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No Cash, No Prob: How to Utilize a 100$ Facebook Ad Budget to Maximize Results

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Being a starting musician is very similar to being a tech entrepreneur or any form of a startup. 

Unfortunately, they don’t teach business in a music school or even regular business school, if I’m being fair. One of the first things one has to learn in business is that resources are limited, and utilizing every cent is crucial for success. The process of pumping money into your business and expecting it to work is not a viable solution. It will lead to a fast and quick bankruptcy with almost nothing to show for it. 

Being an artist willing to make it to the forefront of the music industry requires the same sort of frugal, hacky, and yet efficient mentality to push your music forward.

In a previous study, you can check to see how to hack the Spotify Algorithm and reach the release radars.

As for now, we’re gonna show how you can do it with a budget of 100$ using Facebook Ads.

Drawing Out the Big “H” on the Rooftop

Set up a simple landing page with one link to one steaming service, preferably Spotify. 

With having limited resources, there should be a focus on driving traffic to one streaming platform to maximize the output of that service. 

Setup the pixels on the landing page, and monitor the conversion rate and keep track of the valuable data. Use Hypeddit or Toneden to set up the basics easily.

Facebook Campaign Tricks with Treats

When creating a campaign, make sure to follow these tricks to maximize the output of your monetary input. 

1- Create different ad sets based on artists who have a similar sound to yours and target them.

2- Target countries with Spotify availability and try to avoid India, which will reduce your cost but deliver unfavorable results.

3- Place your ad campaign in stories and areas where the sample music with graphics you’re promoting would be listened to and seen.

4- Activate campaign budget manager allows Facebook to allocate resources to the ads delivering the best results. If you feel one ad set or ad, in general, is underperforming, results simply stop that specific ad set or ad and allocate resources to the ones that are performing.

An Adidas over an Adibas 

By following these tactics, you will most likely get around 100k reach with around 200k impressions with a possibility of 600 clicks in about a week and a half. Here’s an example of an artist who did it.

You might be thinking 600 clicks is a low number when it comes to Spotify. You have to consider these potential fans have listened and actively clicked on your song sample. They drive a sudden spark in the Spotify Algorithm, which in turn sees this sudden rise as a trigger to place you on Release Radar and Discover Weekly. That will add thousands of free streams in return from Spotify, starting all with only 600 people clicking and listening to your song. 

Focusing on quality and driving active listeners to your account has the potential to add thousands of streams and hundreds of followers, pushing further up your music career. 

We at MusicPromoToday have had vast experience with dealing with artists from around the world and helping them reach new heights using similar data driven tricks. 

To learn more about Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, PR, or growth marketing insights, just get in touch with us through MusicPromoToday.com or DM us on Instagram @music.promo.

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