Posted on April 1, 2022 | By Yvonne Martin

Interesting Instagram updates you should know about!

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#1 Instagram Launches Algorithm-Free Feed Sorting Options

After the majority of the audience constantly asking for it, Instagram finally did it!

Back in December, the coming feature was announced as part of Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri’s appearance before the US Senate over concerns about how Instagram is harmful for youngsters.

Finally, Instagram launched its algorithm-free chronological feed option to all users. Meaning, users now have two new Instagram feed display options to choose from to control their main content display, and both feeds will show the posts in chronological order, exactly how Instagram started off as an app many years ago – feeling nostalgic yet?

  1. Favorites – Which displays the latest posts from accounts that you’ve added to your ‘Favorites’ list.
  2. Following – Which shows you posts from all the accounts that you follow in the app, as per the regular Instagram feed.

However, you can’t set either as a default – you’ll need to manually select the feed display you prefer every time you log in to the app, which, let’s be honest, the majority won’t do!

By not having the option to set any of them as default, Instagram is hoping that people will realize that the algorithm feed is actually better, and that they see more of the content they care most about by trusting the algorithm.

“When we first launched in 2010, Instagram was a single stream of photos in chronological order. But as more people joined and more was shared, it became impossible for most people to see everything, let alone all the posts they cared about. By 2016, people were missing 70% of all their posts in Feed, including almost half of posts from their close connections. So we developed and introduced a Feed that ranked posts based on what you care about most.” Instagram explained.

So Instagram benefits from having an algorithm in place, but users do too. It’s a win-win situation.

Meta did that same on Facebook, adding the capacity to switch to a ‘Recent’ feed in your settings and in-stream.

#2 Instagram Will Enable All Users to Tag Products in Feed Posts

As part of its efforts to continuously grow its e-commerce listings, Instagram will soon allow all users to tag products in their posts, starting with users in the US, which was only available to approved creators. 

Business owners will receive a notification when someone tags one of their products, while they’ll also be able to view all tagged content on their profile. Brands will also be able to control who can tag their products, they’ll be able to remove tags of their items and brand if they choose.

As explained by Instagram:

“Scored a new pair of earrings from a small business you love? Tag the product in your Feed post so your friends and followers can learn more about the earnings and shop them!! People come to Instagram to share and discover trends and inspiration. Product tagging will make it possible for anyone to support their favorite small businesses, share how they styled their looks along with the products they used, and more.” 

This will give brands a big boost for free, while also building upon Instagram’s eCommerce focus, and evolving consumer behaviors within the app.

#3 Instagram Tests New ‘Scheduled’ Sticker for Stories to Remind Audiences of Upcoming Events

As an extra way to promote upcoming events, Instagram is currency testing a new “Scheduled” sticker for stories which enables you to share a reminder for your events with a direct link to your events listing to choose which specific event you want to promote.

This new option is aligned to direct and simplified event promotion in the app.That could be a great way to increase awareness for your events, especially if you’re a musician and other performance-based artist, you will definitely find this hugely valuable in driving more direct promotion and traffic.

Brands will also be able to use the sticker to re-promote upcoming launches and events.

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