Posted on February 19, 2020 | By John Reynolds

Music Promotion. Where to start? What to do? It’s so simple.

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It’s no news that the internet culture has completely changed the way the music industry works. With online streaming and social media, artists are given more and more opportunities to promote their music and increase their fan base. Of course, when you have so many options, it’s very hard to choose which one applies best for you. 

In order to help you choose, we have put together the best practices in promoting your music on the web.

Learn to Use Social Media

It seems like everyone is using social media today. If you don’t have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile, it is as if you don’t exist. Even in some cases when you do have these platforms, you might not use them the right way. 

Let’s admit, social media is not an advertising platform. It’s all about conversations and word of mouth. This is why 80% of your posts need to be participatory, conversational, and overall fun to interact with. The remaining 20% is there for your promotional use (not to mention that promo posts need to be conversational too!) 

Whenever it comes to any kind of promotional content, try to display it right. For instance, if you’re in the studio recording some new music, post about it on your social media, hinting at the new updates. If you are out touring, post videos and behind the scenes content so that people feel more connected to you. Let your fans know what’s going on in order for them to feel closer to you and your music.

Promote via Email

Email marketing is an incredible tool for music promotion. Unlike sponsored posts on other blogs, your email list is your fanbase. If someone has subscribed to your mailing list, that means they want to hear from you, so you should take advantage of their interest. 

One of the most important things to do is to drive traffic from your emails to your website, so make sure you include links. 

Make sure you send out news and upcoming releases in the email to inform your audience about your music. Another important thing to remember is to learn about how to get people to enter their email in the form. You can either give them something in return i.e. a bonus track, unseen footage, BTS, etc.

Get a YouTube Channel

There are many artists out there, whose careers have kickstarted from YouTube. If you’re looking to spread your music to the masses, the first thing to do here is to get yourself a youtube channel. Besides your music, you can also post some behind the scenes footage, as well as podcasts and interviews so that your fans get to know you better. Don’t forget to add your social media accounts attached with a link to your website to drive traffic outside of youtube.


5 Ways To Promote Your Music During The Pandemic


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    Host Your Music on Apple Music / iTunes

    Apple Music is widely known as the biggest music hosting source out there, with the biggest music library. The new features that have been added to Apple Music also help you to not only have your own music collection but also discover other related artists based on what you are listening to.

    Get Playlisted

    If you’re an artist in 2020 you shouldn’t forget about streaming services and playlisting. Spotify playlists reach hundreds of millions of people every day and you don’t want to miss your chance to be heard. Getting your track to a popular playlist might get you a lot of listeners and increase your fanbase. While getting your music placed on curated playlists is great for awareness and credibility, being placed on algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly can make a big difference for your stream count. So it’s worth pursuing all possibilities.


    Marketing your music is essential when you’re an up and coming artist and want to get your name out there and start playing big. As of today, one of the most important things is focusing on not losing the fans. Once you’ve used these tips to become more popular, try to hang on to those as it’s always better to have loyal fans than new fans! 

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