Posted on July 11, 2022 | By Yvonne Martin

New Ways To Enhance Your Music Videos

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The typical music video is gone dead (which is a good thing).

TikTok and Reels’ growth corresponded with the death of lengthy music videos. Despite this, many musicians believe they must shoot professional, full-length videos. 

Traditional music videos are time-consuming and expensive by TikTok standards.

Most traditional music videos are: 

  • Too lengthy: So only your most loyal fans stay till the end.
  • Too scripted:  As a result, they don’t perform on social media, where viewers want things to seem raw and spontaneous.
  • Too polished:  So your video appears to be an advertisement (skip!)
  • Too slow: So your extravagant beginning and “dramatic” b-roll are even more reasons to skip.
  • Too pricey: As a result, you spend a lot of money.
  • Too time-consuming: Thus, you lose valuable time.

To be clear, traditional music videos rarely perform well on social media, especially when it comes to reaching and impressing new audiences. They expect too much from the viewer and do not feel like native content.

However, because you’ve spent so much time and money developing your full-length film, there’s a lot of pressure on that one piece of content to go viral — even if it’s likely to fail.

Could it be to say that artists should never produce lengthy videos?

Not quite. Nonetheless, you can assume that if you make a standard music video, just a small fraction of your audience will be interested. If you’re still growing your first audience, you’ll be far better off generating newer types of video content.

This includes Reels, TikTok, Stories, Shorts, Snapchat, or Spotify Canvas — as well as a variety of low-cost choices including lyrics videos, Art Tracks, behind-the-scenes content, teasers, and performance footage.

How to quickly create good video content.

Speed matters. We live in the age of short-form video. There is no such thing as excessive content.

The same principles of YouTube success apply to short-form video — frequency, uploading on a schedule, tracking interaction — but instead of making a large commitment of time and money, all you need today is 15 seconds, some compelling visuals, and a great song or message.

You don’t have to get caught up in the daily hamster wheel of content development. You can’t, however, disappear for weeks at a time.

Artists must consistently publish new videos.

Why frequent video output is essential:

  • TikTok and Reels are important platforms for artist discovery and song virality.
  • While the algorithms of those sites differ, both reward creators who have a large stream of material to sift through since it improves viewer watch-time.
  • The more good content you share, the more likely you are to create a viral video (and the better you will get at it).
  • Fans have come to expect you to promote your music via short videos; it’s how they want to hear from you.
  • Almost every time, social video commercials surpass other forms of advertising.
  • Audiences expect to interact with you through live-streaming on FB or IG.
  • YouTube is still the undisputed king of visually displaying your music and brand, as well as a terrific platform to upload lyrical videos, interviews, and other content.

Consider how YOU respond to the media. When it comes to capturing and maintaining attention, video reigns supreme. That is why you will require an excess of it.

If that seems stressful, you may be thinking of music videos in the manner mentioned above. “Music videos” in 2022 don’t have to be expensive productions or full-length songs because:

  • “Authentic” has overtaken “perfect.”
  • Short has surpassed long
  • Instant social consumption has replaced video archiving

How can you make amazing video content daily without going broke or driving yourself insane?

Let us repeat: not every video has to be a “real” music video.

Short-form video trends include skits, duets, dancing trends, cover song clips, tutorials, relatable stories about your music, and so much more. This can be candid footage that takes only a few minutes to film and publish.

Short-form video is one of the finest methods to:

  • Engage fans daily
  • Develop exposure for your music/brand via repetition
  • Experiment with multiple ways to promote the same release, hook, concert, merch, etc.

In an age of social media, sometimes the less-produced something seems, the more apt people are to watch it. The more genuine and immediate it appears, the better. That’s wonderful news for us because most artists aren’t skilled videographers. It relieves the strain of trying to create a polished masterpiece for each video.

When it comes to extended videos, you may get a lot of mileage out of:

  • Lyric videos
  • AI-generated music videos
  • Studio sessions
  • Live performances
  • Vlogs
  • Interviews
  • BTS footage
  • Mini documentaries

Music Videos You Should Be Making Right Now

The song snippet video

Sometimes you simply want to skip forward to the finest part of a song. That’s where a little video snippet comes in.

These videos typically begin with the chorus and may contain a verse leading into the second chorus if you desire to get that far. In any case, you’re getting the video started straight away.

Short snippet videos are ideal for social advertising organic TikTok postings when viewers are unlikely to sit and watch the complete music video. You want something that can simply entice a prospective new fan to listen to your music. That is why the hook is included!


Visualization is a tiny graphic element that changes dynamically. Often, it is an image of your album art with graphics shifting in the backdrop or just some light animations.

Visualizations are not in any manner narrative. They are just videos that can loop without anyone noticing. They can serve as a link between your official video and a song snippet. When you’re publishing your music on social media, a visualization may be quick and straightforward, and it can offer some form of visual moving material that catches people’s attention.

Live videos

It’s important to note that we didn’t say “Livestream” video. That is absolutely different.

A live video is just a video of you playing in real-time.

If you want to deal with a festival booker, this is essential. Professionals in the live entertainment industry want to know you can put on a fantastic performance, and a live video proves that. They are not just looking at the quality of your set or a specific song, but also at the passion of the audience. Because it doesn’t matter how good your chops are if the audience is uninterested.

You now have new ways to enhance your next music video!
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