategies to maximize your chances of getting verified.

      YouTube Shorts provide a unique opportunity to showcase your music in a short and engaging format, increasing your visibility on the platform and attracting new fans. They can also be a powerful promotional tool for upcoming releases and events

      To create a Google Knowledge Profile, you need to provide relevant and accurate information about yourself as a musician, including your bio, discography, social media links, upcoming events, and any notable accomplishments or awards.

      Top press coverage helps advance your music career by increasing your visibility and exposure. It provides opportunities for interviews, reviews, and features that can attract new fans, industry professionals, and potential collaborations.

      Building credibility on Twitter allows you to engage with fans, connect with industry professionals, and establish yourself as an authority in the music industry. It helps expand your network, gain visibility, and opens doors to potential collaborations and opportunities.

      While having a website and social media profiles is important, a Wikipedia page adds an additional layer of credibility and trust. It serves as an unbiased source of information and can be a valuable asset in establishing your reputation as a musician.

      The timeline for seeing SEO results can take up to 6 months. However, with our expertise and strategic approach, you can start witnessing positive changes within a few months, leading to increased visibility, credibility, and opportunities for your music career.

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