Price $250

30-Minute Strategy Call

Releasing music? Not sure where to start? Who to trust? What to do first? 

This 30 minute strategy call will give you the blueprint, the game-plan, the music industry shortcuts you need to speed up your 2023 results.

Our strategy call will allow you to get your music in front of the fans that matter, influencer support, social media growth and the best streaming playlists in no time. Get guaranteed top press, media posts, articles and interviews without wasting a dime on pr companies. 

This call will give you all the insights, tips and secrets you need to hear. 


  • Your release calendar. What you plan on releasing, when is best to drop, etc. 
  • How to get press and media awareness. 
  • How to build your influencer campaign.
  • How to pick the best release date.
  • How to pick a distributor. 
  • Do’s and don’ts.
  • Who to trust and who to not trust. 
  • Instagram, TikTok, YouTube – best practises.
  • Social media tribe building effective tips and growth hacking techniques.
  • What to post on your social media during a press and promo campaign.
  • What to prioritize.
  • How to generate revenue as an artist. 
  • Sync and Licensing deals and options. 
  • Labels, management companies, brands and what to do. 
  • Which playlisting companies to trust and which ones to stay away from. 
  • Does playlisting work? Best practises.
  • How to setup your ad account on Facebook and IG to grow your Spotify. 
  • How to grow a YouTube subscriber fanbase using Google.
  • How to see radio success and land interview opportunities and airplay. 
  • How to make money as a musician and ASAP. Plan of action.
And so much more! 

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