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New Snapchat Feature That Will Intrigue Artists and Users Alike đź‘€

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Snapchat announces a new feature that will help creators and consumers to express themselves even better through music. Snapchat signed a deal with Sony Music Entertainment which will allow them to include their artists’ music in Snap’s Sounds library. Snap also revealed that they will be adding the Sounds into their AR lenses.

With over 200 million Snapchatters engaging with augmented reality every day, we know they love using our Lenses to express themselves. So we’re expanding the music experience on Snapchat by adding Sounds into our AR Lenses available in the Lens Carousel and experimenting with new formats

…..said the company in a press release. 

As Snapchat struggles to compete with TikTok, the new Sounds library will certainly benefit the company and expand its reach. It was TikTok that first popularized the short-form video posts that feature music and now the platform has over 1 billion users worldwide. In our previous article about social media and marketing for musicians, we mentioned TikTok as a great way to not only let people discover your new music but to also interact with your content and get to know the artist behind it. TikTok is expanding, no doubt about it, but perhaps as an artist or creator it is better to find a smaller yet more loyal audience that will truly enjoy your content. 

 “Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, says that since launching Sounds, videos created with music from Sounds have resulted in 521 million videos created and 31 billion views. But Sounds aren’t just used to help fuel Snap’s TikTok competitor. Since Sounds’ launch, nearly 45% of all Snapchat videos created with Sounds (across sends, posts, and saves) were sent via direct message,” reports TechCrunch. 

Snap recently signed with NBCUniversal for the same reason and reportedly has dealt with various large studios and companies like NMPA, Warner Chappell, Kobalt, BMG, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and others. These partnerships allow the company to feature unique sounds in their library that other platforms do not have, a huge advantage in the competitive game of entertainment.

To recap: Snap, Snapchat’s parent company has made a deal with Sony Music Entertainment to include their artists’ music in Snap’s Sounds library. Snap has similar partnerships with other major companies to compete with TikTok. For artists, this means a more targeted audience, smaller in size but possibly more dedicated, can discover your music and share it easily.

This is yet another flag for all of you out there to diversify into multiple platforms and not focus only on the social platform. Check our IG for the latest insights on the hottest social media tricks to use as an artist.

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