Posted on February 15, 2023 | By Shawn Spence

Knowing These 4 Secrets Will Make Your Influencer Strategy & Collaborations In The Music NFT Space Look Outstanding

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Is There Such A Thing As A Marketing Campaign Without An Influencer Strategy These Days?

Probably not, the term has become synonymous with every and all marketing campaigns. Be it a music launch, an artist expo, or even a concert, influencers have become an undeniable part of the marketing and promotional landscape. So much so, that the web 3 world has become a beacon for influencers that will shill almost anything. Therein lies the problem. 

Influencer campaigns without collaboration between artists, industry leaders, and media are usually prepping a team for its PR downfall. One group will always legitimize the other, and if your project is devoid of this type of connection, then you will have to rely on a huge amount of trust-building between the leaders of the community and the users of the network. 

Integrating Influencers For NFT Projects

For music NFTs, the influencer campaign is used much like any other launch campaign. First, you must choose your influencer wisely. Make sure their network is similar to your fan base and check to see if they have any red flags with previous projects. Be sure to also see what the hashtags they use are so that integrating their digital ecosystem will not be too confrontational. 

From there, the PR objective is to push a narrative that makes your art an extension of that influencer’s network. Ultimately their users will become your viewers and the art will match the sub-culture they are active in. The people that are onboard are going to be around for a while, so make sure you pick the right ones so they don’t turn toxic as the project grows. 

The Role Of Your Influencer For NFT Projects

The influencer team should be a part of the strategic plan, nearly from day 1 of your campaign. Ultimately, having them in the early stage meetings is a key success factor that can save you time in your community-building efforts. If an influencer already has a series of collaborations and partnerships, the NFT project can have a launch pad to start its campaigning. Beyond the classic referral link strategy, content building with the influencer as well as sharing digital across their channels early is a significant strategic boost as well as an asset for investors. 

The role of the influencer is essentially 2 fold. On one hand, they are acting like a sales agent for your brand, converting views and clicks to NFT sales. On the other, they act as an ambassador to bring in bigger fish to the table. After all, an investor will look for the quickest way to turn a profit. And starting with a 50k pool of followers is a huge plateau when comparing it to zero. 

There are 4 types of collaborations you should consider when creating a strategy around influencers for NFT Projects

Brand Alliance

A brand alliance is when 2 entities merge their brand identities together to create a new type of message. These alliances will transform both groups permanently as they will be playing in each other’s fields. 

There are many reasons a Music NFT project will require at least 1 strategic alliance in its development. Beyond the obvious market advantages, it brings, internally, the company’s team can benefit greatly from a partner with more experience. Be it innovation continuity, oversight, or consultation, your ally will be there for you when you need it most before anyone else.

  • It helps level in-house competencies and technology gaps
  • Supports new product development or marketing avenues
  • Gives access to a wider user base
  • Lends a hand to client management and online relationships
  • Reduces risks associated with the regulatory framework, finances, and liabilities

Portfolio Merger

In the NFT world, collaborating with other artists means that the group will be sharing the creative spotlight. Artists decide to join another project as a collaborator because they are first and foremost attracted to the story  


The PR objective should be to position your art as an extension of the influencer’s network, with the goal of converting their followers into your viewers. The influencer’s role is twofold: acting as a sales agent for your brand and converting views and clicks into NFT sales, and acting as an ambassador to bring in bigger investors. There are four types of collaborations to consider when creating an influencer strategy for NFT projects: brand alliances, portfolio mergers, product partnerships, and strategic sponsorships.

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