Posted on July 10, 2020 | By MusicPromoToday

Music Video YouTube Premieres: How To Make Money On YouTube With SuperChats

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In 2017, YouTube released one of its most life changing features for creators to become even closer to their fans! Creators are able to make more money and generate revenue with YouTube’s new feature called ‘SuperChats.’ While you are live streaming or setting out a new music video, creators are given the ability to make more money when setting out new content. 

Continue reading and check out what MusicPromoToday has gathered for you as well as how you as a musician can use this to your advantage. 

“Super Chat,” allows fans to pay and highlight their messages within the live chat stream. In addition to live streams, you can do the same with the premiere of your music videos. The more a fan pays, the longer their comment will remain pinned and highlighted on the screen. This new feature replaces YouTube’s old tool called Fan Funding, a “tip jar” that gave viewers the opportunity to pay creators. 

Now, YouTube has simultaneously added a new way to premiere, share, and watch videos. YouTube Premieres blends together a live stream and a traditional YouTube video. Essentially, you pre-record the video you want to premiere, and then play the recorded content live! This enables creators to have a live chat and entertain the donation aspect like you’d do on a regular livestreams. Artists also utilize this to premiere a live streaming session for a virtual event or music video premieres as well. 

At first, ‘YouTube Premieres’ announces what time your new music video will premiere on your channel. Therefore, it’ll show up in feeds before the premiere and gives viewers options to be reminded a few minutes before the actual launch. You can almost think of this as a YouTube-based TV show that sets an air time and does not give spoilers to other viewers. Just like live streams, they are saved on your channel after the “premiere” and are identical to a normal video to those who weren’t able to make it to the event. 

This new and trendy feature for YouTube is an especially decent spot to offer different types of musical contents. Debuts and premieres could change the entire dynamic of viewer collaboration on the platform. Debuts make new recordings on the site into a network understanding and will be enjoyable for watchers just as designers.

YouTube is finally letting creators know exactly how they’re making money on YouTube. YouTube is making further changes to seemingly try to make it easier for creators to earn more ad revenue, including giving creators access to mid-roll ads on eight-minute videos starting later this month. Previously, a video had to reach 10 minutes (hence the 10:01 meme that took off on YouTube) to enable mid-roll ads. If you already have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watchtime, you too can start monetizing your copyright-free videos!

Did you know the average salary of a YouTuber with 1 Million subscribers can vary anywhere from $2,000.00 – $9,000.00 per month depending on a whole list of metrics and factors? It’s that deep and sophisticated!

If you would like to learn more about monetizing or managing creative content on your YouTube page, contact us through our website to get further guidance from our team of YouTube/ Google Video advertising certified experts.

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