Posted on June 6, 2022 | By Barbara Drews

Making Your Video Content The Best It Can Be

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Establishing a consistent video approach before and after a release will allow you to reach more followers and optimize the potential for those people to perform your marketing for you.

If you haven’t started yet, establish your accounts before you begin promoting.

  1. Decide on what accounts and formats you can manage: Create profiles that you can update frequently and that you are comfortable with. 
  2. Make your profile complete: Upload a profile photo, write a compelling bio, and get a bio link so that your followers can stream your music. 
  3. Watch some content: Become acquainted with the platform’s unstated do’s and don’ts. Browse around, view some popular videos, and get a sense of the community.
  4. Post some videos: Make a few videos once you’ve figured out how people are utilizing the site. Be yourself and have fun with it. 

If you’re a long-form expert, become an expert in short-form

  1. Find the right length for your platform of choice: For example, the ideal TikTok length is 9-15 seconds, while around 30 seconds is optimal for Instagram.
  2. Don’t reuse too much content: Your followers want a unique experience on different platforms. They don’t have as much motivation to interact if they’re getting the same stuff.
  3. Get the vibe right: The essence of short-form is authenticity and interaction. Participating in challenges (or even creating your own) is a terrific way to introduce yourself to your audience.
  4. Film in portrait: Short-form is all about portrait mode. When in doubt, make it vertical.

If you’ve got it all on lock, it’s time to maximize

  1. Promote your video: 30 seconds or fewer is the ideal length of time to pique someone’s curiosity without overwhelming them.
  2. Make it quality: There are a couple of types of “quality” to evaluate when promoting a video. One is the quality of your video and the other is the quality of the view. 
  3. Use videos in campaigns: Extra video material is usually an excellent motivator for a campaign! Simply include a link to a private video as your campaign’s destination URL! Your fans will be linked to your video once they complete the action.

Whatever you decide to create, having the support of your audience is always vital. All you have to do is strive on producing high-quality material and remember to seek guidance and suggestions whenever you get stuck.

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